Rory is completely exhausted. After being taken out of his natural rhythm last week and continuing with no naps, it sometimes all catches up with him. Today was one of those days. He was a little tired and testing on the way to school (refusing to hold my hand  whilst crossing the road, moaning about the walk etc.). but apparently was great in class. After lunch, story and a wee, I tucked him into bed and told him to rest. He didn’t. He played quietly for an hour whilst I did my hypnotherapy and then called me in as he’d had another wee in the potty. So we got up for snack. I needed to do a few more bits for Baby E so gave him the option of helping or listening to music. He decided he wanted to listen to music on his high chair. I got on with my jobs and when I came back into the kitchen he was fast asleep with his head on the table. We’ll continue to work on this.



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  1. What a beautiful picture, I’m watching your blog with baited breath waiting for the second baby E to arrive. Thinking of you, much love Susan x

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