preparing supper


I’m honestly starting to feel really tired right now. I know I haven’t got too long to go so have been busy trying to fit lots of nesting jobs in without the anxiety building up, but it’s very hard with Rorykins. I’m trying to savor these last moments together as I know I won’t get them back and that I also won’t want them back once our little family has expanded, but gosh is it exhausting. I feel like I’m using all of my (little) energy to be patient. Just trying to get basic chores done is hard work at the moment, so inspired by this blog post I decided to involve Rory in helping prepare our supper. We made this delicious and healthy dish. He helped me scrape out the spaghetti squash, chop the garlic, wash and chop the tomatoes and then throw it all together to cook. It passed the afternoon quietly and usefully before hitting the park, and every last bite was enjoyed by all.







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