Happy Halloween


Craft, Cake and Chat

Today I went to the beautiful Mrs Ward’s house in an attempt to do some crafting as she’s recently purchased a sewing machine. The idea was to make chic Christmas decorations. I brought the Billy’s bakery carrot cake, she provided the expertise of the machine. After several ‘mock ups’ we sat down to lunch and ended up chatting for the rest of the day. Needless to say there are no decorations complete to show at this stage. We are organising a second phase, but in the mean time we discovered this gorgeous Etsy website (all things white shop) where you can purchase what we’re attempting. Will keep you updated!


The baby list is diminishing. Today’s arrival was the bedding which came packaged in the most exquisite bag (which I will be reusing) that I hardly wanted to open it. I’ve gone for a very simple, cream organic set embroided with circles from Dwell Studio. My thinking is to let the accessories do the talking so to speak. I put the bumper on and it looks so lovely – I’m thrilled. All that’s missing is Baby Egan (although he can’t come yet as daddy is away and we haven’t done our parenting classes).

This is the fancy bag that the bedding came in

Ladies who lunch in Bryant Park

The sun was shining and the leaves were falling; New York is so beautiful in Autumn (or Fall as it’s known here); I went out in just a shirt and cardigan. Today I had lunch with my gorgeous friend Mel in the beautiful Bryant Park. We sat outside on one of the many table and chairs that they have set up around the park and ate our Pret a Manger sandwiches and nattered away for two hours. Excitingly the park is getting ready for the ‘holiday season’ (aka my absolute favourite time of year). The ice rink was already up (not sure I’m in any fit state to be skating at the moment but I’ll happily watch) and they were setting up lots of little boutique gift shops – what a perfect way to shop at Christmas. I’m definitely bringing the family here when they’re over.

Very excited for browsing here at Christmas with the family

Not sure I'll be skating but love to watch

Earth Mama. Angel Baby

Being pregnant isn’t all about the baby; sometimes you have to look after yourself in order to prepare for the birth. A dear friend who had a little boy nearly a year ago gave me some great advice as to what I need to do in order to prepare my body for the big day. This involves things like nipple butter and bottom balm (yes being pregnant is not as glamorous as you might think). Whilst researching where to get these sorts of things from I came across a great brand called ‘Earth Mama. Angel Baby’ who make brilliant organic products for both baby and mummy with no hidden nasty’s; very important at this stage. I’ve been using both products religiously daily, but will have to let you know in a few weeks time whether it’s all been worth it!   

I'll have super soft nipples thank you

It's not all glam you know

A special delivery – but not the baby!

So O is away all week on business which I hate as I miss him terribly when he’s not around. Fortunately I’ve got lovely lady friends who have been popping in for supper, organising afternoon tea and a sewing day for me so I don’t have that much time to be lonely. Anyway, being the incredibly thoughtful and romantic boy that he is, O organised for a Cuisinart Food Processor (yes that’s romantic to me) that I’ve been lusting after since we moved here (my beloved magi mix had to be rehoused at my brothers when we left London)to be delivered to the apartment. I love it. I wasted no time in trying it out and made delicious scones and jam for my own afternoon tea. Yeah.  

Yummy homemade scones using the Cuisinart

Making seasonal mixed berry jam

The finished jam in a jar

Sullivan Street Bakery

I have a confession to make. My name is Ann-Marie Egan and I love bread. BUT it has to be the right kind of bread. For me this involves it being crispy on the outside and super soft and gooey on the inside. I know exactly where to find this loaf in London (The Albion now you ask) but have been struggling to find such a loaf in New York. Well the search is finally over, I’ve nailed it and it happens to come from the Sullivan Street Bakery. My particular loaf of choice is called ‘pane di comune’. Go get and slather with lashings of real butter, it’s all you need with a really good loaf.

PS It also sells THE most amazing pastries – we had a cinnamon and lavender swirl – amazing.

Alice’s Tea Cup

Gorgeous, little Rosalie turned 1 and so to celebrate a whole gang of us gathered at ‘Alice’s Tea Cup’ on the Upper East Side for afternoon tea. There were pots of various tea, tiers of mini sandwiches, scones with cream and jam and delicious cakes that were nibbled on throughout the afternoon. Not to forget the fairy wings… This was a little girl’s dream (not bad for a big girl who loves afternoon tea either).

The Social Network

Last night O and I went on a film date to see ‘The Social Network’. It was brilliant. It’s a drama about the founding of the Internet social networking website Facebook. Directed by David Fincher, it features an ensemble cast including the amazing Jesse Eisenberg. It was incredibly intelligently written by Aaron Sorkin, who adapted his screenplay from Ben Mezrich’s 2009 nonfiction book ‘The Accidental Billionaires’. A great story, a must see film.

How to do Ikea

Not only do we have a baby arriving in December, but a family to entertain and feed for Christmas. With this is mind O and I decided we needed a few bits for the home and that the only place to get these from was Ikea. Usually when we go to Ikea in London it’s an absolute headache: Hiring/ borrowing a car, the traffic on the motorway, the long queues, trying to find a space to load up etc. etc. Inevitably there is always a fall out and we have to make up for it by eating meatballs and Dime cake. Well… I’m feeling incredibly smug because I have now figured out how to go to Ikea and enjoy it. I would venture as far as to say we had an enjoyable ‘day out’ at Ikea. Firstly we got a free Ikea taxi boat that goes from the tip of Manhattan all the way to Ikea’s private dock in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This was incredibly relaxing and included a bonus sightseeing tour of things like the Statue of Liberty. Once you disembark the boat you go up the stairs and head straight to the restaurant where you eat the aforementioned meatballs (or veggie option for me) and dime cake. This then prepares you for the shop. Luckily we weren’t buying any furniture or anything heavy so we just filled a couple of bags with glasses, decorations, baby toys etc. and then headed back on the boat for home. If you do buy anything big you simply get it delivered. Needless to say there was no argument. In fact there was a lot of hand holding and kissing on this trip. Mission accomplished.