Baby Paul Smith

My very trendy friend from home, Michelle, who works for Paul Smith, very kindly sent Rory a gorgeous baby outfit from the new children’s range (Paul Smith Junior), which is well worth checking out. He here is with his buddies, chilling on the sofa.  

The complete outfit... Paul Smith top and Marc Jacobs jeans

Rory with his buddies

Smile Rory...


Birthday brunch

O had organised brunch for the three of us at one of our favourite local restaurants: Co. Pane to celebrate my birthday. We all got dressed up, me in my new Rag and Bone shirt and Rory in his new Aran sweater, denim shirt, Marc Jacobs jeans and gorgeous boots from Granny and Grandad. When I walked into the restaurant I was pleasantly surprised (yet again) by all of my lovely friends who had secretly gathered (orchestrated by O) to help me celebrate. A long, lingering brunch occurred with lots of laughter and chat. Rory was incredibly well behaved and slept the whole time thus allowing mummy to eat all of her food and open all of her beautiful presents. A wonderful surprise which once again made me truly grateful for my wonderful friends.

Mummy and Rory getting ready to leave

Mummy loves cuddles, Rory looks less happy about it...

A surprise haircut

As it’s nearly my birthday O decided to surprise me with booking me in for a haircut with Alan at Bumble and Bumble. As it’s such an amazing place to go and hang out we all went together and Rory and O waited for me upstairs. O enjoyed the café and amazing view of Manhattan whilst Rory enjoyed the comfy sofa and promptly fell asleep. O later informed me that Rory is a complete “babe magnet” as lots of attractive ladies kept approaching him and saying how good looking he is (I think O enjoyed this more than Rory). Afterwards we went to a yummy place in Chelsea Market called Tuck Shop. It’s Australian and we enjoyed a scrumptious chilli pie with potato gratin. We meandered home armed with our favourite cold winter accompaniment – Jacques Torres hot chocolate and snuggled in for the afternoon cheering on Andy Murray in the Australian Open.

Rory the "Babe Magnet" fell asleep the whole time

Afternoon Tea with Carm

Today I had a visit from the gorgeous Carmelisa, one of my mummy guru’s. I was able to spend the afternoon chatting away about my experiences as a new mummy and asking her advice as an experienced one (The beautiful Sienna is now one). I thoroughly enjoyed her company, she’s such a sweet person, as well as the yummy macaroons and chocolate challah that she brought.  Rory also had a big treat as he got a lovely cuddle from her as well as a very sweet outfit from baby gap. We’re incredibly lucky to have her in our lives.

New Mums

Rory and I braved the snow storm and went out to meet other new mums at the ‘New Moms’ group as part of Tribeca Parenting. We meet locally for six weeks, for two hours every Wednesday. Each week we discuss various topics relating to being a new mummy and just have a good natter and giggle about our changed life now baby is here. Lovely ladies and lots of laughs, just what a new mummy needs.

A Genius Chair

As much as I enjoy cuddling and holding Rory, after doing it all day it can get a bit tiring so O and I have been investigating ways to put him down. He loves the Bugaboo when we go out but not to just sleep in, he sleeps brilliantly in his crib at night but doesn’t seem to want to go in during the day and whilst he loves playing on his play mat he doesn’t like to sleep there. Enter the brilliant Baby Bjorn bouncy chair. It has three positions including a fully reclined sleeping one, and Rory loves it. We simply put him in, give it a little rock and he’s asleep. Genius. There are lots of gorgeous colours to choose from, but naturally we went for the organic cream and tweed one which matches the apartment and daddy’s chair very nicely.   

Rory loves his new chair

He really loves the bounce

We chose the stylish organic version with muted colours

Brunch at home

The weather, although sunny, has turned incredibly cold all of a sudden so we decided to entertain the family at home and do brunch in the apartment. We went for  proper New York style fare, serving freshly brewed coffee with freshly squeezed orange juice and smoked salmon and cream cheese with spring onions on a Murray’s bagel (still warm from the oven), whilst Ella Fitzgerald blasted Cole Porter classics from the Ipod. Delicious. We then snuggled in for the afternoon, having lots of cuddles with Rory and reading our books.

A First Date

Today Great Grandma June and Grandma Penny offered to look after Rory for a couple of hours as O and I went on a date. It felt very strange going off together without Rory or being pregnant, needless to say it felt like something was missing. Nevertheless we made the most of our time heading to Brooklyn and going to the brilliant and completely delicious Vinegar Hill House. It’s the perfect place to go when it’s cold as it’s a bit like a Gastro Pub back in the UK. The food was yummy (I enjoyed a cauliflower and gruyere quiche with salad and roast potatoes) and I even treated myself to my first glass of champagne since Rory was born. We then meandered back home via the gorgeous shops in DUMBO armed with delicious edible treats for everyone and Rory was showered with kisses and cuddles.

Cool decor very like a UK Gastro Pub

seriously yummy food