Love notes and vehicles and diners

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Woke up this morning to find that O had finally discovered the little love note I’d hidden in one of his shoes in his suitcase and posted a photo of it on Instagram. He then sent me a note asking if I’d found mine. Great minds and all that. I hadn’t found mine as it was written on a bill, hidden in our junk drawer. I think I marginally win on the romance front. After a healthy fruit and smoothie breakfast, Rory and I headed out with Mel and Mia to the park for a good run around before eating lunch together at a local diner. In the afternoon Rory went off on a play date and I indulged in a spot of shopping. I saw these adorable indoor shoes on a little boy the other day and couldn’t resist them for Rory. I also got him this book which he loves and insists that I read repeatedly. Purchased and planted a beautiful white hyacinth as a seasonal touch; it smells divine. Hurrah, O get’s home later tonight… just in time to celebrate my birthday tomorrow.











Winter chowder and a salad bowl


This morning Rory and I enjoyed a stroll and park time with the gorgeous Lora and Maeve and afterwards I dropped off a little present for the beautiful Christine as it’s her birthday today. Rory enjoyed doing a little coloring with his fancy new crayons and London bus holder (thank you Oliver) whilst I did a few jobs around the house – I finally organized my bathroom cabinet. The new salad bowl I ordered from Keith Brymer Jones arrived today, which was just as well as I needed something to put all of my satsumas in. I really like his stuff (I now have quite a few pieces) which is incredibly well made and comes in cool packaging. Waking up to grey skies inspired tonight’s supper of warming winter chowder. It’s a yummy, healthy (it replaces cream with milk) recipe from my brilliant new cookery book; Vegetarian by Alice Hart. I even made a batch for Mel as she was sweet enough to look after Rory for an hour for me this afternoon. Rory and I loved it.
















A family interview


After waking up to a drizzly morning and feeling grateful for snuggling inside for music class, the sun shone and so Rory and I joined Mel, Mia, Lora, Oliver and Maeve and headed to the park where it was such a sun trap that I even took my coat off! To think that yesterday Rory and I were in the same park playing in the snow; what capricious weather we’re having. After lunch Rory and I took a car into the city to meet O at Rory’s potential nursery and have a family interview. The whole NYC preschool system can be incredibly daunting what with few places, complete over subscription for the aforementioned few places, organizing tours before the shut off date, completing written applications before cut off dates, interviews, child observations etc. etc. I’m not sure we were up for putting the family through that stress so instead we applied to one nursery (the one where Rory and I happily attend Parent and Child) and are hoping for the best. This afternoon we all met with one of the lovely teachers to have our ‘family interview’. This sounds much more formal than it actually was, which more accurately, was an open dialogue between us all about how we hope Rory’s development and education will lead on from home and continue to grow at the nursery. It was lovely for Rory that it was held in the classroom that he is now very familiar with, which makes this whole transition much more gentle for him, and it was lovely for Oli and I to have such a rich and welcoming experience of what could have been a slightly daunting event. I felt equally excited that our family are taking these next important steps (oh how quickly Rory is growing!) and very happy with the decision of the place we have chosen for that to happen. Also listening to Oli talk about our family life and our hopes of how we and the nursery can continue to grow made me very proud of our little family and very smug about marrying such an amazing man who I’ve made this family with. Exciting stuff. Fingers crossed… In the evening I was slightly blue that O had to fly off again on business, so it was a lovely surprise when the doorbell went and Mel and Mia were standing there with a few little treats. I was given a beautiful red rose and Rory was given some kit to grow tomatoes, which we can then compare with Mia on Skype when she goes home to the UK. Feeling very blessed to have such lovely people in my life.


Snow and supper


We started the morning with a cooked breakfast. Not only did O make yummy poached eggs, but Rory also enjoyed making his own breakfast thanks to the lovely Churcher family who got him the below play breakfast set for his birthday. The sky looked very white and heavy and it didn’t take long for a peaceful snow storm to happen. Rory and I didn’t waste any time; we wrapped up and headed out to the park. It was all pretty deserted but we enjoyed an hour exploring the snow together. We even enjoyed a snowy snack break gazing at the snow covered skyscrapers across the river. We warmed up at home with my delicious roasted pepper soup (which is fast becoming a firm favorite) but it was a little spicy for Rorykins so he stuck with scrambled eggs and veggies. In the afternoon we headed to our lovely parent and child class with the gorgeous Marji and Gray, one of the many highlights of Rory’s (and my)week. We were all slightly tired on the way home and with husband’s working late and us living in NYC and all, we decided to continue the fun by heading out for supper at Juliana’s pizza. The pizza was delicious and as always the company wonderful. Once home, I dug out a few other treats O had brought back from the UK. These lovely wire cake trivets (which gives me an excuse to make a warming cake this week) and these very cool cutters that Grandma Penny had sent back. IMG_2019












Mia’s 2nd birthday party


This morning the Egan family got spruced up and headed over to Appleby House for Mia’s 2nd birthday party. Mel had worked so hard putting together a wonderful farm themed party. There was a brilliant barn house and a tractor and a trailer for the babies to play in (which Rory loved) and amazing farm themed food like eggs (sweets), chicken feed (pretzels and popcorn) and farm animal themed pop cakes. It was all amazing. It was also wonderful to catch up with all of our lovely neighborhood friends and Rory enjoyed the time with his besties. Rory was also lucky enough to be given a gorgeous goodie bag which included a Maisy book all about working on a farm. We’ve now read it several times, lingering over the tractor page. A fantastic party.




























Exploring snow (and cranes)


Rory was very excited to wake up to a carpet of snow this morning as although he’s seen lots of snow, he’s never actually been old enough to go and explore it on foot. We started our day with a delicious and warming avocado and poached egg on seeded bread, which Rory couldn’t get enough of. There was more play on his cart, which he is seriously loving at the moment. He especially likes collecting things in the front and even Bobby got to drive it today. Once we were all wrapped up we went out to the park to explore the snow. Rory loved it, especially the crunchy sound it made under his feet. The excitement was trumped, however, when he saw a huge crane and cement mixer outside of our building which we had to stand (in the freezing cold) to admire for a long time. We nipped to our local grocers to stock up on some weekend goodies, including a fresh rotisserie chicken to welcome daddy home. Whilst I prepared lunch, Rory did a little sorting. He got lots of things and put them all in a line on top of our unit, interesting. We had a delightful delivery from our lovely neighbor Christy, some construction cupcakes. O came home late afternoon with English goodies, including this beautiful felted wool soldier. We enjoyed some afternoon tea and construction cake before family time. It’s so good to have both my boys around.

















Our Friday started off wonderfully with a surprise phone call from Granny M. There is always something so special, reassuring and heartening to me when I hear my mummy’s voice – I hope that Rory feels the same about mine. Afterwards we bundled up and enjoyed a nature walk around the park, although cold there are so many beautiful things to be found including this pretty leaf and these wonderful berries. We dropped into see Lucy and Teddy where the boys really enjoyed playing with Teddy’s bus (made by Lucy). We all enjoyed a spot of delicious homemade banana and walnut cake with our tea (the boys had apple juice). For lunch Rory and I did our usual NY slice which he always loves. It got very cold in the afternoon so I felt some indoor activity was what was needed. I unveiled a super sticker book which Rory enjoyed peeling and I enjoyed sticking. We even did a little fine motor skill practice by using tongs to put socks into a bucket, which Rory found very tricky (we might need some child sized ones). We popped around to wish Mia a very happy birthday and had a little bit of drama when Mia locked everyone out of the apartment. Luckily I had shoes on so dashed home to get the spare key. As I got out I noticed that it was snowing and that the snow had settled in the short space of time I’d been indoors. Rory loved seeing it as we strolled home. Snuggled in and finished my latest book; Dress your family in corduroy and denim, which is sweet and funny, especially the early years. Getting excited as it’s only one more sleep until my boy gets home, yay!



















Blissful Thursday


Today was one of those lovely days where brilliant things keep happening to you and you can’t believe your luck. O is still away so Rory and I enjoyed a quiet start to the day with a healthy breakfast and play with the excavator. Popped in to see the gorgeous Lora and have a cuddle with baby Maeve (who Rory loves) before coming home for lunch. Thursday is my afternoon ‘off’ and as a surprise O had organized a relaxing massage for me. It was in this sweet, cosy studio with a lovely skylight decorated with fresh moss. It was so blissful and just what I needed. Afterwards I indulged in a lovely bright manicure thanks to a generous pressie from Mel as a thank you for looking after Mia. Bright red nails are just what is needed to brighten these grey days. Perused lots of lovely things at West Elm Market and purchased this which is literally my dream – chocolate, peanut butter, salt and honey – yummy. Got home and as Rory was on a play date, indulged in some Downton Abbey catch up, snuggling under our thick Welsh blanket with a warming cup of tea. The doorbell went and O had organized a couple more surprises. This amazing scarf from Steven Alan which I have been lusting after (it’s massive and seriously cuddly and it has pockets) and some beauty treats including bath oil and lip balm, which are both needed in this freezing cold weather. Rory came home with a huge hug and kiss and we were able to FaceTime with daddy before enjoying a warm bath together. Such a wonderful day which makes me so grateful for the amazing people in my life, not least my beautiful boys.






An indoor day dreaming of the forest


Although hard to believe, it’s colder than yesterday. At -12 there was no way that Rory and I could really get outside for too long so we holed up indoors and enjoyed doing a few activities around the house. Rory especially liked the water play. We enjoyed some lemon tea to warm up and a vitamin packed smoothie to fend off any nasty cold that may be lurking. The cardboard box we got yesterday was still very much a hit today. I’m loving this amazing cashew and peanut butter with wildflower honey and sea salt from Big Spoon Roasters and served it for snack. The blanket I got yesterday is proving to be a big hit. Rory snuggled with it at nap time and not only went straight to sleep, but slept for three hours. In the afternoon Rory and I were lucky enough to go to the gorgeous Christine and Gracie’s house to meet baby Mason. We loved him. Rory especially wanted to stroke and cuddle him. Towards the end of our visit Gracie and Rory disappeared into Gracie’s room. Christine and I thought they were being quiet but indulged ourselves in the peace to catch up on lots of things. When we went to check we found that they had discovered some nappy cream and smeared it all over themselves and the floor. We had to try hard to stifle our giggles and look disappointed. In a bid to feel warm, I’ve just signed Rory up for this amazing looking class at Brooklyn Forest. Watch the video and I dare you not to want to be a child all over again. Rory will love it and I can’t wait too.




















It snowed (for half an hour)


Brrrr, it’s turned rather cold today. When we woke up we were excited to see a little flurry of snow but by the time we’d had breakfast it had all finished and melted away. Rory was most disappointed and kept asking us for more snow. The temperature, however, stayed incredibly cold. Rory and I enjoyed a lovely, cosy music class with friends before heading to the park for a little fresh air. We didn’t last too long as our hands were so cold. It was the perfect day for snuggling so I opted for a good old New York cream cheese bagel and hot tea whilst I read Sweet Paul. I was excited to see our apartment building in it but have got very used to seeing it in ads and magazines – it is a beautiful building after all, one which I’m very proud to call home. Rory rejected having any sort of nap and when I went in found him completely out of his sleep sack, stood up looking very pleased with himself. I took it as a sign to introduce a blanket so nipped to Pomme and picked up this gorgeous organic one from beautiful Auggie. He was most pleased with it. Since he didn’t nap, we enjoyed a quiet paced afternoon, listening to music, lighting our candles and playing with favorite toys and a big cardboard box. Mel and Mia came around late afternoon, so I served a little birthday treat tea courtesy of One Girl Cookies. The babies couldn’t wait to help Mel open her gift. O came home a little earlier as he jets off home to England overnight tonight on business. Before we left he was able to join us for supper and a bath with Rory before reading his story and tucking him up in his sleep sack and new blanket. Needless to say he went straight to sleep. Safe travels beautiful boy. x