Rory Rabbit

So with everything that’s happened in NYC, there was a real need and community spirit to ‘carry on’ and enjoy Halloween – a holiday that American’s do particularly well. An intimate group of us gathered together, baked treats and dressed our babies in costumes and enjoyed their second Halloween. Rory went as a rabbit and amazingly kept his rabbit hat on the whole time. The pom pom tail, however, got squashed quite a bit. A delightful evening which was much needed for us all.










Rory & Mia

Rorykins is still very much enjoying his ‘holiday’ at The Appleby’s (as our we). Amazing food, great company and giggling like we’re drunk (we’re not) all seem to happen naturally. Love.


So after thinking that we were going to get away with dull days and lots of rain, being holed up watching Downton Abbey, Sandy finally came to visit tonight. And what a scary experience it was. Rory was asleep in bed and I was getting ready to snuggle down when at 9:30pm I peeked out of the window and saw the water’s rising. A few moments later and the street lights went out. O rushed down to speak to a fire fighter who was helping people escape the water who told him that we should think about getting things together to leave. I quickly rang Mel and explained what was happening and asked if we could come over. Thank goodness I did because the next few minutes were a bit of a blur. All phone lines went down (power cuts, over use etc.) and at the same time all power went out in the building. This coupled with no lights in the street meant we were very much in the pitch black. We heard someone run and scream down the corridor to “get out now” and a policeman telling everyone that we needed to get out as the water was rising in our lobby and with all electrics and safety systems down in the basement the building was no longer safe. I used what little light we could find to pack a few essentials and roused poor Rory from sleep to strap him on to me. At that point Joe turned up with a headlight that I was incredibly grateful for! There was a real sense of calm as all of the families in our building made their way down the emergency stairs and out into the water to wade to safety. I was never more grateful that the Appleby family lived so close (yet far enough away that it was safe to stay there). Mel had thought of everything – Rory had a bed set up and milk ready. Clean bedding and towels were ready for us. Rory and Mia thought it was brilliant and I have to confess that I couldn’t think of a nicer place to be in an emergency. Love you guys.



After this morning’s music class Rory and I joined some lovely friends in the park. There was lots of exploration in the grass from the babies. Later, we were lucky enough to bump into Mel and Mia in our local grocers and got an invite back to theirs for lunch. Yummy. In the afternoon we meandered up to Cobble Hill to explore another playground, pick up some treats from Union Market and try on more wellies! Alas, we’re yet to find the perfect pair.





Olive Juice

Today I dressed Rory in one of his new tops from the lovely website Olive Juice. In the morning we picked up a freshly baked baguette (which Rory nibbled on the way home) before we joined Marji and Gray and headed to Tribeca to look for wellies (we all know how much Rory loves puddles). Whilst I browsed, Rory and Gray enjoyed playing with a train set. After we all headed to a nearby park. Exhausted, Rory enjoyed a long nap and I was able to catch up on Downton Abbey. In the afternoon Rory and I headed to Parent and Child class for a lovely afternoon of play, snack and songs.




After all the excitement of yesterday (I still regularly giggle spontaneously when I remember something else) we decided it was best to have a quiet time at home. I finished my brilliant book The Northern Clemency, cooked a soup, some ratatouille and a cauliflower and squash gratin (meals for the next couple of days) and snuggled up and watched Toast, which is well worth a watch, especially if you like Nigel Slater‘s food column like our house does.

A day at the farm (sort of)

So we enjoyed a leisurely start to the day with freshly baked croissants from Almondine at the park. The weather is simply glorious at the moment, chilly enough to get your flannel shirt out but sunny enough to leave the woolens at home. We popped round to the Appleby’s for lunch before all piling in the car and heading to the country to White Post Farm for a spot of pumpkin picking.

Before I go any further with this post, I’d like to say that I had no hand in choosing this location. Let me start by telling you what I was expecting; a beautiful country field with various sized pumpkins surrounded by Autumnal trees and a little Farmer’s market/ cafe where you can eat freshly picked/ baked goods like pumpkin muffins. What we got was so far removed from this that it continues to make me spontaneously giggle at regular intervals.

We should have known from the crowds of families, huge over flow car park and amusement park entrance that it was never going to be like that. It didn’t disappoint. First of all, whilst the boys went off to the loo, Rory found a puddle. A mud puddle. After taking several ‘run ups’ to it and getting soaking, muddy feet, he tripped and fell bottom first into it. I decided to let it go because we’re in the country and getting muddy is a rite of passage. We swiftly moved on to a bouncy castle train, where the children basically got stuck in the middle of it and we nearly had to crawl in to rescue them. There was a celebrity pig show where the pigs wore sunglasses and you could have your photo taken with them for $10. There was a pirate show, a talent show singing the YMCA. It was all getting a bit over whelming so we decided to get some lunch. Obviously being in the country we had a vision of some ‘farm to table food’. The food on offer here was basically a Chicago Town Deep Crust microwave pizza like I ate in the 90’s. We did mange to find some delicious fresh corn on the cob before moving on to the petting farm, where we first came across, um, a camel, then a zebra, then a kangaroo. There were some token goats and sheep, just so it didn’t look too unlike a farm.

Anyway, fun as it was, it was soon time to go. Giggling and reminiscing the whole way home, we all bundled back to the Appleby’s where Mel prepared a delicious squash tart and salad. What an amazing, memorable day!










A lazy day at home

Rory and I are definitely on the mend but still not 100% recovered, plus it was raining, so we decided on a lazy day at home. We did a few jobs, cooked another soup and adjusted our new car seat straps to fit for tomorrow’s trip to the country. In the afternoon we enjoyed a lovely play date at Lora and Oliver’s. Just what the doctor ordered. PS It’s Granny M’s birthday today – happy birthday to the most wonderful lady we know!

Fighting the cold

The Egan family are definitely on the mend but are still being cautious by wrapping up, making lots of soup and drinking lots of tea. Rory and I headed to the park this morning to get some fresh air. After running around he got in his buggy for the walk home and I taught him to put his hands in his pockets to warm them through, he liked the idea. When we got home I made another soup and this lemon and ginger cold buster, tasty. We enjoyed a bit more park time in the afternoon where we bumped into lots of friendly faces, went for a stroll with the gorgeous Marji and Gray, who treated us to a Jacques Torres hot chocolate and cookie, before heading to the CSA to pick up this weeks farm produce.