Emmett is two months old


Yay, O came home today after we all survived him being away for a couple of nights. Although hairy in parts (I don’t think I’ve felt as tired as I did this morning since giving birth) the boys and I did well. When Rory wasn’t being a brilliant help, he was busy playing independently, including using our lamp in his small world play. Emmett had one brilliant day and one challenging day in terms of sleep, but he’s definitely getting better. Speaking of Emmett, he is two months old today, where did that time go? He is now sleeping for longer stretches (he even managed five hours on Wednesday!) and is increasingly getting better with his ‘crazy’ arms. I’m off having an early night with a handful of British magazines and chocolate buttons, bliss.



Time with the boys


O is currently away on business so I’m home alone with my boys. Our lovely doula is helping me in the day, which is utterly brilliant, but come bedtime, I’m on my own and at the moment the nights are long since Emmett is so young and waking. Today was a good day. Rory was very happy to build and play with his train set for most of the day and Emmett slept well. We all rested at nap time and the boys enjoyed a lovely bath time together before being in bed for 6:30. Fingers crossed Emmett has a good night…

O goes away


Today O is going away on business for the first time since Emmett was born. He’ll be back on Friday but I have to admit I’m slightly nervous about the whole juggling two little boys and being sleep deprived as well as missing him obviously. The good news is that our wonderful doula will be here to help out so together I’m hoping the time will fly by and we won’t be too exhausted on his return. In the meantime it’s still snowy and awfully cold so I’m snuggling in with my boys and warm almond milk made in our brilliant vitamix.

Family breakfasts


During the week the morning is our family time and since O is rarely home in time for Rory’s supper, breakfast is our family meal. We love this special time and desperately wanted Emmett to be part of it so I made O bring home this brilliant newborn seat for our Stokke Tripp Trapp (which we also love) from the UK as they don’t sell it here in the USA yet. It hasn’t disappointed. Although I mainly prefer for Emmett to be on his mat and able to move freely, we use the chair for meal times or if he wants to see me whilst I cook. He seems to love it as much as we do.

Emmett time


I can’t believe how quickly the time is going with Emmett turning two months on Friday. One thing that I’m really enjoying is our alone time when Rory is at nursery on a Monday and Tuesday morning. Emmett is ridiculously cuddly and smiley and loves to chat when it’s one on one. I can’t tell you how in love with him I am.

Baking with daddy


This snowy weather is keeping us all snuggled indoors. We enjoyed quiet family time today, including Rory baking some cookies with O. Since Gray isn’t feeling too well, we wrapped a few warm ones up and hand delivered them to him to cheer him up.




Baby storage


Unlike Rory, Emmett doesn’t have a lot of things to store – a play mat, some rattles and a car that he was given recently as a birth gift, but I wanted to get him his own little storage basket to keep them all together in the lounge where we all mainly hang out. I settled on this felted wool basket from West Elm which does the job nicely.


Playing and sleeping and eating


This week has all been about finding our rhythm. Using the freezing cold weather as an excuse to hibernate in doors, we’ve said no to visitors and spent time with each other enjoying playing and sleeping and eating. Emmett is still doing brilliantly on his ‘schedule’ and Rory seems so much happier now that things are a little more normal with having me around so much. I feel like we’re slowly turning a big corner.


Finding our rhythm


This morning we awoke to the most beautiful sunrise – all of the skyscrapers were glowing pink! This week we have been working hard on finding some sort of rhythm with Emmett. Up until now we’ve done everything organically with him very much dictating times of feeding and sleeping. Now that O is back at work, Rory is back at nursery and Emmett is that little bit older, I wanted to know where I was a little more. To me, Gina Ford is the queen of schedules so I used her as a reference, even if I don’t agree with everything or follow things to the letter. The plan was to ease Emmett on to a routine starting with one geared towards a one to two week old even though he is nearly seven weeks. We weren’t so strict as to follow everything exactly, but we adapted Emmett’s timings to the routine. I needn’t have been nervous as he took to it straight away without us having to force anything. I can’t tell you how much it’s helped. He’s cried much less as we are anticipating his needs much more efficiently. Rory is happy as I can fit his rhythm of eating, sleeping and playing around Emmett’s now I know it and O and I are delighted that we’re only being woken up once at night.