Potty training day 4


The potty training is going really well. Rory was excited to get another visit from the Potty Bunny and for his hard work yesterday got this sweet umbrella, as he’s been after one for a while. The Potty Bunny told him that he needed to move his potty nearer to the bathroom with the aim that it will go in there tomorrow. This didn’t seem to put him off and he’s leaving himself enough time to do his business. He’s still going commando (trousers and shorts but no underpants) and he seems comfortable with this. I did a lot less prompting today and he even told us that he needed a wee when we were walking home through the park. We stopped got out the travel potty and he managed to go. We went for a further walk and swimming today and all was fine. We’re making the most of the last of these Summer days by having a yummy mexican feast tonight. Yummy.






Potty training day 3


We’ve made it to day three of potty training and Rory is doing brilliantly, I couldn’t be prouder. Today we continued along the same lines as yesterday, trousers on, but commando. I did less prompting and by the afternoon, didn’t prompt at all. We managed two separate grocery trips (which I was pretty nervous about, but he was very chilled) and had park outings for an hour in both the morning and afternoon. No accidents. He even did another poo in the potty. Today’s star chat monitored 12 wee’s and 1 poo. My key thing is that I say I need to go to the loo before any trips out and as soon as we get home. This then prompts him (without telling him) and he always goes as well. By the evening we had started to shift the potty slightly nearer to the bathroom. A great day, well done Rorykins.




Potty training day two


After the success of yesterday, Rory was incredibly keen to hear from the Potty Bunny and I was keen to move on to Block 2 and aspects of Block 3 from this book. As a reminder, yesterday Rory wore no nappy (apart from nap and nighttime) but was naked. He had a brilliant day with wee’s and poo’s both in the potty and no accidents. This morning he was happy to take his nappy off and continue with some naked time.  For block 2 I needed to introduce clothing. The book recommends going ‘commando’, i.e., wearing trousers or dresses without pants so the child can feel any accidents. Underpants can also give the same security feelings as a nappy which we’re trying to move away from at this stage. Rory was keen to get some trousers on but within the first 20 minutes had had an accident. The sensation of wetting himself clicked straight away and he called me. I calmly said “Oh dear, you’ve had an accident. Next time remember to use the potty.” then made a big show and dance of putting it in the washing machine. We stayed home in trousers for another hour, by which time he had got the hang of it. He still finds it tricky to “push” down his trousers to sit on the potty, but this is something that’s improving with time and experience. I decided to venture into a little of Block 3 and venture out. The Potty Bunny had delivered this special travel potty, just like the one from his potty book so he was excited to use it. I also installed this on the bugaboo to keep it dry. We kept it local and went to the nearest park. I did prompt him quite a lot here and he did manage a wee in the potty before it was time to go home. Thankfully no accidents. We had more time at home before and after lunch where he kept his trousers on, but continued to use the potty well. We spent an hour and a half out at the park in the afternoon, with less prompting from me. Although he said he needed to go and tried several times, he didn’t have any more wee’s in the travel potty. But at least he’s trying of his own accord. We are both thrilled and exhausted at his progress. Rorykins was asleep by 6:30 tonight.





Potty training day one


So we’re finally here. Potty training. Before I tell you how we got on I wanted to mention a few things from this book that I’m using as a reference. The reason I like this book is because it talks about going with the individual child and not necessarily being dictated to by days, i.e., if your child isn’t ready to move on from block one then you stick with block one. As an overall approach this is what you’re looking for:

  1. Peeing and pooping while naked. Either with prompting or without.
  2. Peeing and pooping with clothes on, commando. With prompting or without.
  3. Peeing and pooping in different situations. With prompting or without.
  4. Peeing and pooping with underpants. With prompting or without.
  5. Consistent self-initiation.
  6. Night and nap (unless you are choosing to do it all together).

Today was all about staying at home, naked (Rory, not me) and spending the whole day observing your child, looking for signals and directing them where they need to go to do their business. Normalising the whole process. We have decided to do daytime potty training, i.e., still wearing nappies for nap and nighttime as Rory is still in a crib and is very happy there. Apparently this can be completely exhausting and you shouldn’t make any plans to do anything around the house as the focus needs to be completely on the child. So, I sent O had to get provisions for the whole day, lunch, snacks, treats (for him and me) etc. so I didn’t need to think about anything other than Rory and the potty. I also set up a potty ‘station’ on a cosy bathmat with wipes and books. We’d obviously bigged this day up and the Potty Bunny was working a treat, Rory had insisted on reading his potty training book a hundred times yesterday, so he knew what was coming. It’s worth noting that unfortunately Rory didn’t have a great night’s sleep. He woke up twice. A tired Rory and Mummy was not a great start to the whole process.

So, this morning we went in and the Potty Bunny had visited again, giving Rory instructions for the day. He listened intently and was eager to see what his treat was. We told him that his nappy was coming off and we were all done with them. He cried and protested a lot. The book the Potty Bunny gave worked as a great distraction and he insisted on sitting down with Daddy and reading it (about fifty times). There was no sign of a wee or poo and I didn’t want to over prompt or pressurize. He finally stopped crying when O and I got on with a few jobs. I said I needed to go to the loo and whilst I did he went to his potty and did his first wee. He was thrilled, especially when we used his special soap and Rory towel (a face flannel which is the perfect sized towel for little hands) and got to put a special star on his chart. I cottoned on quite quickly that he would only use the potty if he felt it was private (apparently a good socialisation skill) so we moved his potty area round the corner to a semi private space. This was Rory’s key thing. From then on he was happy to do his business in the potty whenever he needed to. I did prompt a little but mainly he would go when I said I was going (handily I’m pregnant so need to go all the time) or when he needed to. O phoned to check on progress and whilst I was on the phone Rory did a (huge) poo in the potty!

By nap time he was obviously exhausted and managed a two hour nap, which as you know is very unlike him. Apparently children process their new learning best when they sleep so I think it must have been linked to this. I was slightly worried that he wouldn’t want to part with his nappy afterwards, but he was eager to get going on the potty. By the afternoon he was going without prompting. Day one has resulted in fourteen wee’s and one poo all in the potty. No accidents today. Go Rory! The book was an absolute hit, I have read it continuously. I think he just liked to snuggle and know I was there as a comfort. He actually did better without the pressure of me watching him continuously so I managed to do laundry and cook a yummy cauliflower gratin for supper. I just made sure that whenever he said he needed to use the potty or if he just wanted to read or get me to sit and watch him play, I did. I obviously believed that I needed a treat from the Potty Bunny, so was thrilled when these arrived today in the post.

Tomorrow will be interesting as he’s ready to move on to block two – wearing trousers and a quick outing. I’m assuming this is where we’ll start having accidents. We shall see…










The Potty Bunny


Tomorrow is D-day (or P day) for potty training and this morning Rory awoke to a surprise visitor in his bedroom – The Potty Bunny. The Potty Bunny is a little rabbit who sits on his own potty and sends letters to Rory everyday instructing him what he needs to do that day to be a superstar potty trainee. This morning he gave Rory his own special sticker reward chart with stickers and this potty training book to give him an idea of what he will be doing over the next few days. I can’t tell you how excited he was and how much he’s cheering to start potty training (long may that continue). He must have read the book about a hundred times and keeps putting the Potty Bunny on his potty and informing me he’s done a wee wee or a poo poo. For our last day of freedom for a little while we headed out for a family breakfast in the park before strolling down to Sandbox Village and the Water Lab. We met up with Christine, Gracie and Mason and caught up on all of their news about their holiday. Christine sweetly offered to look after Rory in the afternoon whilst I indulged in some pre-natal yoga, which was just what I needed and then it was early supper and bed, ready for our first day of potty training tomorrow…















New nursery shoes


This morning Rory and I headed to Imagination Playground on a bit of a whim, hence the inappropriate water clothing and the need to strip down to a nappy. It didn’t put him off, however, and he loved both the large blue building blocks and lots of water play. After lunch I enjoyed a quick nap, whilst he had ‘resting time’ and then we made this tow truck together which he was thrilled with and wouldn’t get off all afternoon. We headed to the park for an hour before supper and met up with Lora, Oliver and Maeve. When we got home we had a delivery of Rory’s new school shoes. At Rory’s nursery the children have to take off their outdoor shoes and wear special indoor shoes. They recommended getting them from this website. Each shoe is handmade by ‘elves’ who even send a little note with your order and you can either choose one of their designs or make your own. Obviously, getting very excited, I decided we’d design our own. We went for navy leather (which is so, so soft) and a tan strap, vibram sole with a sheepskin lining. I thought these would be very cosy to play in. Needless to say Rory loves them. Operation nursery is well underway.










It was another beautiful day so after Skyping with family we strolled over the Brooklyn Bridge to Tribeca. Whilst O took Rory to the park I had a pampering pedicure at 10 over 10 (my favourite place for a mani-pedi). We met up afterwards for a delicious brunch at Tiny’s. We strolled home via Wall Street and caught the ferry, bumping into Heather, Chris and Luke and walked home together. After a nap the boys headed out on a bike ride and I indulged in some Red Magazine reading. It’s a tomato, watermelon and feta salad for supper followed by the VMAs as Katy Perry is performing for it outside our apartment.

It feels like we’re on holiday


We awoke to the most beautiful day, a slight breeze with the sun shining. After breakfast we headed over the Manhattan Bridge to the Meatpacking District where I caught up with the lovely Allen at Bumble and Bumble, who gave me a “my child’s about to start nursery and I want to look chic” haircut. As always I felt brilliant on leaving. I met up with the boys for brunch at Soho House, who’s been having fun with art and building activities on the High Line. After eating far too much yummy food we decided to walk it off by strolling through the West Village. Rory loved stopping and playing at the park, whilst O and I relaxed for an hour under a shady tree. O said it felt like being on holiday. We treated Baby E to some sweet days of the week onesies from Stella McCartney Kids and headed home. We had a relaxing late afternoon, Rory playing with Bobby and dressing him up in his new wellies and picking up some fresh ingredients for supper. Such a wonderful, family day.













This morning Rory and I headed to Soho for a spot of pampering for Mummy. We started off by picking up a few cosmetic treats. Since clearing out the bathroom yesterday, I noticed I needed a few cosmetics and wanted to get a few new colours for the Autumn. Being pregnant, I’m even more aware of the importance of what I put on my skin and have read a lot of good things about this brand, so I purchased a few things to try. I also saw the brilliant and lovely Hibba who sorted my brows out. We stopped off at Dean and Deluca where we indulged in a scrumptious Brooklyn Blackout cupcake before heading home. In the afternoon we played with friends at the park and I continued my potty training reading, which I’m actually getting excited about. O came home armed with the September issue of Vogue which I can’t wait to read and get inspired by. Looking forward to a family weekend with my boys.




O is home


Why does it always seem to rain when O comes home from a long trip? We enjoyed a very quick family breakfast as he had to dash off to work but both Rory and I were thrilled to have him home. Unfortunately it was a horrid rainy day so in the morning Rory was incredibly helpful and assisted me in decluttering and organizing the bathroom (nesting!), doing lots of laundry and having a general tidy up ready for the weekend. The afternoon was no better but we focused on more Rory centered activities like building a town, doing some threading and some drawing. Rory was very proud of his yellow plane and his drawing of The Freedom Tower. I’m currently swatting up on all things potty related as we’re going to take the plunge later next week (wish me luck). I’m currently reading this, this, this and this and have a few of my own ideas to throw into the mix to make it more Rory centered. We shall see…