Bye, bye Granny M and Grandad K


I felt very emotional today as mum and Kevan went home. I’ve felt so lucky and spoiled to have them here looking after me and the boys so well. As O and I have often discussed the one major drawback of living in this fantastic city is being far away from family and close friends. To cheer me up mum and I put a few dates in the diary for her coming out to visit… I’m counting the days already.


Getting to know Emmett


Whilst Rory spent the day doing Christmas things around the city with his grandparents and Uncle Anthony (Bryant Park, The Rock Christmas tree, Central Park etc.) O and I spent the day at home, cosy, getting to know our beautiful Emmett a little more. I think it’s so easy to be a little blasé with number two, to think that you can do all the same things (or different) as you did with number one, but actually they are their own person and need to be treated accordingly. Emmett is just adorable, I’m properly in love with him already. My favourite thing is when he looks deep into my eyes and I say hello, he responds by ‘smiling’ and saying “o” as if he actually wants to chat.

Emmett’s first bath


Rory was incredibly excited to share a first bath with Emmett, he even refrained from his usual wee in the bath because we threatened that Emmett wouldn’t be able to go in if he did! Both boys loved it. Emmett floated happily with no crying whatsoever (until we decided to take the below photo) whilst Rory helped wash him. O and I looked on smugly at our beautiful boys.




So I think I might have over done things a little. Last night I suddenly felt very cold and couldn’t seem to warm up, I tired a hot bath, lots of layers of clothes, getting into bed, but couldn’t seem to shake the chill, even though I was hot to touch. Added to this I felt utterly exhausted, the type where you can’t lift your head off the pillow. This morning I went to my doctors to check I didn’t have an infection. She thinks I’m just exhausted as I haven’t been as strict about resting the last few days. So today I rested up. Thank goodness for my mummy who took both boys and just brought Emmett to me for feeding every couple of hours and O who cooked delicious, healthy meals, which I often couldn’t eat. I literally slept all day. It was much needed and by the evening I was feeling a little better. This baby malarky can really take it out of you.

Christmas Eve


Today was a busy one preparing for tomorrow’s festivities. Whilst O spent the day preparing all the food, Rory helped Granny M and Grandad make paper chains and paint some tree decorations, Uncle Anthony went last minute gift shopping and Emmett and I fed and slept. Rory was excited to leave a carrot for Rudolph and a chocolate cookie for Father Christmas before being tucked up in bed. A very tired O and I excitedly put out all of the gifts and stockings for the morning and went to bed.












Decorating the tree


Hooray Granny M and Grandad K have arrived safely. After spending the early morning making a welcome sign, Rory was very pleased to see his grandparents. We celebrated by heading to Jacque Torres for hot chocolate and cookies, putting on Christmas carols and decorating our Christmas tree as a family. Later that evening my little brother, aka, Uncle Anthony arrived safely too. Happy times.






























Our Christmas tree


This morning we all bundled up and headed out to choose our Christmas tree from our favourite Christmas tree seller (you’ll recognise him from last year). Rory was beyond excited as he’s really getting into the spirit of things. We chose our one and O carried it home where we all enjoyed a taste of eggnog whilst we were placing it in it’s new home. In the afternoon Rory and I headed to One Girl to meet up with the lovely Cath and Andy who are visiting from the UK. It was so lovely to have a ‘date’ with Rory on our own as I’ve been spending so much time with Emmett. He loved it and was spoiled with gifts (as was I). We all snuggled in this evening with some new seasonal books that I got for Rory. I’m beyond excited for my family’s arrival tomorrow.







Emmett is three weeks old


I can’t believe that Baby Emmett is three weeks old today. It seems such a long time ago that I was at the hospital giving birth. Things are going really well. Obviously I’m exhausted with sleep deprivation but Emmett is so beautifully sweet and the breast feeding is going brilliantly (I had a horrible time with Rory’s feeding) which makes me feel so much better. A few other things have made all the difference… My wonderful hubby who has looked after me, Rory and Emmett at every waking moment, is it possible to be more in love with him after all of these years, I think so. My brilliant friends who cleverly organised a rota of meals and dropped off the most delicious, nutritious suppers so we didn’t need to worry about cooking. Our amazing doula, Anna Ruth, who exudes calm in our home and has been brilliant for Rory especially and my lovely acupuncturist, Natasha, who has come to our home every Friday to treat me with acupuncture, reflexology and massage, I’m definitely healing faster as a result. They say it takes a village… this is mine. Love you guys.