Painted in Waterlogue

It was a tough night last night as Emmett woke up, we think because of teething. Indeed, there was a little front tooth almost popping through the gum when I checked this morning. Also, you can see from the weekly photos that he’s constantly gnawing on things this week. So we just relaxed. We went to the park, sat in the sun, ate yummy food and napped. This afternoon O went off to London for a whole week. It’s the most time he’s been away since Emmett was born so I’m slightly nervous. However, I’ve decided to use the time for a little pampering ‘staycation’. I’ve ordered a high calorie juice cleanse from here and intend on lots of pampering treats, some good films, lots of reading and lots and lots of early nights. I’m hoping by the time he returns I’ll be glowing, full of energy and ready to nurture him over jet lag. Wish me luck…



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