Scooting with friends

Painted in Waterlogue

The weather is just glorious here at the moment. This morning, Rory, Emmett and I joined Lucy and Teddy and Katherine, Oscar and Emilia and headed to Sandbox Village on scooters. The boys were pretty tired by the time they got there but still continued to have fun on the train and in the houses for two hours before we headed home. The afternoon was particularly humid so we stripped Emmett off and enjoyed some naked baby time!




Painted in Waterlogue

Emmett is currently grabbing everything – rattles, teething rings and hair. Ouch. Luckily, Rory finds it all quite amusing. During free nappy time the boys like to snuggle up to one another, giggling, with Emmett trying to touch Rory gently but ending up grabbing his hair. Rory just laughs and says “gentle touch Emmett” which he’s picked up from me.


Free nappy time

Painted in Waterlogue

Everyday after we finish eating supper, Emmett has free nappy time. He loves it and it allows time for Rory to have a quick play before the bedtime routine of bath begins and for me to tidy the supper dishes away and get the boy’s bedroom all ready for bed (warming the beds, lavender pillow spray, clean pjs and sleep sack etc.). After these little jobs are out of the way I like to just sit and play with Emmett and Rory always joins in too. Emmett squeals in delight and rolls over and back again a lot. Have I mentioned how much I love this baby!



Happy Easter weekend

Painted in Waterlogue

Yippee, O is off today for Easter. We enjoyed a chilled day around the neighborhood including an evening pizza picnic in the park as per Rory’s request. Hope you’re having a lovely one.

PS Happy 79th birthday to my beautiful nanny Esther.








I woke up this morning feeling no better, in fact I was worse. Luckily, O took Rory to nursery and the lovely Christine brought him home. This gave me the morning with Emmett. Gosh the house was so peaceful and quiet. It was bliss. Emmett seemed to enjoy it too, cooing and giggling away. When he napped I caught up with reading The Grace Tales, which I love, and dreamt of warmer climates. A slow afternoon and early bedtime followed.




Emmett goes to the doctor


This morning the Egan family all headed to Tribeca for Emmett’s two month checkup. He now weighs 16 lbs, is 24 inches long and has a 40cm head circumference – he’s growing!! Rory loved it, especially when the doctor asked all about the vegetables he’s been eating (on our request) and he told her about the carrot, beetroot, raspberry and ginger smoothie he had had for breakfast. Afterwards, O went off to the dentist and I took the boys to Whole Foods to stock up on lots of yummy foods. I was pretty proud of myself for juggling the two boys, my bag and a full shopping bag whilst avoiding black ice and hailing and getting into a cab. We enjoyed a slow afternoon at home. Rory built a road and was desperate to share it with Emmett, so spent the afternoon sharing all of the details of what he had built. He even gave him his beloved Bobby to hold – so sweet. This freed me up to prepare a yummy supper of steamed beetroot, beefsteak tomatoes, homemade basil pesto and the most amazing burrata made here in Brooklyn. A lovely day.








Playing and sleeping and eating


This week has all been about finding our rhythm. Using the freezing cold weather as an excuse to hibernate in doors, we’ve said no to visitors and spent time with each other enjoying playing and sleeping and eating. Emmett is still doing brilliantly on his ‘schedule’ and Rory seems so much happier now that things are a little more normal with having me around so much. I feel like we’re slowly turning a big corner.


Emmett is six weeks old


Today Emmett is six weeks old. Where has the time gone? Although it feels like only yesterday that I was pregnant with him, it also feels like he’s been a part of our family forever. He is such a beautiful baby with such a sweet soul, I’m completely in love with him. Although it’s been tiring waking a couple of times a night to feed him and change him and sometimes to rock him, I’m cherishing these moments as I know they’ll be gone soon. I love you Emmett Egan.

Getting to know Emmett


Whilst Rory spent the day doing Christmas things around the city with his grandparents and Uncle Anthony (Bryant Park, The Rock Christmas tree, Central Park etc.) O and I spent the day at home, cosy, getting to know our beautiful Emmett a little more. I think it’s so easy to be a little blasé with number two, to think that you can do all the same things (or different) as you did with number one, but actually they are their own person and need to be treated accordingly. Emmett is just adorable, I’m properly in love with him already. My favourite thing is when he looks deep into my eyes and I say hello, he responds by ‘smiling’ and saying “o” as if he actually wants to chat.