Painted in Waterlogue

It was a tough night last night as Emmett woke up, we think because of teething. Indeed, there was a little front tooth almost popping through the gum when I checked this morning. Also, you can see from the weekly photos that he’s constantly gnawing on things this week. So we just relaxed. We went to the park, sat in the sun, ate yummy food and napped. This afternoon O went off to London for a whole week. It’s the most time he’s been away since Emmett was born so I’m slightly nervous. However, I’ve decided to use the time for a little pampering ‘staycation’. I’ve ordered a high calorie juice cleanse from here and intend on lots of pampering treats, some good films, lots of reading and lots and lots of early nights. I’m hoping by the time he returns I’ll be glowing, full of energy and ready to nurture him over jet lag. Wish me luck…



Spring Fair

Painted in Waterlogue

This morning we awoke to beautiful sunshine and all headed out to Rory’s nursery for the annual Spring Fair. There were activities inside such as weaving, making natural wool and flower crowns, searching through a crystal cave, watching a puppet show and felting. There was also a lovely little shop where we got some beautiful wax colouring blocks and beeswax modelling wax, which Rory played with in the afternoon. Afterwards there was a family school picnic in the garden. Since the weather was so beautiful we decided that after supper we’d head out in the evening for an ice cream picnic in the park. Rory couldn’t believe how lucky he was to be getting both ice cream and a picnic AFTER supper time. He kept saying what a lovely idea it was. It was early to bed for all after such a busy day.




Emmett’s play pen

Painted in Waterlogue

Emmett has had this play pen from around three months. He loves it. It’s his little space in our apartment and he loves the familiarity of it as well as it’s height, which currently allows him to watch Rory playing from the same height. We have it under a window so he loves rolling on his back and watching the clouds move across the sky and the Manhattan bridge of course. I like to make it interesting for him and change things around from time to time. Today I attached some rattles at different heights for him to pull up on and gnaw. He seemed very pleased with it.





Scooting with friends

Painted in Waterlogue

The weather is just glorious here at the moment. This morning, Rory, Emmett and I joined Lucy and Teddy and Katherine, Oscar and Emilia and headed to Sandbox Village on scooters. The boys were pretty tired by the time they got there but still continued to have fun on the train and in the houses for two hours before we headed home. The afternoon was particularly humid so we stripped Emmett off and enjoyed some naked baby time!



Painted in Waterlogue

Emmett is currently grabbing everything – rattles, teething rings and hair. Ouch. Luckily, Rory finds it all quite amusing. During free nappy time the boys like to snuggle up to one another, giggling, with Emmett trying to touch Rory gently but ending up grabbing his hair. Rory just laughs and says “gentle touch Emmett” which he’s picked up from me.


Travel play mat

Painted in Waterlogue

Now Emmett (and the rest of the family) has finally found his little rhythm and due to the fact that the weather is incredibly beautiful right now, we’re able to head out on little day adventures a lot more. Whenever we head somewhere I make sure to bring this brilliant travel play mat so that he can lie and roll around to his hearts content whilst Rory plays. It’s incredibly thick and soft, made from sturdy cotton so perfect for lying on the ground, it has handles for carrying or attaching to my buggy hook and I always get stopped to ask where it’s from as the design is so sweet. Here he is enjoying it.


Mother’s Day

Painted in Waterlogue

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my wonderful mama friends and family out there. I enjoyed a great, relaxed day with my boys. I was treated to a lie in whilst Rory and O cooked me breakfast (purple tipped asparagus with baked egg) and was given this beautiful book and an amazing diamond stacking ring from this jeweler. Completely spoilt rotten as usual. The sun was shining so we went for a lovely long walk along the river to the park before heading home for lunch and a long nap. A chilled afternoon lazing on the grass completed a blissful day. It may all be about appreciating the mother today but I’m completely grateful to my boys for making my life so full.



Painted in Waterlogue

Today O had planned an early Mother’s Day surprise. We rented a car and drove out of the city to this wonderful place where we enjoyed a yummy brunch. Afterwards we drove a little further to an amazing lake and forest where we stopped off for a walk. We settled on a little spot by a stream where Emmett laid on the ground and enjoyed listening to the water rippling and Rory collected little sticks to throw into the waterfall and watch them race away. Such a wonderful, rejuvenating day out.




sun, sand and a lazy picnic

Painted in Waterlogue

It was another beautiful day here in NYC. After pilates and a glorious skype catch up with the brilliant Appleby girls, the boys and I headed out – Emmett sporting his new linen bloomers. We had a lazy picnic which was only bettered by O coming home early for family supper. A perfect Friday.