Hi. I’m Ann-Marie, a Brit living the American dream in beautiful Brooklyn, NYC. Not only was I lucky enough to win the (gorgeous, talented, insanely intelligent) husband lottery, but I’ve also triumphed in having the most amazing little boys called Rory or Rorykins as he’s more commonly known in our home and most recently Baby E – Emmett. I love my boys more than anything in the whole wide world and relish looking after them all day, everyday. That’s why I’m The Un-desperate housewife.

I love nothing better than perusing interior, fashion and cookery magazines and blogs, planning the perfect meal and outfit and dreaming about how I’ll decorate both my city apartment and country house when I ever get either. All of this day dreaming and planning goes onto my dreamy Pintrest boards which make me very, very happy to look at. I secretly wish I was Scandinavian with a Parisian family and could speak several languages (I can count to 20 in French). Also that I had thicker, ‘natural beach waves’ hair. I buy anything with the words ‘heirloom’, ‘organic’  ‘detox’ ‘monogramed’ or ‘jersey’ in it. I hate clutter but have a small addiction to any sort of natural wood toy or household object. I want to be more like my yoga, juicing, clean living friends but constantly find myself indulging in afternoon tea at one of the many local cafes. I have a post-pregnancy Tracey Anderson workout DVD which is still in it’s plastic wrapper. I’m a vegetarian who cooks meat. I’d like to say my favorite food is something exotic but it’s actually jacket potato with cheese and beans which I ate everyday for lunch at university. No lie. Before Rory, I used to love going to the cinema in the afternoon, now I love HBO. I feel very strongly about the benefits of afternoon naps and often have a cheeky one. I love getting lost in a great book. I enjoy exploring new places as well as snuggling in at home. I’m constantly trying to take the perfect photograph (mainly of Rory), cook healthy and inspiring dishes, do little sewing/ craft projects and go on the very occasional run or yoga class. That’s me.

I write this blog for two reasons. Firstly it’s a diary for my beautiful mummy, who although lives back home in England gets to feel part of our lives through it (it also stops me having to recount every little thing we do on Skype where we usually loose our connection or Rory presses the ‘End call’ button). Secondly, it’s for my best friend who often asks for my advice on lots of small ‘life’ things the way friends do. She seems to think I’m stylish, but I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love her. I’m sure it’s of no real use to anyone else, but I enjoy recording my little daily adventures and discoveries and hope you enjoy reading about them.

PS I have a tiny addiction to chocolate.


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