Janelle Monáe

I’m loving the new Janelle Monáe album, in particular the single ‘Tightrope’ which constantly makes me want to get up and dance in a stylish style similar to her own. A cool mixture of pop, soul, hip hop and jazz, I highly recommend a listen. Did I mention that the girl can dress too! Have a listen by clicking the name at the top of the video below…


Daily Bread

Inspired by yesterday’s post I spent the morning making and baking my own bread. I based the recipe on the “Musician’s breakfast (home-made bread with Parma ham)” in ‘Miss Dahl’s voluptuous delights’ by the wonderful Sophie Dahl, but added a few of my own touches such as walnuts and rosemary. It really is quite simple to do and tastes delicious, plus there are no hidden nasty’s that you sometimes get in supermarket purchased loaves. I often make this for O’s lunch sandwiches where I experiment with different fillings (the current favourite is homemade egg, spring onion and Parma ham) but today I’m serving it toasted with butter and homemade raspberry jam. Yummy.

Making the dough


Ready to bake

Baked and ready to eat

Home is where the heart is

Since the weather is beginning to turn more Autumnal and the baby due date is growing ever nearer, I’m in nesting mode. One of my favourite interior’s book is called ‘Home is where the heart is?’ by the brilliant (and my ultimate interiors guru) Ilse Crawford. The book has many inspirational images but it “looks beyond pure aesthetics to pursue a philosophy of reclaiming and reintegrating the human element in our homes”. I find it completely stimulating not only as a decorating manual, but as a lifestyle one. A must read. Below are images of some of the many interiors that Crawford has created that continue to inspire me.

Hot chocolate

The rain pelted down on the window and the light inside the apartment was grey. There was nothing more to do than to snuggle with my cashmere blanket, watch a classic film and sip a divinely rich hot drinking chocolate. My favourite one in London is from Rococo Chocolates which, ideally I’d serve with their delectable chocolate salted caramel truffles. But I’ve discovered a great place in NYC called Max Brenner where I go for the Italian thick cream dark drinking chocolate which they serve in a ‘hug mug’ where you hold the mug in your hands to warm you. I had this with a warm chocolate brownie, delicious. Now to try and replicate this at home…

Brunch in Brooklyn

Today O and I enjoyed a delicious brunch at our friend’s new apartment in Williamsburg. There was amazing home cooked food (Bloody Marys, baked eggs, home fries and French toast with berries) and great company. Afterwards we strolled down Bedford Avenue and looked in lots of vintage shops and cool boutiques. We came across two brilliant baby shops called Sweet William and Mini Jake where I’ve been inspired yet again for Baby Egan. Now O is cooking up a delicious Sunday supper and we’re getting ready to settle in for a night with HBO. Bliss.

Bored to death

I’ve just discovered the brilliant ‘Bored to death’ HBO series starring a superb cast including Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson. Created by Jonathan Ames, the series follows a writer, named Jonathan Ames, based in Brooklyn who moonlights as an unlicensed private detective. It’s both hilarious and touching and gives good Brooklyn interior house porn.

School night suppers

There’s nothing nicer than good company and good food in a casual restaurant, mid-week. Last night that’s exactly what O and I did with a bunch of friends. We all headed to the East Village and went to a gem of a place called Luzzo’s who are a classic Italian pizzeria (we were with Italian friends)and quite honestly make the most delicious, light crusted, melt in your mouth toppings, pizza I’ve ever had. Obviously, being with REAL Italians I went for a classic Bufala which was amazing. We finished the evening with a small pizza covered with nutella to share, and lots of chat; my sort of mid-week place.

Remember Me

Last night O was out for a business dinner, so after a quick pamper in the bathroom I settled down on the sofa with some homemade popcorn and watched ‘Remember Me’. Directed by Allen Coulter and Starring Robert Pattinson, Moisés Acevedo and Emilie de Ravin, it is ‘a  romantic drama centered on two new lovers: Tyler, whose parents have split in the wake of his brother’s suicide, and Ally, who lives each day to the fullest since witnessing her mother’s murder.’ As a bonus it’s set in New York. Not the most amazing film I’ve ever seen but a gentle reminder of how precious life and love can be that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Wearing It Today

The weather is changing, the nights are drawing in, magazines are producing copies too heavy to lift and read in bed and I’m beginning to crave a hot chocolate; it can only mean one thing – Autumn and it’s gorgeous fashion has arrived. There are so many fabulous things in the shops right now but if you’re a bit stuck or simply want some inspiration then check out one of my favourite ever blogs  ‘Wearing It Today’.  Featuring the amazing work of London based stylist Laura Fantacci (who coincidently is the contributing fashion editor of one of my favourite magazines; Red and is pictured above modelling one of her brilliant daily outfits) it does exactly what she says:  ‘Daily inspiration from inside a fashion editor’s wardrobe’. I’m officially addicted.

The Pregnant New Yorker

Tonight I went to an event hosted by ‘The Pregnant New Yorker’ which is an organisation dedicated to bring guest speakers together to educate the NY pregnant community. The events are either held in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Tonight’s subjects were on aspects such as what a doula is and the best foods to eat when you’re pregnant and quick, effective tips so you can feed yourself and your baby the best food possible. How physical therapy, and massage can help you through your pregnancy. How to safely use the core and push more efficiently during labor and to how to reverse abdominal separation and there were lots of goodies being raffled off (sadly I didn’t win). I came home armed with a goody bag and a little more knowledge for Baby Egan.

PS The potato falafels, hummus and flat bread were a great success last night. I’m thinking of making them again soon and dedicating an entry to them.