Painted in Waterlogue

Today O had planned an early Mother’s Day surprise. We rented a car and drove out of the city to this wonderful place where we enjoyed a yummy brunch. Afterwards we drove a little further to an amazing lake and forest where we stopped off for a walk. We settled on a little spot by a stream where Emmett laid on the ground and enjoyed listening to the water rippling and Rory collected little sticks to throw into the waterfall and watch them race away. Such a wonderful, rejuvenating day out.





A cool diner and an exciting invitation


Today was the last day of our mini family holiday staying here. After a lovely walk we headed to The Phoenicia Diner for a spot of lunch before heading back to the city. The diner has a cool, Ace Hotel, sort of vibe to it and the food was yummy. No matter how lovely it is to go away, there’s nothing quite like coming home. I was even more excited as I received an email from my lovely girl freinds telling me to be ready for 11:15 tomorrow as a car would be coming to pick me up for a day of celebration and pampering in honor of Baby E! How exciting.


Happy Halloween


Although O, Rory and I were very sad not to be part of our usual NYC Halloween tradition where Rory and his friends dress up and we adults catch up and take lots of photos, it was lovely to be out in the fresh country air. Today we explored Rhinebeck, a beautiful, quintessential American village. We had lunch at yummy Bread Alone before exploring a few of the local boutiques. Marji had advised us to go to Oliver Kita for chocolate treats (they catered her wedding) and it didn’t disappoint. We warmed up with a hot chocolate and stocked up on some goodies to celebrate Halloween. We headed up to Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR’s) house for an explore but Rorykins, exhausted from all of the fresh air and exploring, fell asleep in the car, so whilst Grandma and Grandpa explored the library, O and I put on some music and the heated car seats and caught up. In the evening we headed out to Big Indian to Peekamoose Restaurant on Lora’s recommendation and enjoyed a delicious, indulgent three course meal. Rory kept up and was rewarded with a treat for Halloween from the restaurant.






Apple picking


The Egan family have temporarily decamped to this beautiful barn near Woodstock. After a very peaceful night’s sleep (no traffic or light is so conducive to forty winks) we headed out to this orchard and enjoyed a lovely spot of apple picking. Rory was very into it and kept eating what he’d picked. After a spot of lunch at a local diner we headed home. Whilst Grandma and Grandpa went to have an explore of the town of Woodstock, Rory, O and I enjoyed a spot of yoga and some relaxing time at the barn. It’s turned quite cold so in the evening we used the apples to bake an apple pie and enjoyed a cosy family supper at home before having a lovely, long soak in a huge, deep bath – bliss!












Family road trip


After Rory finished nursery O drove us and Grandma and Grandpa upstate to this fantastic barn near Woodstock (It has a yoga room!). There’s something so lovely about escaping to the country at this beautiful time of year. We stocked up on some yummy goodies so we could settle in for the night and excitedly planned the next few days. Rory shared our room but we didn’t hear a peep until later the next morning as he was snuggled and loved his new travel bed which we also love for ease and convenience.

Image 4



The weather here is absolutely stunning at the moment and Rory and I were so thrilled to have O home that we planned a lovely family day out in Williamsburg. We leisurely strolled to the ferry and caught it to Greenpoint where we began our day at the gorgeous Caribou Baby where Rory enjoyed playing whilst O and I shopped for a few little bis for Baby E. We got him this gorgeous baby hat and this cool teething necklace (which he won’t be needing for a little while I hope). We then strolled through the park up to the stunning Wythe Hotel where we had a yummy brunch. We continued on our way perusing lots of the lovely boutiques and stopped off for an afternoon snack at Depanneur, where they stock English goodies like Buttons, which Rory loved. We decided to get back on the ferry and head to Imagination Playground where Rory enjoyed a great play and O and I were able to relax and catch up on a bench in the Autumnal sun. I love these sorts of days with my boys.









It feels like we’re on holiday


We awoke to the most beautiful day, a slight breeze with the sun shining. After breakfast we headed over the Manhattan Bridge to the Meatpacking District where I caught up with the lovely Allen at Bumble and Bumble, who gave me a “my child’s about to start nursery and I want to look chic” haircut. As always I felt brilliant on leaving. I met up with the boys for brunch at Soho House, who’s been having fun with art and building activities on the High Line. After eating far too much yummy food we decided to walk it off by strolling through the West Village. Rory loved stopping and playing at the park, whilst O and I relaxed for an hour under a shady tree. O said it felt like being on holiday. We treated Baby E to some sweet days of the week onesies from Stella McCartney Kids and headed home. We had a relaxing late afternoon, Rory playing with Bobby and dressing him up in his new wellies and picking up some fresh ingredients for supper. Such a wonderful, family day.











A new bus bag


Rory was incredibly excited for O being home from his recent trip to London. He was even more excited when he saw the bus bag that O had got him as a little surprise. He enjoyed filling it with stuff (mainly cars) and carrying it around the apartment. We met up with Randi and Marlowe and Marji, Gray and Luke, but just as we started to stroll it began to spit with rain. Fortuitously, the ferry came and we were able to hop on and shelter before getting off to check out the helipad which the boys loved. In the afternoon we enjoyed a lovely playdate with Christy and Emmett before heading over to the park. All of our gorgeous friends had obviously had the same idea, as without any planning we all ended up at the same little park at the same time. Enjoying have the park alone with friends, the children had a wonderful afternoon.








Rory’s first fish ‘n’ chips


We decided to escape London (and family) and have a night away with just O, Rory and I. We headed to beautiful Sussex where we stayed in the cottage at The Crab and Lobster. After a stroll around the area, which is very picturesque and quaint, we had lunch at the restaurant. Rory had his first taste of good old Fish ‘n’ Chips, which he loved. In the afternoon we headed to the beach at West Wittering which is basically England’s answer to The Hamptons; miles of golden sand and clear water. Rory and O loved splashing around and building sandcastles and train tracks. On the way home we stopped off at a local farm shop and picked up some delicious organic food bits for supper. It was so lovely having a cottage to ourselves as once Rory was in bed, O and I were able to sit out in the garden and later snuggle in the lounge and watch a film. I highly recommend this little gem of a place.

A day out in Kensington


Rory was incredibly excited to catch a real London bus and then a tube to Notting Hill. We loved perusing our old favorite boutique shops before stopping for lunch at the yummy Pizza East (Rory, obviously missing New York, insisted on having a pizza for lunch). After a yummy meal, Rory tried his first ice cream in a cone. He loved it. It lasted nearly an hour and eventually melted and had to be thrown away! Much to his delight, we caught another bus down to Kensington High Street where we had another look at the shops before heading to Holland Park to meet the gorgeous Jacqui, Jerry and Baby Aoife for a picnic. The guys were so sweet in organizing the whole thing and had thought of everything from rugs, to delicious food, to toys for Rory. With the low but still warm evening sun, cricket in the background, a chocolate tart on our plates, lots and lots of chatter, we all had such a wonderful time. A lovely London day.