How to create a beach in the city


This morning I caught up with the lovely Jennifer and Saffron, who’ve been away for the summer at their house on Shelter Island. We joined them and Lora, Oliver and Maeve and headed over on the ferry to Imagination Playground for the second day in a row. After lunch and a late nap, a big group of us gathered to go swimming at the pop up pool in our park. Whilst you wait before and after your swim session you can hang out at the ‘beach’ on deck chairs sipping delicious lemonade from Lizzmonade Brooklyn whilst the children build sandcastles. Soon enough it was our turn in the pool and Rorykins loved it. He had on his swimming vest, which is brilliant as it allows him the independency and freedom to swim on his own. He literally swam lengths for 45 minutes. We picked up our CSA on the way home before being joined by O for an early family supper. Needless to say, he was fast asleep in no time. This evening O and I snuggled in and watched Sylvia, which was both interesting and brilliantly acted.

PS If You live in London with little children, this looks like a fun place to hang out and do classes…



Breakfast with a view


This morning the Egan family got up and out and about early. We stopped off at Amondine for a selection of freshly baked croissants and muffins and freshly squeezed orange juice then headed to the park to enjoy breakfast with a view of the city. A blissful way to start the day. Once O made his way to work, Rory and I met Christine, Gracie and Mason and hopped on a ferry to take us to Imagination Playground. The children love it there and can play for hours. We stopped off at the park for another picnic lunch before heading home. With no nap today, I decided on a gentle afternoon. We played with Duplo and did a few puzzles before heading to pirate park for an hour. Luckily you’re never too far away from friends, so Rory enjoyed an hour of play with some of his besties whilst I sat and chatted. We came home and cooked one of Rory’s favourite meals; Summer Linguine before tucking him in for an early night. O is working late, so I’m indulging in some SYTYCD action.

Summer Linguine

  • 2 medium-large zucchini or yellow summer squash, coarsely grated
  • Fine-grain sea salt
  • 4 ounces whole wheat linguine or other thin pasta
  • 4 ounces durum wheat linguine or other thin pasta
  • 2 Tbls extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 large clove garlic, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
  • 1 Tbls unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese, plus more to serve
  • Freshly ground black pepper

Put the zucchini in a colander, sprinkle with a few generous pinches of salt, and let sit over a bowl or in the sink for 10 minutes.

In the meantime, cook the pasta in separate pots or sequentially. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Salt generously, add the linguine, and cook according to the package directions, or until al dente. Drain the pasta, reserving a little cooking water.

Just before you are ready to eat, heat the olive oil, garlic, and red pepper in a large skillet over medium heat for 1 to 2 minutes, until fragrant and the garlic just begins to brown. Squeeze the zucchini between your hands, over the sink, to eliminate any excess liquid and add to the skillet. Cook until tender, stirring frequently, about 2 minutes.

Add the pasta to the pan and add a little cooking water if the zucchini mixture seems on the dry side. Toss to distribute the zucchini throughout the pasta. Add the butter and cheese and toss again.

Season with salt and black pepper and divide among bowls. Top with more cheese if you like.

Serves 2 -4


Sand and water fun


Rory and I got out early and joined Marji and Gray on a long walk (and chat) to Sandbox Village. The boys enjoyed making car tracks and collecting and dumping sand in their dump trucks whilst we were able to have a lovely catch up. Feeling quite warm, we nipped next door to The Water Lab to cool down, ready for the hot walk home. We stopped to buy a fresh baguette on the way home for sandwiches, which Rory is really getting into. Needless to say, after lunch, Rory and I both enjoyed a lovely long nap. We joined Lora, Oliver and Maeve and Lucy and Teddy for some more water fun at the Walt Whitman fountain in the afternoon before heading home for supper. O came home a little early as a great surprise so we all enjoyed a family bath time together. Caught up on The Newsroom before finishing my unputdownable book; Blue Monday before falling fast asleep.


The High Line


After a cheeky lie in thanks to Rory sleeping late, we met up with the lovely Lewin family and meandered over to Chelsea. The boys really enjoyed walking along the High Line, stopping at its various vantage points and enjoying the traffic. Feeling hungry, we headed to Soho House for a spot of brunch (the new all you can eat buffet is amazing) before strolling home through the West Village. We all enjoyed a quiet rest before Skyping with family and doing a spot of plant shopping for our hanging planters. A lovely day.


Lisa’s baby shower


Lisa and Craig are expecting their first baby and as a (sort of) surprise/ treat, Craig wanted to throw her a Baby Shower. We’d been emailing back and forth a few weeks before with ideas but on the day it was all Craig and wow, he did not let her down. It was an amazing shower! I had the lucky job of keeping Lisa away from home whilst Craig decorated the apartment. As a treat he’d organised us both to get a mani/ pedi spa treatment at Salon Cocoro which was bliss. Feeling thoroughly pampered we strolled back to Lisa’s where the party awaited. There was yummy food and lovely touches such as suggest a name and guess the gender (by selecting a handful of either blue or pink M&M’s. The most exciting moment came when Craig and a few other husbands came home and he and Lisa cut the cake to reveal the gender of their baby. We were all so excited to know whether the icing inside would be blue or pink. It was pink and we’re so thrilled that they’re having a beautiful baby girl! Yay! Rory and O came a little later (Rory adores Craig and Lisa and their cat Mister) and after a catch up we headed off to Smorgasburg for a spot of supper on the grass by the river. We caught the ferry home as the sun was beginning to go down and all headed to bed feeling exhausted after such a terrific day.










Fun Friday


It was a beautiful day so Rory and I headed out with Lucy and Teddy and Marji, Gray and Luke for a play on the grass and a spin on the carousel. After lunch and nap we headed out to the Water Lab where the boys had lots of fun cooling off and exploring the water equipment. O came home early for family supper before we caught up on Family Tree, which is incredibly funny and well worth a watch.

A new bus bag


Rory was incredibly excited for O being home from his recent trip to London. He was even more excited when he saw the bus bag that O had got him as a little surprise. He enjoyed filling it with stuff (mainly cars) and carrying it around the apartment. We met up with Randi and Marlowe and Marji, Gray and Luke, but just as we started to stroll it began to spit with rain. Fortuitously, the ferry came and we were able to hop on and shelter before getting off to check out the helipad which the boys loved. In the afternoon we enjoyed a lovely playdate with Christy and Emmett before heading over to the park. All of our gorgeous friends had obviously had the same idea, as without any planning we all ended up at the same little park at the same time. Enjoying have the park alone with friends, the children had a wonderful afternoon.










O is coming home tonight from a quick business trip to London (which is exciting as I’ll get some magazines and chocolate buttons). In preparation Rory and I did a few jobs around the house. We did several loads of washing, cleaned and vacuumed (which is Rory’s favourite job). Later on, we met up with Christine, Gracie and Mason at pirate park before heading home to cook a yummy supper for Daddy.

Firefighter Rory


Since O left for London ridiculously early, Rory and I enjoyed a gentle start to our day by having our breakfast (freshly baked croissants) on a bench watching a kayaking lesson which he loved. We later met up with Marji, Gray and Luke for a stroll up the wobbly bridge and headed to the park. After lunch (but no nap from Rory) we headed over to pirate park where we met Lucy and Teddy and Jim who was home early from a business trip. It was basically free babysitting at the boys raced around the park with Jim learning to be Firemen (including going down the fireman’s pole). Rory loved it and couldn’t wait to tell O all about it when we Facetimed over supper.

A blue Monday


Starting the week off with a bang, a large group of us caught the ferry across the river to Imagination Playground. The children just love it there as there’s so much to do. They played in the sand, paddled in the stream and sprinkler and enjoyed building things with the big blue blocks (including Rory’s fire engine).