A chilled Sunday

After such a busy Saturday, the Egan family enjoyed a chilled start to their Sunday. We went for a walk along the river then caught up with family on Skype before catching up with the new season of Downton Abbey (I felt very at home and loved the wedding). In the evening we popped over to the Appleby’s where we all enjoyed a glass (or two) of rose and a pizza party. We thought we might just get a take away pizza from the neighborhood, but oh no, we were delighted to be treated to homemade gourmet pizzas with toppings such as acorn squash and feta. Rory loved it and ate so much in-between playing with his bestie, Mia.


Dumbo Arts Festival

This weekend the Arts Festival comes to our neighborhood which is always fun (and very busy). It’s so nice to stroll around the streets and browse in all of the galleries and studios. There was even a big crowd outside of our apartment for most of the afternoon to see some sort of sculpture happen in real time. Rory loved looking (and trying to touch) all of the sculptures and light installations.



Play dates and poached pears

The Egan family started the day with these delicious poached pears with cherries and a dollop of greek yoghurt and honey, yummy. Even though the rain was pouring today Rory and I enjoyed back to back play dates. Firstly the lovely Nadja and Eleanor popped around for the morning and even stayed for a spot of lunch. In the afternoon the gorgeous Lora and Oliver joined us before we saw a slither of sun and pounced on the park where we were lucky enough to bump into other great friends. We stopped off at One Girl Cookie on the way home to pick up a slice of vanilla and raspberry cake for dessert and arrived home to daddy who was home from work early to eat supper with us. I love Fridays.

Save the date…

So given that nearly all of Rory’s best friends have birthdays around his, we’ve already had to book a venue and send a save the date card, so we don’t clash with anyone else’s party! I used the sweet photo I took yesterday for the design. Now back to planning for the big event, which, uh, isn’t until December.

Music and Mia

Rory is totally in love with Mia so it was a happy start to his day when we joined her and the gorgeous Mel (who I’m totally in love with) for music class and a stroll to the park. Both were happily singing along and playing instruments and incredibly helpful when helping Katie, the teacher, pack away. We went to the same park that Rory and I had been to on Friday and again he enjoyed playing with the little car. He also liked being pushed in it by Mia.

A new class and a new pair of shoes

Rorykins and I were very excited to start a new parent and child class this afternoon at the nursery that O and I would love him to go to. It was such a lovely afternoon with both of us coming away happy and relaxed. The space is beautiful (basically Rory’s nursery on a bigger scale) all calm neutral colors, wooden toys, birch wood and sheepskins (yes sheepskins!). All of the children were a little nervous initially, and Rory stayed close to me and observed for a little while but perked up when the teacher started humming (he sweetly joined in) and announced it was snack time. He and his classmates all sat on low wooden stools and enjoyed some organic banana (served on a linen napkin!) and a glass of water. Rory was clearly thirsty as he gulped down three glasses. Soon it was tidy up time before sitting in a circle and singing some songs. Just gorgeous. When we got home some cool new shoes had arrived. Rory is rather liking the velcro on his new green adidas gazelle trainers.

Sunny Sunday

Today was one of those perfect Sunday’s. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a lovely early morning walk along the river by our apartment with Rory taking his new buggy. We stopped off for snack time before walking home via Brooklyn Flea¬†Smorgasburg¬†and picking up some delicious food for lunch, as is always the case in our little neighborhood, we bumped into a few friendly faces and ended up having more of a picnic. In the afternoon the gorgeous Mr and Mrs Ward popped round for a cuppa armed with delicious Jacques Torres cookies (they know us so well). After we’d eaten far too much, we headed out for a little stroll and continued to bump into more friends with their families. Love these sort of days. Snuggled up in the evening and enjoyed the Emmy’s.

Saskia’s hen do

Today a group of girls (mainly visiting from the UK) gathered to celebrate Saskia’s upcoming nuptials by having a great NYC/ Brit themed Hen Party. We explored the city on an open top tour bus (which is always fun whether you live here or not) and hopped on and off at various locations where she had to do different challenges. Highlights included going to the famous Katz Deli and reenacting the famous Meg Ryan orgasm scene from When Harry met Sally (the whole, large restaurant went quiet, applauded and rewarded her with a slice of NY cheesecake), soaking up the sun in Central Park (where she was proposed to), visiting Tiffany’s (where the engagement ring was purchased) before being picked up by a cyclist and cart and heading down to Times Square. We went to American Eagle Outfitters where if you buy something you can have your photo taken and it appears as a rather large billboard on Times Square. We finished the day by enjoying delicious cocktails on the roof of The Standard taking in the wonderful NYC view. Love this city so much.












A new discovery at the park

Rory and I spent a glorious morning with Marji and Gray and discovered another lovely park near to us. Rory was quite taken with a car there, which made me laugh as it was the same model of car my little brother had for his 1st birthday and I have very fond memories of “going on a roller-doller ride” with him (don’t ask). Funny how little boys are always drawn to cars.