New Year’s Eve


Enjoyed a lovely end to 2012. It was a beautiful, albeit chilly day, so O, Rory and I bundled up and headed for a long walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. We stopped off at a play ground for Rory to run around before enjoying some warming soup at Hale and Hearty. It was especially nippy on the way home, so stopped off at Jacques Torres to pick up some hot chocolate and cookies for an afternoon read/ snuggle.

Since Granny M aka our live in babysitter has now gone home, O and I decided that a well planned, romantic New Year’s Eve at home was what was needed. I have to say the boy did good. We started the evening by sipping yummy cocktails before moving on to a surprise romantic meal that O cooked (Vegetable pie in heart shaped ramekins with delicious veggies) followed by some very additive Crack Pie from Momofuku Milk Bar which O had slyly picked up. Snuggled in together to watch the brilliant and sweet Moonrise Kingdom and talk about all that was wonderful this year and exciting plans for the next year. There’s no one in this whole wide world I’d rather be with and plan the future with that my boys. Thanks for a wonderful 2012 and here’s to another brilliant year together. Love you.











A New York Christmas


It’s Granny M’s last day with us (boo) so we spent the day doing lots of lovely Christmas New York things. We started off by perusing the Christmas Market and Ice Rink at Bryant Park with Rory enjoying a carousel ride with Granny M. We nipped into le pain quotidien for some lunch where Rory enjoyed a children’s platter! Afterwards we enjoyed walking up Fifth and looking at all of the beautiful Christmas Windows of shops like Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel and Tiffany’s. We admired the magnificent tree at the Rockefeller center before crossing over and lighting a candle in St Patricks Cathedral to pray for a wonderful new year. Walked home via the The Plaza and Central Park where Rory loved looking at the horse drawn carriage. NYC won’t be the same without you Granny M.














Manicures with Mummy


This morning mum and I left the boys snuggled inside and hopped into a cab to Ten Over Ten to get matching Chanel manicures (which we’ve since been complimented on lots). Afterwards we wrapped up and walked into Soho were we attacked the shops and purchased a few treats. In the afternoon O and I cooked a few dishes for the Churchers who have just had a new little baby girl (Maeve Grace) including the above pie. O and I headed out to Shake Shack and the cinema in the evening to see Silver Linings Playbook which we both really enjoyed, ahh, the benefits of Granny M coming to stay are never ending.


The Nutcracker

The other added benefit (apart from her excellent company) of having Granny M to stay is that we get a live in babysitter for the week. Today O and I took advantage and headed out for a date afternoon. We started by strolling up Fifth Avenue to Central Park and then having a delicious lunch and cocktails at Robert which has spectacular views of the park and city. Afterwards we walked up to the stunning Lincoln Center to watch The Nutcracker which was truly beautiful and just the thing to do at this time of year. Stopped off at Apple to pick up one of their TV boxes which O was excited about installing. Headed home across the park in a taxi and thought what a truly great city NYC is.

Two Year Checkup


Although a rainy day, it didn’t deter the Egan family from pulling on their wellies and heading out for a walk. We picked up Granny M from West Elm Market (she’s currently checking out all of the local cafes to see which does the best coffee) and headed to Jane’s Carousel for a spin on the horses. After a yummy lunch of left overs (you’ve got to love Christmas for all of the yummy food you continue to eat) we headed for a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge into Tribeca where we went to Rory’s pediatrician for his two year check ups and jabs. Rory is now 36.7 inches and weighs 24 lbs and 3oz, my how he’s grown.

Boxing Day


So Boxing Day didn’t exactly go to plan… We started the morning by cooking our left overs in this yummy chili recipe as we were hosting friends later in the day before heading out for a very long walk along the river. We stopped off for a Hot Cider to warm us before heading to the newly opened children’s park on pier 5 which Rory loved. The weather has turned very cold, so we decided to warm up by having lunch at the lovely Iris Cafe. I went for my usual avocado on toast with two soft eggs – delicious. Got home and text our friends to say that Rory was just going for a nap and we were looking forward to seeing them soon. Feeling tired, I also dozed off. By the time I woke up I had several missed calls/messages/emails as the aforementioned friend had gone into labour and had a beautiful baby girl (earlier than expected) – all in the time we were napping! Ended up looking after their little boy for them and eating a big chili ourselves! We’re not going to forget this Boxing Day in a hurry.













Christmas Day


What a wonderful Christmas day we’ve had! We all woke up (at a leisurely 8 o’clock) to find that Father Christmas had definitely been and left lots of goodies. Rory actually got very into unwrapping the gifts with a little help. After spending the majority of the morning unwrapping and marveling at our beautiful presents, I set the table for a New York style brunch and Uncle Henry and Nick arrived (with more gifts). We decided to do Mimosa’s and bagels with cream cheese, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. It was delicious. Afterwards all of the boys went off to the pub for Christmas drinks, Rory went for a long nap and mum and I cooked our Christmas dinner. The strict timings we’d worked out the night before after preparing all of the food worked very well as it was all incredibly easy and relaxing on the day. Sat down at 4pm to a delicious meal where everyone, obviously, ate and drank too much, then all collapsed on the sofa for a film. A gorgeous Christmas.


































Christmas Eve


Today was all about final preparations for the big day tomorrow. First thing O and I headed to Whole Foods to pick up the organic turkey and other last minute items. It was surprisingly quiet and stress free to navigate. We headed home and started preparing the food for tomorrow. We made pork stuffing for the turkey, a nut roast for the veggies, artichoke dip to start and peeled the potatoes ready for roasties. Rory and Granny M enjoyed peeling the brussels. We finished the cooking by making the salted caramel apple and pear crumbles for dessert. In the evening we snuggled in to a delicious supper and Granny M presented Rory with the most beautiful wooden nativity scene that he loved. With the prosecco pouring, cookies for Father Christmas (me) and a carrot for Rudolph (O) and the stockings hung it’s certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Did I mention that it’s beginning to snow…






























Granny M arrives in NYC


Today was all about preparing for Granny M’s arrival later today. We made up her bed in a new Orla Kiely quilt and hung out our new towels. This afternoon we cooked a warming soup for supper and wrapped up for another long walk along the river. This evening we lit our final advent candle; I can’t believe that it’s nearly Christmas.








Mini Me


This morning I did a few jobs in preparation for Granny M arriving tomorrow (yay). We have created a cosy picture corner around our TV and we finally got this lovely light after waiting for a month for it to be delivered. I think it finishes the corner nicely and is excellent to snuggle up in the Lamino sheepskin chair and read by. Rorykins is enjoying playing with his nativity nesting dolls so I’m curious to see how he’ll find Christmas this year. This afternoon we all decided to go for a long walk along the river. The weather has turned slightly cold so Rorykins and I donned our matching Woolrich Arctic Parkas (O also has the same coat but in black not navy) and we picked up a Jacques Torres peppermint hot chocolate to sip whilst we walked. O and I enjoyed watching The Girl last night, although now found Alfred Hitchcock properly creepy. Thinking of snuggling up and watching The Dark Knight Rises tonight.