Painted in Waterlogue

It was a tough night last night as Emmett woke up, we think because of teething. Indeed, there was a little front tooth almost popping through the gum when I checked this morning. Also, you can see from the weekly photos that he’s constantly gnawing on things this week. So we just relaxed. We went to the park, sat in the sun, ate yummy food and napped. This afternoon O went off to London for a whole week. It’s the most time he’s been away since Emmett was born so I’m slightly nervous. However, I’ve decided to use the time for a little pampering ‘staycation’. I’ve ordered a high calorie juice cleanse from here and intend on lots of pampering treats, some good films, lots of reading and lots and lots of early nights. I’m hoping by the time he returns I’ll be glowing, full of energy and ready to nurture him over jet lag. Wish me luck…



Mother’s Day

Painted in Waterlogue

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my wonderful mama friends and family out there. I enjoyed a great, relaxed day with my boys. I was treated to a lie in whilst Rory and O cooked me breakfast (purple tipped asparagus with baked egg) and was given this beautiful book and an amazing diamond stacking ring from this jeweler. Completely spoilt rotten as usual. The sun was shining so we went for a lovely long walk along the river to the park before heading home for lunch and a long nap. A chilled afternoon lazing on the grass completed a blissful day. It may all be about appreciating the mother today but I’m completely grateful to my boys for making my life so full.


Granny M

Painted in Waterlogue

I’m a little blue today as Granny M aka my beautiful mummy is going home today after more than two weeks staying with us. Long story short, she extended her stay and we ended up spending the most time we’ve had together since I left home many years ago. It was absolute bliss. She quickly got into our daily rhythm and was invaluable with Rory and Emmett, who just adore her. She also helped me, not only with time to myself to help spring clean and reorganise the apartment, but getting over my various winter ailments and exhaustion by allowing me to rest and encouraging me to eat cleanly. We repaid her by nurturing and nourishing her. She’d been having a tough time and needed some mothering herself. I was happy to be there to repay a fraction of all the love and support she’s given me over the years. There was hardcore cleansing, accupuncture and reflexology sessions, saunas and mani/pedis, walks in nature with hours of chat, A LOT of raw kale, vitamix health experiments and huge, huge amounts of giggling, the type where nothing needs to be said, you just giggle. It hit me just how important mummy’s are and how much I miss mine. Thank godness for FaceTime. It’s been a truly wonderful time with many new, happy memories in place and good habits to carry forward. Thanks mum, I love you. x








A soup cleanse

Painted in Waterlogue

The antibiotics are slowly kicking in but I want to be kind and supportive to my body. I feel like doing a cleanse but it’s far too cold for juices, so I’ve decided on a soup cleanse from here. O is joining in. I’ve already tried a couple of the soup flavors last week and they’re yummy. The nice thing about this is that you can snack on fruits and veggies to your heart’s content so I won’t be going hungry. A good start to the month I think. In other news, both boys now have a cold. Nose Frida has been brilliant and the only thing stopping us all feeling miserable. Emmett even smiles when I suck the snot out!





Painted in Waterlogue

It’s been a very long week what with feeling so ill. Although feeling better, I’m still nowhere near my normal self. Why is it always at times when you don’t feel good you realise that you take your health for granted. a lot. With that in mind I’m keen to do this for the month of March (how is it March already?). I also feel so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful, supportive friends. Whether it’s looking after Rory from Christine, baking and hand delivering fresh millionaire shortbread from Lucy or sending the most beautiful flowers all the way from London from Mel, I’m one lucky girl.




I woke up this morning feeling no better, in fact I was worse. Luckily, O took Rory to nursery and the lovely Christine brought him home. This gave me the morning with Emmett. Gosh the house was so peaceful and quiet. It was bliss. Emmett seemed to enjoy it too, cooing and giggling away. When he napped I caught up with reading The Grace Tales, which I love, and dreamt of warmer climates. A slow afternoon and early bedtime followed.




Looking after myself


Yesterday’s sore throat has turned into a nasty cough and sore chest which kept me awake most of the night (which was doubly annoying as Emmett only woke once). This morning I woke up exhausted and aching. O kindly looked after the boys, which they loved and I tried to look after myself mainly by resting and slathering my chest with this, but also burning this fantastic oil, bathing in this warming and comforting bath oil and snuggling and reading this, rather appropriate book. Hopefully I’ll feel better by tomorrow.

A lazy lie in


So last night I had my first night of restless sleep – perhaps a sign that Baby E might be making an appearance soon?! I woke up completely exhausted. Luckily I have the best husband in the world. Firstly he took Rory out (they had breakfast at the diner before a pot of shopping and park time) which meant I had a lovely lie in until 9:30 which was much needed. Waking up to a quiet house feels very strange and luxurious and when I came into the kitchen to have some breakfast, there waiting for me was the latest British Red magazine and my favourite giant Cadbury’s buttons. A work colleague had got them at O’s request! The boys returned home for lunch and since we’re now hosting Thanksgiving we decided to go to Whole Foods to pick up some bits including a big organic turkey. It’s supposed to turn pretty arctic from tomorrow onwards, so we also popped into Polarn o pyret to get some warm snow gear for Rory. We ended up coming home quite late and with the temperature already dropping, felt very pleased we’d stocked up on supplies.


Baby E’s crib


This morning O, Rory and I went into Manhattan, firstly for me to get my hair cut with my brilliant hairdresser, Allen, at Bumble and Bumble (I had a good two inches off, which feels so good as I think this might be my last visit for a few months whilst I’m busy with Baby E) and later to meet the gorgeous Dunst family at Soho House for brunch. Christine has been incredibly kind to drive Rory and I to nursery school, which has been such a godsend, that we wanted to treat them to say thank you. It was so great hanging out with them and the children not only ate a great meal but enjoyed activities together. In the afternoon, the nesting continued. Uncle Henry came over to take Rory to the park for a couple of hours and O and I got busy preparing our room and Baby E’s crib. We moved all of our furniture out, took our bed apart and wiped every inch down, tightened up screws, hoovered and turned our matress over and finally set up the crib. There is not a speck of dirt left and I hope that O and I will be comfortable in our bed as Baby E will be in his. His crib is incredibly clever and a very generous gift from Granny M and Granddad K. It’s a co-sleeper, a (bigger than normal) bassinet and a travel crib. It also looks stylish. I’m hoping that Baby E will sleep very soundly in it.




cookies and play dough


Brrr, it’s suddenly turned very, very cold. After a leisurely morning at home we met up with Marji, Gray and Luke for a stroll and trip to the park. The boys loved swinging “to the moon” but unfortunately Rory had a little ‘wee wee’ accident and because it was so cold felt very uncomfortable. We rushed home as fast as I could with my big pregnant belly, but he was in a miserable mood by the time we got in. We had a lovely warm bath, cranked up the heating, massage and new comfy clothes before ringing Daddy, who always makes us feel better. After lunch Rory had a massive nap. In the afternoon we continued our catch up with Marji, Gray and Luke, but this time stayed safely inside. We holed up in One Girl Cookies where we all enjoyed warm milk and the boys played with play dough and cars. It was all genius as Marji and I finally got to catch up! This evening I have been making up some soothing ‘pads’ for postpartum, inspired by this post.

Postpartum Care Pads

Witch hazel is your best friend for the postpartum healing period. Witch hazel can be used on swollen body parts (birth gives your body quite the beating), varicose veins and makes a wonderful treatment for two obnoxious new mama problems – a sore perineum and hemorrhoids. These soothing pads do wonders for soreness and swelling after vaginal birth. Prepare 18-24 ahead of time.

Overnight/Jumbo maxi pads
1/4 cup Witch hazel
2-3 drops Lavender oil
1 Tbsp Pure Aloe Vera gel
Aluminum foil

Combine witch hazel, lavender essential oil, and aloe vera gel in a small bowl and mix till thoroughly combined. Transfer to a small spray bottle. Unfold each pad, and spray each pad with the healing mixture till the pad is damp, but not soaked. Wrap each pad in foil and store them in the freezer. Witch hazel and lavender are natural astringents, so they’ll help reduce swelling, and the aloe and the cold are very soothing.