An Easter egg hunt


Happy Easter! We awoke to lovely sunshine, so after a snuggle in bed, a delicious family breakfast and steam room session, we decided it was time for an Easter egg hunt. The house where we are staying has lots of apple orchards surrounding it, so it’s perfect for a little hunt. Initially we just placed the eggs on the ground, Rory would run and find them and put them in his little bag. He really got into it, so we ended up doing several ’rounds’, each a little more difficult than the rest. Afterwards O took Rory on a walk to the creek, where they both collected walking sticks, whilst I snuggled up with my brilliant new book; ‘Gone Girl‘ which is highly addictive.







Rory’s Easter basket


After a lovely family breakfast, we headed out to Hudson to peruse all of the little antique boutiques and galleries. There was some brilliant stuff (which unfortunately we don’t have room for). We stopped off for a pizza at Baba Louie’s before stocking up on a few treats at Olde Hudson, including a yummy fruit pie for supper. In the afternoon I put Rory’s Easter basket together, which included this book, some wooden eggs, a lavender egg growing kit, a little rabbit and a Jacques Torres chocolate bunny. I hope he likes it…




Ten Broeck Cottage


Today the Egan family are off for a long Easter weekend at this amazing house. I’m so excited for escaping the city and getting some lovely country air. I’m also looking forward to creating a lovely Easter egg hunt for Rorykins in the garden surrounded by apple orchards. The nearest town is Hudson which is supposed to be great for little antique places and galleries. Very exciting, plus Rory LOVES a road trip.

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Easter crafts


Over the last couple of days, Rorykins and I have been making a few little Easter crafts to give to his friends. We started with these lovely wooden eggs and printed a personalised initial on it. Then we made a sweet little bag for it to go in by using these muslin drawstring pouches and decorating them with an easter egg (I drew the egg, Rory coloured it in). We made a little card which Rory coloured and we put these easter stickers on, then made these salt dough tags which we imprinted with initials for a finishing touch. I think they look rather sweet and all of the children seemed to love them, most importantly, Rory loved making them.

How to make salt dough eggs

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water

Stir together all three ingredients until a dough forms. Kneading the dough a couple times can help make it smoother.

Roll it out (I rolled mine to 1/4 inch thick) and cut out desired shapes. I then printed an initial on it.

Place the cut-outs on the parchment-covered baking sheets. Remember to make a hole so you can hang the ornaments — a straw works perfectly!

Bake at 250F for 2 hours.


























Apple Butter


Even though it was scheduled to rain and snow, it was actually a beautiful sunny day. We wrapped up anyway and headed to Brooklyn Forest School (check out the above map that the talented Charlie – one of Rory’s favourite teacher’s drew). Since it was ‘Spring Break’ we doubled up with another class at a different location, which meant that Rory got to see the ducks in the pond (he loves a duck, Rory). Rory is currently obsessed by apple butter so helped himself to two helpings of the warm honey and oat bread slathered in the stuff. He also loved running around with his friends and flying his kite.










Locanda Verde


If yesterday was ‘Miserable Monday’ then today was ‘Terrific Tuesday’. O took a well deserved day off and started his day by taking Rorykins to his music class which gave me a blissful hour to myself. Afterwards the grandparents were kind enough to look after Rory whilst O and I enjoyed a day in the city. The weather was beautiful so we began our adventure by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, holding hands and chatting about everything and nothing in a way that I love. We walked to Tribeca where we stopped for lunch at the brilliant Locanda Verde. There’s something so decadent about having a lunch midweek with my boy, without Rory. The food was amazing, especially the fresh ricotta and bread which I’m still craving as I type this. Feeling rather full, we decided to walk it off by meandering up through the West Village, perusing all of the lovely boutiques. We stopped off for a rest at Soho House, where we indulged in a spot of afternoon tea (flour-less chocolate cake!) and curled up in an arm chair and read for a little while. I’ve just finished reading ‘The Honest Life‘ which I found really interesting. We ended our day out by walking along the High Line, a route we often did daily when we lived next to it. I really love this city and I really love my boy.

Miserable Monday


Brrrr. We woke up to a grey, cold day. Rory and I did our best to stay positive, got bundled up and headed to a deserted park. On the way we spotted the ducks waddling away (probably to somewhere warmer) which Rory enjoyed. It started to snow. It got too cold even for us so we soon headed home where Rory enjoyed an early nap. In the afternoon it continued to pour so Rory played with his Tegu and built this tow truck (which he concentrated on for 45 minutes). It felt like a very slow afternoon, so I was thrilled to get an email from Lucy asking if we were around. We let the boys have a play at the park and jump in puddles before admitting we were freezing and heading back to Lucy’s to warm up (she had to put all of the boys clothes straight into the dryer – that’s how wet we were!). It was great to catch up and hear all about the latest trip to Arizona before heading home and cooking a warming ratatouille which I served with hunks of fresh bread. Snuggling in tonight with my boy.






Brooklyn Bridge


This morning we awoke to glorious sunshine so we decided to stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge. Rory insisted on walking part of the way, which was very enjoyable for him staring at all of the traffic but not for the cyclists when he disregarded the bike lane rule! We went to Whole Foods in Tribeca to get a few heathy goodies before hitting a park with a lovely wooden train that Rory enjoyed. We enjoyed a yummy family lunch at ours (which Grandma cooked) and a little walk around the neighbourhood before settling in for the evening with popcorn and ‘This is 40‘ which made O and I giggle. a lot.




A flat tyre


After a yummy breakfast Frittata that O kindly made, we got on our bicycles and headed to Red Hook. Unfortunately I had a flat tyre along the way. Fortunately we were right next to a bike shop who were able to sort it out for me, very reasonably, whilst chatting to O all about English football or ‘soccer’ as they say here. Once all sorted we continued on our journey where we stocked up on some seasonal herbs and plants from the garden centre and goodies from Baked (I’m properly addicted to their chocolate and peanut butter rice crispy slice). We had a delicious and healthy lunch of roasted broccoli and cashew soup with a fresh, warm Almondine baguette. In the afternoon O was kind enough to take Rory to the park so I could enjoy some afternoon tea and finish my brilliant book ‘When God was a Rabbit‘ – I can’t recommend this enough! We joined Grandma and Grandpa for a family supper at a very packed Juliana’s where we didn’t hear a peep out of Rory who concentrated on his delicious pizza. A gorgeous day.






Learning to be a little more independent


This morning Rory and I met up with Jennifer and Saffron and Marji, Gray and Baby Luke for a stroll along the river and play at Pier 5. The weather is slightly odd, as although it was sunny it wasn’t warm and it wasn’t long before Rory was asking for his mittens. We strolled home and stopped off for lunch at Almondine where Rory devoured a cheese and tomato quiche (it was excellent) before nap. In the afternoon we headed to a different park before popping into a very busy Jacques Torres to pick out a few Easter treats for the family. I’m trying to encourage Rory to become a little more independent and help get himself ready. As part of this we bought him this little basket which is a baby version of the ones that O and I use for our dirty laundry. He’s really enjoying putting his dirty clothes in it. Felt inspired by reading this today and feel very, very excited to have my boy home from his long flight and business trip. Roll on the weekend.