Old school goodies and sporting gold

Ah, I wondered where the ‘real’ British weather had been. Today I woke up to a grey sky and pouring rain. It didn’t matter though as I snuggled in with British treats such as new Grazia, my favorite sandwich (Posh cheddar and pickle artisan baguette) and Choc Bar (neither of which you can get in the US) from Pret A Manger and more of the brilliant Olympics. Obviously I’m completely supporting Team GB, but I have to say I felt a tad emotional when Michael Phelps became the most successful Olympian of all time, go team USA. Loving being home with old school goodies and sporting gold.


British Food

It was another beautiful day here so we took advantage and headed to the park. Later on we went to the supermarket and stocked up on all sorts of British goodies (crisps, cheese, cadbury’s chocolate, crumpets etc.) to have for lunch and snack time. The afternoon was spent watching the Olympics including the men’s diving and seeing GB just miss out on a medal and a VERY exciting men’s gymnastics where we got a brilliant bronze. Go team GB. Rory is loving exploring the garden and has now learnt to smell the flowers!

Rory enjoying the park

The swing matches my outfit mummy

Yummy Walkers Cheese and Onion

Rory loved the hot crumpet with butter and strawberry jam

Women’s Road Race

We took advantage of a beautiful morning by walking along the river and heading to Bishops Park where they’ve recently added a marvelous children’s, toddlers and beach park. On the way home we stopped off to support the women on their Olympic road race and managed to get a great view of Brit Emma Pooley and Nicole Cooke.

Enjoying the new playground

Rory enjoying the roundabout with a new friend



This is a strange chair mummy

On the bridge ready to watch the women’s road race

The police have been fantastic during the Games. Here’s one giving out high fives to the crowd

They’re off… managed to get a great photo of Brit Emma Pooley





Rory and the Road Race

After a very late night drinking champagne and enjoying a brilliant Opening Ceremony, Rory and I went and checked out the mens road race hoping to catch a glimpse of Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins. As usual Rory got a great spot to watch all of the cyclists rush past. There was a wonderful, cheerful atmosphere from the crowd, all out to support our brilliant GB team.

PS Even more excitingly, Rory said his own name for the first time today! Roar – ree

Rory enjoyed a wonderful view of the race

Blink and you’ll miss it

The Olympic Torch

Although it was a grey, rainy day here in London that didn’t stop us going down to the river to watch the Olympic Torch float by on its way to the Opening Ceremony. I found it very exciting, but Rory seemed more interested in the family of ducks that kept coming near him, to which he would happily shout ‘quack’ each time. In the afternoon we headed to beautiful Richmond Park to meet GGJ (Great Grandma June) for an afternoon tea picnic complete with jam sandwiches and GGJ’s famous fairy cakes.

Rory had a prime view of the event

I was very excited seeing the barge

Rory was more interested in the ducks swimming the other way

Rory having a go at steering his own boat at the playground

Richmond Park

Rory didn’t know what to explore first

Rory enjoyed GGJ’s jam sandwiches


Today we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed to the outdoor pool at Roehampton Club. Rory wore his (very patriotic) new swimming float jacket from Splash About which seemed to give him lots of confidence in the water. Afterwards we had a delicious lunch before heading into Putney to look around some of the shops.

Rory’s ready with his new float jacket to get into the pool

Swimming with Daddy, Grandma and Mummy

It’s exhausting all of this swimming lark



Barnes Pond

The weather continues to be beautiful so we strolled down to Barnes Pond to feed the ducks.Unfortunately Rory was more inclined towards an actual dip in the pond (it was hot so I can’t blame him) and O had to keep a careful eye on him. He also enjoyed a good run around Barnes Common. Afterwards we stopped off in all our usual little food shops to collect bits for a picnic lunch, just like old times.

Rory was eager for a dip in the pond

Romping around Barnes Common




It’s always tricky being away from home with a baby or toddler, especially when they like all of the routines and equipment they’re used to at home. One thing that we prepared for this trip was a high chair. We couldn’t justify or store an actual Stokke Tripp Trapp like Rory has at home, so we went for the next best thing a Stokke Handysitt. It is indeed very handy. It slots onto virtually any dining chair and makes it a high chair. It packs flat so you can take it with you to a friend’s house or a restaurant. There are even legs to attach which make it into a little chair that you can sit on the floor with. It’s great. The weather continued to be beautiful here, so Rory and I relaxed in the garden, soaking up the sun and enjoying a late picnic lunch.







Notting Hill

Rory was very excited as he got to ride on a real London bus to Notting Hill, where we met up with Grandma and Grandpa for a delicious lunch at Granger and Co, the new restaurant from Bill Granger. The food was incredibly yummy and healthy and the restaurant very stylish and baby friendly. Afterwards we perused all of the gorgeous shops around Westbourne Grove where O treated me to some beautiful lingerie from one of my favorites; Bodas. On returning home, Rory spent some time with GGJ (Great Grandma June) who came for supper and enjoyed frolicking around in the garden and paddling pool.

Looking at the view from a real London bus

Flying home to London

Today was all about flying. Why does it take so long to get from New York to London? From an early 5:30 am start, to a six hour flight, to a five hour time difference, we’re exhausted. Luckily Grandma Penny was waiting for us at Heathrow to take us home and feed us a delicious supper. It’s good to be home.

Checking out the inflight movie options.

Getting excited for going on a real London bus.

This traveling business is exhausting