Travel play mat

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Now Emmett (and the rest of the family) has finally found his little rhythm and due to the fact that the weather is incredibly beautiful right now, we’re able to head out on little day adventures a lot more. Whenever we head somewhere I make sure to bring this brilliant travel play mat so that he can lie and roll around to his hearts content whilst Rory plays. It’s incredibly thick and soft, made from sturdy cotton so perfect for lying on the ground, it has handles for carrying or attaching to my buggy hook and I always get stopped to ask where it’s from as the design is so sweet. Here he is enjoying it.



Rory’s big boy bed

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Any day now Emmett will be ready to leave his beautiful bassinet and sleep in Rory’s old and very much loved crib. So Rory needed a new bed. He got this beauty. American, handcrafted, raw maple wood  – it is stunning. We splurged on this fantastic mattress as he loved his crib one so much from the same company and got him this range of very cosy bedding. Needless to say he (and Bobby) loves it.


Good Eggs

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Today we went to the pediatricians for Emmett’s four month check up. I can’t believe that he’s four months old already. He continues to grow well and is now just short of 17lbs. Like Rory, he’s incredibly tall for his age and he can happily get around by rolling. We’ve also been told that we can leave him to cry a little in order to get him to sleep through the night. Later in the afternoon we had our Good Eggs delivery, which the whole family love. Rory particularly enjoys greeting the delivery person (usually inviting them in for tea!) and unpacking the bags with me, naming all of the produce. Such a sweet boy.



A bag of tricks

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Today we fly to Barbados for a spot of much needed sun with the rest of the Egan family. We’re renting a house right on the beach and I can’t wait to feel the sand between my toes and the sun and warm sea on my skin. It’s been a long, long winter. Plus, it’s Emmett Egan’s first holiday (a chance to escape from the woods). We’re slightly nervous flying with two children so have got this for Emmett and have packed a special bag of treats for Rorykins to open on the flight. Included are some little toys he can play with whilst we’re away, some stickers and books, crayons and a small pad and some portable modeling clay. Fingers crossed…




Happy birthday O

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Today is O’s birthday. It’s the sixteenth one we’ve shared together but they never get old.He continues to amaze and inspire me everyday. Not only is he the best husband and daddy I could wish for but he is genuinely the loveliest person I know, hence why I long to spend all of my free time with him. We love you O. x

PS Gifts included uniquely designed Pendelton nike trainers embroided with his and my initials (AM+ORE) and some cool new Warby Parker sunglasses for our holiday.



A soup cleanse

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The antibiotics are slowly kicking in but I want to be kind and supportive to my body. I feel like doing a cleanse but it’s far too cold for juices, so I’ve decided on a soup cleanse from here. O is joining in. I’ve already tried a couple of the soup flavors last week and they’re yummy. The nice thing about this is that you can snack on fruits and veggies to your heart’s content so I won’t be going hungry. A good start to the month I think. In other news, both boys now have a cold. Nose Frida has been brilliant and the only thing stopping us all feeling miserable. Emmett even smiles when I suck the snot out!




Emmett at play

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Although still feeling terrible, mainly due to a hacking cough that seems to come on at night and keep me awake for hours, I do feel like I’m on the mend and my boys were a delight today. It snowed again and got cold again, so Rory enjoyed a warming tea with his afternoon snack of cheese and crackers. Rory was very excited to show Emmett his new play mat (a Christmas gift which I’ve been saving from GGJ) which he’ll hopefully grow into when he learns to roll over, but for now it’s pretty fun for tummy time. He insisted on showing him how each little section worked (so much for self discovery) and suggested that he might like to play with his plan city men so attached those. These boys are seriously having a bromance.












Nature baby


I’m still not well but definitely on the mend. The boys were delightful with each other and helped look after me. Rory loved helping give Emmett a wash in his new bath tonight and my day ended well when a parcel from Nature Baby containing lots of lovely organic clothing goodies for my growing Emmett arrived in the post. PS A happy birthday to my lovely Godfather – Uncle Niall. Love you.