Rory’s first Halloween party

This afternoon the lovely Marji organised a brilliant baby Halloween party in her building. There were about thirty babies and their parents so it was quite a squeeze but brilliant fun. Rory dressed up as a little skeleton and enjoyed checking out his friends’ outfits. O and I made small bags of salted caramel popcorn and packaged them in little Halloween cellophane bags with orange ribbon. A great way to celebrate Halloween.

Lisa comes to DUMBO

Today Rory and I were lucky enough to hang out with the gorgeous Lisa in our neighbourhood. After delicious elevensies (tea with caramel pecan brownies) we went for a walk around the park and perused the shops (I’m loving all of the winter interiors). We had a scrumptious lunch from Rice and finished off with a spot of afternoon tea. A lovely, lovely day.

A busy but great day

Rory and I have had an incredibly busy day today. We enjoyed a lovely play morning with Carmalisa and Sienna (who Rory loved to follow around) followed by another play date in the afternoon with Christine and Gracie. I finished the day by hosting an intimate dinner party for three (Victoria, O and me) where I cooked a yummy roast. A busy but great day.

Brunch with the Appleby’s at Almar

This morning Rory got to hang out with his bestie, Mia, when both families headed to Almar for brunch. The babies sat next to each other and enjoyed watching exactly what the other one was doing, giggling at each other and trying to out do each other on the eating solids front. Mia won but I have a feeling a rematch will be happening very soon.