Painted in Waterlogue

We’ve just got home from a brilliant, blissful week in Barbados. The flight there and back were amazing (we are keeping both boys). The house on the beach did not disappoint. There was even a hammock where I liked to take my afternoon nap. There was drama with a nasty virus that I contracted which left me severely dehydrated and meant I was hospitalised for an evening, but we won’t dwell on it… An Egan caribbean holiday is always fun.

Here are a few shots from the week.















A bag of tricks

Painted in Waterlogue

Today we fly to Barbados for a spot of much needed sun with the rest of the Egan family. We’re renting a house right on the beach and I can’t wait to feel the sand between my toes and the sun and warm sea on my skin. It’s been a long, long winter. Plus, it’s Emmett Egan’s first holiday (a chance to escape from the woods). We’re slightly nervous flying with two children so have got this for Emmett and have packed a special bag of treats for Rorykins to open on the flight. Included are some little toys he can play with whilst we’re away, some stickers and books, crayons and a small pad and some portable modeling clay. Fingers crossed…




A cool diner and an exciting invitation


Today was the last day of our mini family holiday staying here. After a lovely walk we headed to The Phoenicia Diner for a spot of lunch before heading back to the city. The diner has a cool, Ace Hotel, sort of vibe to it and the food was yummy. No matter how lovely it is to go away, there’s nothing quite like coming home. I was even more excited as I received an email from my lovely girl freinds telling me to be ready for 11:15 tomorrow as a car would be coming to pick me up for a day of celebration and pampering in honor of Baby E! How exciting.


Happy Halloween


Although O, Rory and I were very sad not to be part of our usual NYC Halloween tradition where Rory and his friends dress up and we adults catch up and take lots of photos, it was lovely to be out in the fresh country air. Today we explored Rhinebeck, a beautiful, quintessential American village. We had lunch at yummy Bread Alone before exploring a few of the local boutiques. Marji had advised us to go to Oliver Kita for chocolate treats (they catered her wedding) and it didn’t disappoint. We warmed up with a hot chocolate and stocked up on some goodies to celebrate Halloween. We headed up to Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR’s) house for an explore but Rorykins, exhausted from all of the fresh air and exploring, fell asleep in the car, so whilst Grandma and Grandpa explored the library, O and I put on some music and the heated car seats and caught up. In the evening we headed out to Big Indian to Peekamoose Restaurant on Lora’s recommendation and enjoyed a delicious, indulgent three course meal. Rory kept up and was rewarded with a treat for Halloween from the restaurant.






Apple picking


The Egan family have temporarily decamped to this beautiful barn near Woodstock. After a very peaceful night’s sleep (no traffic or light is so conducive to forty winks) we headed out to this orchard and enjoyed a lovely spot of apple picking. Rory was very into it and kept eating what he’d picked. After a spot of lunch at a local diner we headed home. Whilst Grandma and Grandpa went to have an explore of the town of Woodstock, Rory, O and I enjoyed a spot of yoga and some relaxing time at the barn. It’s turned quite cold so in the evening we used the apples to bake an apple pie and enjoyed a cosy family supper at home before having a lovely, long soak in a huge, deep bath – bliss!












Family road trip


After Rory finished nursery O drove us and Grandma and Grandpa upstate to this fantastic barn near Woodstock (It has a yoga room!). There’s something so lovely about escaping to the country at this beautiful time of year. We stocked up on some yummy goodies so we could settle in for the night and excitedly planned the next few days. Rory shared our room but we didn’t hear a peep until later the next morning as he was snuggled and loved his new travel bed which we also love for ease and convenience.

Image 4

Barnes Fair


This morning the Egan family headed across the common to Barnes Fair, an absolute favourite event for the whole family. Barnes is a very special place to us. Not only did O grow up there, but it is where we first lived together and where we got married. We’ve never missed a Barnes Fair until we moved to New York, so we were thrilled when it fell on a Saturday when we were around. Rory was equally charmed. He enjoyed perusing the stalls and choosing a fire engine for 50p and a fairy cake from the Brownie’s stall for 30p. His favourite thing, however, was riding around the common on Trigger the Train. After a cool down in the paddling pool at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s we headed out for afternoon tea at GGJ’s house (Great Grandma June). It was an early celebration of Grandma’s birthday. We enjoyed cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches, strawberries, salted caramel macaroons and a yummy homemade victoria sponge. Not to be put off my being to full, later that evening I indulged in one last curry from here, which was so yummy. Gosh I miss English curries.






Family Appleby


Today we were lucky enough to spend the day with some of our favourite people; The Appleby Family. Rory was excited looking at lots of London sights as we made our way from South London to North London to their new home. It was just like old times and although a few months have passed since they left NYC, it felt like only yesterday that we were hanging out together. Mel looked stunning and was an absolute trooper as Baby Appleby was nearing two weeks over due and we were lucky enough that Joe Joe took the day off work to spend time with us. After a yummy lunch the boys went off to pick Mia up from nursery whilst Mel and I caught up. Gosh do I miss her and all of her life wisdom. Mia and Rory were completely adorable. Not only did they recognise each other and pick up where they left off, but the held hands whilst they played all afternoon. Since the weather is still so beautiful here, it was the perfect opportunity to have a BBQ and for the children to strip down and splash around in water. Although we spent the majority of the day together, the time flew by and all too soon it was time to say goodbye and head home. A wonderful day. We miss you guys so much!



A Winnie The Pooh picnic


Today we visited the beautiful Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club. It’s surrounded by Ashdown Forest, which according to the famous children’s author, A. A. Milne, is the woodland that inspired his Winnie The Pooh stories. I pre-ordered a picnic for us (including a Winnie The Pooh picnic for Rorykins which consisted of honey sandwiches, fruit, carrots, a Winnie The Pooh cupcake and a chocolate brownie) which we collected from the main house and then strolled out into the grounds to choose a lovely and quiet spot to eat. A truly beautiful part of the country.