Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Rory and I joined Lora, Oliver, Mel and Mia on a trip to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum this morning. Rory found it fun to ride the subway and once we were at the museum he couldn’t explore it enough (hence the blurry photos). There were so many interesting things for him to do, he was slightly overwhelmed. A great space which was well worth a visit.


The Library & Bluegrass

This morning Rory and I joined Mel and Mia in a trip to our local library. The children’s section was amazing so I was completely in my element, however, Rory (who LOVES books) behaved very strangely and just took lots of books off shelves and threw them on the floor! As you can imagine I was pretty horrified. I’m putting it down to having an ‘off’ week due to the aforementioned cold, it being too near lunch and nap time and the novelty of having that many books all in one place and getting over excited. We’ll see next time we go what happens. The afternoon was spent playing with friends and water before heading out for a group Flea Food supper Under The Archway and listening to a brilliant Bluegrass band perform, Rory (being American) was enthralled and enjoyed dancing and clapping away. Delightful.

Exploring the computer at the library with Mia

Supper with friends on a gorgeous summer’s evening

Rory and Oliver



Spotting Transport

Rory’s still recovering so we continued to take it easy today. We started off the day with greek yoghurt and honey, yummy healing food, then headed out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine. We napped and Skyped with family and then enjoyed an afternoon on the roof. Rory just loves looking at all of the different modes of transport (boats, subway trains, taxis, trucks etc. are all pointed out and named ). One of the highlights of Rory’s day is bath time and he’s been enjoying this great stacking toy from KidO who make really well designed products. He can now put them all in the right order which is pretty impressive.┬áHe’s definitely on the mend.




Enjoying friends

After keeping Rory in some sort of isolation so as not to spread germs, we were very relieved to meet up with friends today. First of all we enjoyed a lovely walk with Rory’s bestie, Mia. You can always count on Mia to put a smile on Rory’s face and she did just that. Funny that Mel always knows how to put one on mine too! We then popped to the gorgeous Marji and Gray’s apartment for a play date before heading back for lunch and a nap (yes I napped too). In the afternoon we took advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and took Rory and Mia to our roof top where they loved running around and spotting the subway trains going over Manhattan Bridge. A great day was finished off with a lovely Skype with Granny M and Granddad who always know how to make Rory and I feel better. Just what the Doctor ordered. In other news, Rory now loves to bring our step stool over to the kitchen counter to help me cook and clean. He mainly uses it as an excuse to play in the sink. Today he managed to turn the tap on! He’s also enjoyed playing non stop with a big cardboard box. Who needs expensive toys?

Looking after my little invalid

Rory hasn’t been well. It seems like he’s developed a nasty cold (runny nose & chesty cough) out of nowhere. Perhaps it was all of the water fun of last week. Anyway, we kept it chilled and did some lovely art work and a few of Rory’s favorite activities including emptying all of mummy’s mixing bowls in and out of the drawer until they stack and fit properly.





Water fun with friends

We know Rory loves anything water related so you can imagine how excited he was to have a whole day dedicated to water and friends! In the morning we headed to Sandbox Village with Lora, Oliver, Mel and Mia where even though the main attraction is sand, Rory headed straight for the water! Needless to say he was soaked and had to wear his nappy home! In the afternoon we gathered on Lora’s rooftop for some paddling pool fun, he loved it. The good thing about water is that Rory always sleeps very soundly afterwards, which is always nice for me.


Chilling at home

After doing countless loads of washing with too much sand to mention, Rory and I enjoyed the afternoon out. We first perused a lovely flea market along the river by our apartment, hit the park and then enjoyed a yoghurt ice cream at Jacques Torres (which Rory mainly ate). He also flirted a lot with the shop assistant, so much so that she nipped out to the main shop to get him a chocolate train lollypop that she insisted on giving him for later. He really comes in handy sometimes. Later that evening we played with his brilliant Tegu set which Grandma and Grandpa had bought him which he really loves, he is, after all, obsessed with cars at the moment.



Sag Harbor

After a blissful nights sleep and leisurely start to the day (Rory loved playing with Bella, Christine’s dog) we all headed to Sag Harbor for breakfast. Sag Harbor is one of my favorite places in The Hampton’s as it’s just so pretty and quaint. Afterwards we went to the beach for more fun in the sea and sand. On the way home we stopped off at another farm stand (they are literally on every corner and so delicious) for ingredients for lunch. Rory was exhausted from the sea air and swimming so went straight to sleep at nap time, which allowed me to have some lovely time with my girls and lounge by the pool.










Hampton’s Time

Rory and I were lucky enough to be invited out, along with other great friends to our lovely friend Christine’s rental home in The Hampton’s. We enjoyed a brilliant road trip with the gorgeous Marji and Gray where the boys listened to Music Together and us girls had a proper catch up. When we arrived at the stunning house a yummy lunch was waiting for us. In the afternoon we headed down to the beautiful beach where Rory and his buddies enjoyed frolicking in the sea. On the way home we stopped off at a farm stand to collect some fresh, seasonal ingredients for supper. Rory enjoyed inspecting the corn. After baby bath and bed time, the mama’s enjoyed some well deserved red wine, BBQ and girly chat. Fell asleep listening to nature, bliss.




We’re currently encouraging Rory to be a tad more independent, including washing his hands and brushing his teeth with us so we’ve purchased a Baby Bjorn Safe Step stool. It’s great and Rory loves it. So much so that he insists on bringing it over whenever he can to join us (me washing my hands, me putting my makeup on, O shaving etc.). All very sweet.┬áToday was mainly spent packing for our trip to The Hampton’s tomorrow, why does Rory need so much stuff?! Anyway, in the evening O and I made this delicious grilled peach and halloumi salad with a homemade pea pesto, yummy.

Rory washing his hands using the step stool

Yummy salad for supper