Yay, O is home and everything is right in the world again. We started our Saturday by having some of my homemade bircher muesli with more of those delicious (and pricey cherries) then headed to the park for a run around (Rory, not us). I know I keep mentioning it but this weather is insanely hot at the moment so once we couldn’t stand the heat outside anymore, we caught the ferry to Williamsburg and checked into Play, a great indoor (and air conditioned) play space where Rory could roam around to his heart’s content. We came home for lunch and a long nap and then with Cannelle et Vanille as inspiration I made a ‘bocadillo de chocolate‘ using an Almondine Baguette and Jacques Torres dark chocolate, yummy.

Chilling out at Play

Rory cuddles daddy (and lots of trucks)

Busy, busy


Rory sings

This morning in music Rory sang for the first time! Not only was the music teacher impressed, I was; who knew he had such a sweet voice? Apparently he got ‘the resting note’ just right. After picking up a few delicious treats at the local market, I baked some orange flavored granola for breakfast tomorrow. The temperature in the afternoon hit 95 so we stayed in and hosted a play date to Gray, Mia, Marji and Mel. A lovely end to the ‘working’ week.

Cooling down with the AC and doing puzzles

Freshly baked orange granola

At $13 a go, these cherries are serious dollar. They are, however, heavenly.

Hangin’ in the heat

Wow, this NYC weather is scorching at the moment. Rory and I joined Mel and Mia for an early stroll and play in the sandpit before it got too hot. Afterwards we went back to Mel’s for a lovely lunch and cuddle on the sofa. The babies had such a great time together. After a good, long nap, Rory and I decided to chill. Rory had fun with his toys in the cold shower then enjoyed some naked time.

Just hangin’

How We Montessori

Today was the last day of our RIE playgroup as we have now broken up for the Summer, so I’m turning to one of my favorite and inspiring blogs ‘how we montessori‘ for activity inspiration. Written by a mum who incorporates the montessori philosophy into her family home I always find lots of ideas to do with Rory. Well worth a read, but be warned it becomes addictive!

PS The view walking to our play group always inspires me

Sand and Brunch

Since O is flying off for the week on business we took the opportunity for some family time this morning. Yesterday’s storm seems to have cleared the horrid muggy weather and today was sunny but breezy. We cycled down to Sandbox Village for a play before heading to the delicious Iris Cafe for brunch. O and I enjoyed avocado and soft boiled eggs on toast whilst Rory snacked on a sliced apple. A gorgeous morning with my boys.

A rainy Monday morning

Since the weather has been blistering hot lately it feels slightly strange (and a relief) when we get some rain. This morning was a dark and stormy one, so Rory and I got our Clementine Art natural crayons out and did a bit of drawing. Not only does Clementine Art have fantastic products but they have a great blog full of inspiring ideas.

The finished piece of art

These were the natural crayons we used

Red Hook

This morning family Egan got on our bikes once more and headed to Red Hook for a bit of an explore. We cycled along the river and then perused some of the lovely little shops on Van Brunt Street. We popped into delicious Baked, where we picked up a sandwich and some treats for later in the afternoon. Once we got home we watched the England game (boo to being knocked out by Italy) and enjoyed the treats we’d picked up earlier.

Family Cycling

For O’s birthday a few months ago, Rory and I got him a rather lovely Linus bike as he cycles to work everyday. For Father’s Day we got him a Yepp baby seat¬†and Bern helmet (a mini version of O’s) so that Rory can join him on his adventures. Today we tried it out by getting the boat to Governors Island, meeting the gorgeous Appleby family and having a good cycle and explore of the island. Rory loved it. As it was such a beautiful evening we continued the fun when we got back to Brooklyn by heading to the local park and BBQ bar for an evening supper alfresco.

All ready to go; Rory looking a bit nonchalant about the whole thing

The bike we got O for his birthday

A stylish baby seat to match

Rory has the same helmet as daddy

Cake Making

Last night I joined a lovely group of people at One Girl Cookies to learn how to make Strawberry Shortcake. I had such a great time, not only learning how to make a delicious (and seasonal) cake, but meeting super fellow cake lovers and scoffing cheese and biscuits with wine whilst the cake baked. Yummy.

Learning to make the cake batter; some by hand, some using the Kitchen Aid

Learning the technique for layering the cream

Learning how to layer the flavored strawberries

Adding another layer

My first layer of cream; I added fresh rosemary to mine

My finished cake from above

The finished cake from the side