Although I’m definitely feeling lots of movement, there’s no sign of Baby E just yet. We took advantage by doing a few more jobs around the house, including buying a couple of bits for the bathroom to make it more ‘zen’ for my post natal recovery. We also had a delivery from this lovely shop. As soon as I opened the box I was greeted with the beautiful scent of lavender which is always lovely and it was a real treat to unwrap all of the goodies. We got these clever bibs and this organic towel and mitt set for Baby E and then a Bobby sized moses basket for Rory to mimic mummy putting Baby E down to sleep.







A not so black Friday


After a lovely Thanksgiving we enjoyed a quiet morning at home doing a spot of internet shopping to take advantage of some of the black Friday deals happening before enjoying a beautiful sunny stroll along the river. When we got home we had an exciting delivery from the Appleby family who had sent us a little treat box full of gifts that said ‘open me’. Inside were treats for Baby E (which we haven’t opened yet), Rory got a fantastic doctor’s kit which he hasn’t stopped playing with (continuously giving O and I injections and tablets) and some beautiful cosy cashmere socks (from my favourite The White Company) and some of my favourite British magazines for me. Once again, feeling so thankful and lucky to have such an amazing family in our life, even if they don’t live up the road anymore. In the afternoon the gorgeous Ward family came to visit. They provided Jacques Torres cookies and we provided spiced apple cider. Some more movement today from Baby E but so far he’s listening to mummy about coming after the weekend. Just in case, the lovely Lucy has set up a sleepover bed for Rorykins, complete with transport pillow, a cosy sleep sack and some toys that Teddy has decided to lend him (although Rory is insisting that he brings Bobby). In preparation we’re reading this book and Rory seems to be getting excited. A lovely, relaxing day.


Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to all! This morning O and I busied ourselves with preparing a yummy feast to share with the lovely Lewin family. There was organic turkey with O’s special stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes with chive, spiced roast squash and feta, roast brussels with chestnuts and really creamy creamed corn, not to mention the gravy and cranberry sauce. Lucy also contributed yummy treats like blue cheese biscuits, roasted chestnut soup which was so delicious and homemade ‘crunchy bars’ for afterwards. Of course pride of place was the Mile High Apple (by) Pie which we served with salted caramel ice cream. Needless to say it was such a wonderful day. I’m truly thankful for so much this year. As always O continues to be the love of my life. Each year seems to be better than the last and I truly worry sometimes that even if we spent every last day together it just wouldn’t be long enough. Obviously my beautiful (and growing) family of boys are my pride and joy. Everyday they provide me with so much love and happiness I feel truly blessed.  I’m also thankful for my New York (adopted family) friends. Not only do I get to share the incredible journey of motherhood with them, but they continue to support and inspire me everyday to be a better person. My family and friends back home are missed everyday (the only downside to being here in NYC) but feel very lucky to connect with them most days via skype and also fill me with so much joy. And lastly this amazing city. Everyday I feel blessed to be here and truly believe that fate led me to the most wonderful place to start my family.












Hanging with friends


Yesterday’s dark and wet afternoon continued on to today. Rory and I enjoyed a leisurely start to the day at home doing a few jobs before venturing out to shelter in One Girl Cookies with Lucy and Teddy and Marji and Gray. Whilst the boys enjoyed stickers and coloring and making construction sites out of play dough and mini construction trucks, us mummy’s were able to catch up over warming tea. Christine, Gracie and Mason later joined us and it was such a great way to pass a rainy morning. Rory and I picked up a warm, freshly baked baguette from Almondine to have with soup and soon enough O was home early as it is Thanksgiving tomorrow. Although a low key Thanksgiving is just what we need, we’re upset not to be spending it with the gorgeous Appleby family where it had become such a treat and tradition. As always, the thoughtful Mel had obviously predicted this and we had a wonderful surprise when she sent us an e card saying how much they miss us and instructing us to pick up a ‘mile high apple (by) pie’ they’d organized from Foragers for us. It actually made me cry. Gosh how I miss her and her thoughtfulness.  I had a few ‘funny movements’ today but asked Baby E if it was ok with him, whether we could enjoy the holiday and long weekend before he arrived as we could all do with the time and rest…




The calm before the storm


Although we’re very excited for Baby E’s arrival, there’s also a big sense of enjoying the calm before the storm. Today I had my (probable) last scan for Baby E. He’s completely cosy with everything looking well. He has a big stomach apparently and his current weight prediction is 9 lbs! Afterwards I came to Rory’s nursery and sat in the beautiful meditation room (pictured above) sipped lavender and chamomile tea and read on the rocking chair for over an hour. It was just what I needed. The afternoon was wet and dark. Rory and I snuggled up and made his thank you cards for his birthday gifts that we’ve been slowly opening since his early birthday party (his actual birthday is 17th December). I’m relishing these last moments with just him and me.


A busy start to the week


The cold weather is definitely here so we started our Monday leisurely by enjoying family snuggles in bed before skyping with Granny M and warming up with porridge. Soon enough it was time to go to nursery but luckily the lovely Christine was driving us (with warmed seats!!) so we didn’t have to face the arctic weather. Once Rory was safely installed at nursery with his sheepskin slippers, I headed to the doctors for my weekly check up for Baby E (I can’t believe he’s due next week!). All is lovely. He’s very snug with no sign of coming yet but everything looks great. Tomorrow I go for a scan and I can’t wait to see the little face we’ll be meeting very soon, all being well. In the afternoon I cooked lots of roast vegetables and made a warm salad with feta and Israeli couscous, which Rory couldn’t get enough of. Rory played happily with Bobby on his back. Snuggling in with O tonight to catch up on Homeland.

artisan sales, brunch and warming curry


We started our Sunday nicely with a family Skype with Granny M and Granddad K before heading into the city to this sale which included lots of favourite retailers. It was lovely to catch up with our old neighbour, Odette, who has the sweetest line and we often buy from. She was sweet enough to give us this blue stripe top for Rorykins. We also stocked up on favourite Winter Water Factory, including the below pirate ship top (Rory’s going through a pirate phase). We had organized to meet up with the gorgeous Marji, John, Gray and Luke for brunch at yummy Saxon and Parole and were also joined by Uncle Henry and his friend Claire. I love a New York brunch and this did not disappoint. Afterwards we strolled into Soho but it was so unbearably cold that we soon turned home and had to warm up with a Jacques Torres hot chocolate and chocolate and peanut butter cookie. Late afternoon we headed over to the Lewin’s who were sweet enough to cook us supper. Whilst Rory and Teddy enjoyed homemade chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and beans, us grown ups indulged in a delicious, warming Thai curry. Once again we all snuggled in for an early night.






A lazy lie in


So last night I had my first night of restless sleep – perhaps a sign that Baby E might be making an appearance soon?! I woke up completely exhausted. Luckily I have the best husband in the world. Firstly he took Rory out (they had breakfast at the diner before a pot of shopping and park time) which meant I had a lovely lie in until 9:30 which was much needed. Waking up to a quiet house feels very strange and luxurious and when I came into the kitchen to have some breakfast, there waiting for me was the latest British Red magazine and my favourite giant Cadbury’s buttons. A work colleague had got them at O’s request! The boys returned home for lunch and since we’re now hosting Thanksgiving we decided to go to Whole Foods to pick up some bits including a big organic turkey. It’s supposed to turn pretty arctic from tomorrow onwards, so we also popped into Polarn o pyret to get some warm snow gear for Rory. We ended up coming home quite late and with the temperature already dropping, felt very pleased we’d stocked up on supplies.




After yesterday’s cold but beautiful sunshine, Rory and I were disappointed to wake up to grey skies and rain. Luckily a quick skype with the gorgeous Mel and Emily Appleby put a smile on our faces. We headed out for a play date with Jennifer, Baby Nola and Saffron at One Girl Cookies. Whilst us mummy’s enjoyed warming tea, Rory and Saffron colored and played with play dough (drawing quite an audience from lots of other neighbourhood children). We later bumped into Christine, Gracie and Mason and all headed to Powerhouse Books which is always a great place to spend a rainy hour. Luckily the rain had stopped by the afternoon, so we were able to get some much needed fresh air at the park with Lucy and Teddy, Katherine, Oscar and Amelia and Heather and Luke. By the time the park closed and we got home O was already there warming up a yummy take away from The Meatball Shop. In the post we got this lovely play blanket from Blabla Kids for Baby E, which is incredibly soft, has practical handles to take out and about with us and a very sweet design. I love Fridays.


Monster trucks


Today was a little warmer so Rory and I joined Heather and Luke and Lindsey and Tucker for some outdoor fun. The boys played with Luke’s new monster trucks on the sculpture. Later on Lora, Oliver and Maeve joined us. Since the lovely Churcher family are off to London (and luckily get to see the gorgeous Appleby family) we caught up over a spot of lunch at our local pizza place, which of course Rory loved.We enjoyed a nice quiet afternoon, heading to Jacques Torres for a warming hot chocolate before enjoying a visit from Gray and Marji. Poor O had to work late so Rory and I snuggled in for an early night.