Happy Halloween


Although O, Rory and I were very sad not to be part of our usual NYC Halloween tradition where Rory and his friends dress up and we adults catch up and take lots of photos, it was lovely to be out in the fresh country air. Today we explored Rhinebeck, a beautiful, quintessential American village. We had lunch at yummy Bread Alone before exploring a few of the local boutiques. Marji had advised us to go to Oliver Kita for chocolate treats (they catered her wedding) and it didn’t disappoint. We warmed up with a hot chocolate and stocked up on some goodies to celebrate Halloween. We headed up to Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR’s) house for an explore but Rorykins, exhausted from all of the fresh air and exploring, fell asleep in the car, so whilst Grandma and Grandpa explored the library, O and I put on some music and the heated car seats and caught up. In the evening we headed out to Big Indian to Peekamoose Restaurant on Lora’s recommendation and enjoyed a delicious, indulgent three course meal. Rory kept up and was rewarded with a treat for Halloween from the restaurant.







Apple picking


The Egan family have temporarily decamped to this beautiful barn near Woodstock. After a very peaceful night’s sleep (no traffic or light is so conducive to forty winks) we headed out to this orchard and enjoyed a lovely spot of apple picking. Rory was very into it and kept eating what he’d picked. After a spot of lunch at a local diner we headed home. Whilst Grandma and Grandpa went to have an explore of the town of Woodstock, Rory, O and I enjoyed a spot of yoga and some relaxing time at the barn. It’s turned quite cold so in the evening we used the apples to bake an apple pie and enjoyed a cosy family supper at home before having a lovely, long soak in a huge, deep bath – bliss!












Family road trip


After Rory finished nursery O drove us and Grandma and Grandpa upstate to this fantastic barn near Woodstock (It has a yoga room!). There’s something so lovely about escaping to the country at this beautiful time of year. We stocked up on some yummy goodies so we could settle in for the night and excitedly planned the next few days. Rory shared our room but we didn’t hear a peep until later the next morning as he was snuggled and loved his new travel bed which we also love for ease and convenience.

Image 4

Our first parent, teacher conference for Rorykins


I can’t believe how quickly time goes. One moment I’m busily reading everything I can get my hands on to inform me about my new baby Rory and the next I’m at his first parent, teacher conference. How did that happen? We met with two of his teachers to discuss his transition to school and how home and school can help support one another, especially in light of the arrival of Baby E. Before the meeting took place we had to fill out a form with a range of questions such as how we think school is going for Rory to what does his average day look like, what are his eating habits and what are is sleeping habits etc. We feel very blessed that Rory goes to such a brilliant nursery and we particularly love the holistic approach that very much considers all aspects of home life and their impact on nursery and vice versa. In the meeting (where we had tea and sat on sheepskins in comfy chairs!), there was a little of how pleased they were with how Rory has settled, how much he loves the children in his class and the yummy food, how he finds the transitions from one activity to another easy and how he loves to make sure everyone is ok and that they’re doing the right thing (bossy!!), but mainly we discussed ways that home and school can support one another. I find the approach of involving the family so utterly refreshing and right as rather than Rory seeing the two spaces as separate entities, I’d love him to feel that they are a different environment but with the same approach and rhythm. Something both we and school strive to achieve. They took nearly two hours with us, gave us such brilliant advice and the icing on the cake was when they asked if we’d like for each parent in the class to provide a meal for us when Baby E first arrives – what an amazing little community we’ve found here in this city. O and I couldn’t be happier or prouder of our little Rorykins.

A foodie, family sort of day


Grandma Penny and Grandpa David are in town and they love to eat out as much as we do, so today we indulged in lovely restaurants twice! We started our Sunday by enjoying a stroll along the High Line before tucking into the delicious all you can eat brunch at Soho House which is always a treat. After a quieter afternoon at home, O and I got dressed up and headed into the city again for a family meal at the ever delicious Locanda Verde. I literally salivate thinking about their ricotta and sourdough bread. As usual it was buzzy and yummy – a lovely treat with the family.


Grandma and Grandpa arrive


We were all very excited for the arrival of Grandma Penny and Grandpa David this afternoon. They rented a sweet little apartment in the city which just so happened to be the home of a little boy the same age as Rory. After picking up some grocery bits for them to enjoy after a long flight, we waited for them at the apartment and Rory enjoyed reading books, playing with train tracks and helicopters and even playing in the garden with a car and a lawn mower. He was in his element. Once they arrived we all enjoyed a little walk around the neighbourhood to help them navigate the area and then we had a yummy supper which O and I had prepared. It’s such a treat to have family here in NYC.


Preparing for Baby E


It was so cold today but Rory and I bundled up and headed out to meet Heather and Luke for a lovely morning play date at the park. We came home to a warming jacket potato and some rest time. In the afternoon Rory was incredibly helpful in doing a few jobs. Firstly we made a start on washing all of Baby E’s layette then we made a roasted aubergine and tomato pasta bake, topped with fresh mozzarella – a perfect warming supper waiting for us. We headed out for a little more fresh air with friends before warming up by the oven and tucking into our bake on our return home.




Scooter fun


It’s suddenly turned very cold here so Rory and I wrapped up and headed out to do a spot of scooting with Lucy and Teddy. Rory is getting so good at it, even gliding along at points. We had warming mexican for lunch before heading out to the park to meet Jennifer, Saffron and baby Nola. For supper I roasted some brussels sprouts, butternut squash and broccoli with olive oil and sea salt, then tossed them with fresh feta, slithered raw almonds and a honey mustard dressing – a sort of seasonal warm salad. I had mine with miso encrusted tofu whilst the boys had lemon roasted chicken – warming, yummy and healthy. I watched this DVD lecture on unconditional parenting, which I found fascinating and insightful and a good reminder of how to be with Rory, especially when I’m exhausted.

My grown up little boy


I can’t tell you how proud I am of Rorykins today. Firstly I left him at nursery and left the building for the entire session. I was the first parent allowed to leave. He dealt with it all brilliantly, giving me a huge smile and hug when I picked him up and on noticing the shopping bag asked “why you go shopping without me?”. I’m so proud of him, although a little sad that it’s the end of an era for just the two of us hanging out. As if that wasn’t grown up enough, he asked if he could leave his nappy off for nap time. I’ll admit I was a little scared of what I might find when coming back into his room, but I didn’t want to disrespect his choice or show any signs of distrust so I agreed and encouraged. When I came in to wake him (he was exhausted from nursery so fell fast asleep) he was dry and had done a wee in his potty. I couldn’t be prouder. Whilst I indulged in some lovely prenatal yoga, Rory hung out with Teddy. The above (little) photo was the two of them about to help make quiche with Lucy. They had a wonderful time. What a grown up little boy I have.

PS Rory is really enjoying singing at the moment. O and I love listening to him and our current favourite is Baa, Baa Black Sheep which he sings “Baa, baa black sheep, have you any wool? Yes I do! One for the master, one for the dame, one for the little boy who lives down the lane”. It always makes us giggle.

Pregnancy relaxation


Rory had been complaining of a sore tummy all morning but I thought he just needed a poo. We went to nursery as normal and although he had a brilliant time with no real issues with his stomach, he came home exhausted (falling asleep on the journey home). He tried a couple of times, unsuccessfully, to go before the ‘flood gates’ opened and I had a poorly little boy on my hands. We managed to get through the day, but it is at times like this where I need my pregnancy relaxation tricks more than ever. After lunch when Rory either has a nap (infrequently) or has quiet rest time (most days) I make myself a cup of this tea, warm up my organic lavender scented wheaty bag for my back, spray this amazing deep sleep pillow spray, cuddle up with my ‘boyfriend‘ and listen to my birth hypnotherapy. It takes 45 minutes and I feel completely rested and revived after. I’m ready to tackle the afternoon with an active toddler. Little things make all the difference to this tired mama.