Painted in Waterlogue

The boys and I enjoyed a slow day today as it was bitterly cold outside and we’re all recovering from a cold/ chest infection. It was one of those days where I really observed them, something I like to do but rarely find the time in my busy day. A few things struck me. Rory is utterly brilliant at playing independently and is incredibly creative and imaginative. He just doesn’t get bored and seems constantly busy. Today he built a town with lots of road signs and traffic. He wanted to make some bricks for his dump trucks and asked to make it from tin foil. Emmett is getting very good at tummy time and has an equally amazing concentration span (our lovely doula even commented on it). Most of all he adores watching Rory at play. He lay contentedly on his stomach, lifting his head (not an easy task) for twenty minutes today, just watching and following his older brother. I can’t tell you how much I adore my boys and how proud I am of them everyday.











Happy Valentine’s


Rory was incredibly excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day. He awoke to a table set with hearts and gifts (a couple of presents for him and Emmett we found buried in our wardrobe from Christmas) and enjoyed a special breakfast of freshly baked pain au chocolate from Almondine. Since I’m always going on about picnics, I got O this sweet picnic set for two. Now we just need some better weather to use it. As always, O continues to be romantic with a red rose and beautiful gift – a gold Jennifer Meyer ring with a turquoise stone which just so happens to be the boys’ birth stone. Not wanting our fun morning to end we wrapped up and headed to Marji’s apartment where Rory and Gray helped her to make blueberry pancakes for a special Valentine’s brunch which Oliver, Maeve and Lora joined us for. We had a quiet afternoon and O and I put the boys to bed early and enjoyed a yummy meal from The Portable Chef and binged on Season two of House of Cards. A perfect Valentines.



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A birthday party and a sofa date night


After a leisurely morning (O made delicious poached eggs) we all headed to the carousel to celebrate Marlowe’s ‘Fireman’ birthday. It was so wonderful to spend time with all of our fantastic friends and there’s just something about the view of the city from the Carousel that gets me every time – I feel so lucky to live in such a brilliant place. Feeling pretty exhausted from last night’s amazing date night, O and I were very happy that we all enjoyed a long afternoon nap. Afterwards, Uncle Henry came round for afternoon tea (we had the chocolate peppermint brownies that Good Eggs had delivered and they were so good) before we got both boys in bed early. Then O and I enjoyed a date night on the sofa. We got a yummy take away from local restaurant Atrium and watched The Wolf of Wall Street which is equally hilarious and terrifying. The perfect way to end another brilliant weekend.




AM loves AM


After a relaxing day I was very excited to be heading out on our first date night since Emmett was born. I had organised it way in advance and in fact given the tickets as a gift to O at Christmas. We were off to Madison Square Garden to see my favourite band the Arctic Monkeys. They didn’t disappoint. We organised our lovely doula, Anna Ruth, to look after the boys incase Emmett woke up. I even pumped for the first time and left a bottle. I was half intrigued as to whether Emmett would have the bottle and half dreading it (blame hormones) but I needn’t have worried as he hadn’t woken up, he slept for 8 hours straight. At nine weeks old, I’ll take it! A brilliant way to kick off date nights again with my love.




Brunch with the Appleby’s


We were so excited to head out to Soho House to have brunch with the gorgeous Appleby family who are visiting NY. Although we spent the whole morning catching up on this and that and everything in between, a morning is never enough. We love this family! We tried to continue the fun by having a rainy afternoon walk on the High Line but poor O, who has a sore chest, was suffering a bit and wanted to get home. We warmed up by having a hot, steamy, family shower and snuggled in for the evening with The Killing – highly addictive stuff.


A busy start to the week


The cold weather is definitely here so we started our Monday leisurely by enjoying family snuggles in bed before skyping with Granny M and warming up with porridge. Soon enough it was time to go to nursery but luckily the lovely Christine was driving us (with warmed seats!!) so we didn’t have to face the arctic weather. Once Rory was safely installed at nursery with his sheepskin slippers, I headed to the doctors for my weekly check up for Baby E (I can’t believe he’s due next week!). All is lovely. He’s very snug with no sign of coming yet but everything looks great. Tomorrow I go for a scan and I can’t wait to see the little face we’ll be meeting very soon, all being well. In the afternoon I cooked lots of roast vegetables and made a warm salad with feta and Israeli couscous, which Rory couldn’t get enough of. Rory played happily with Bobby on his back. Snuggling in with O tonight to catch up on Homeland.



With not long to go until Baby E chooses to join our family, the nesting instinct has well and truly kicked in. I don’t think there is an inch of our apartment that has escaped a good sorting and scrubbing. This morning I tackled the toy boxes and of course enlisted the help of my brilliant assistant Rory. We emptied and sorted and hoovered all dust. All very satisfying. In the afternoon we headed out to meet with Lisa and Baby Holly. It’s still chilly so we warmed up with a Jacques Torres hot chocolate whilst we strolled then came back home to snuggle in. Just after Lisa left, O came home, early armed with a family supper from the yummy Meatball Shop. After putting Rory to bed we snuggled in with more episodes of Scandal which we are fast becoming addicted to.



It’s been an exhausting week, partly due to me being 36 weeks pregnant, partly due to helping Rory ease back into his natural rhythm after a fun week with Grandma and Grandpa and Daddy. I’ve also got a million squillion jobs going around in my head (hospital bag?!) with no time to do anything. So this morning O kindly took Rory out on a boy’s adventure and I relaxed. I used these for a bit of self massage (I’m also planning on bringing them to the hospital for the birth) before reading and falling fast asleep, it felt like such a luxurious morning and just what I needed. It’s turned very chilly so this evening we enjoyed a roast and snuggled in and started watching Scandal which I’m now quite addicted to.

Scooter fun


It’s suddenly turned very cold here so Rory and I wrapped up and headed out to do a spot of scooting with Lucy and Teddy. Rory is getting so good at it, even gliding along at points. We had warming mexican for lunch before heading out to the park to meet Jennifer, Saffron and baby Nola. For supper I roasted some brussels sprouts, butternut squash and broccoli with olive oil and sea salt, then tossed them with fresh feta, slithered raw almonds and a honey mustard dressing – a sort of seasonal warm salad. I had mine with miso encrusted tofu whilst the boys had lemon roasted chicken – warming, yummy and healthy. I watched this DVD lecture on unconditional parenting, which I found fascinating and insightful and a good reminder of how to be with Rory, especially when I’m exhausted.

A fantastic Friday


Rory and I enjoyed such a fabulous day today. We met Jennifer, Saffron and new baby Nola in the park where Jen and I basked in the sun and I grilled her on all things baby and toddler. Rory and Saffron were happy playing in the sand. We later met birthday girl Marji, Gray and Luke for a yummy birthday picnic lunch in the park. After nap we met up with Lora, Oliver and Maeve and got some cakes from One Girl to have a proper birthday tea party in the park for Marji. Afterwards we all went on the carousel and as soon as we’d finished we got a phone call from O saying he was home, hurrah! We enjoyed a lovely family supper before O and I curled up and watched The Bling Ring which is absolutely fascinating and horrifying!