Emmett is five months

Painted in Waterlogue

I can’t believe that Baby E is five months old today. Time needs to really slow down. He’s now comfortably sleeping through the night (6:30 – 6:30) and sharing a room with his big brother. O and I love listening to their conversations at night. He is constantly smiley and is comfortably rolling back and forth from his back to his front and vice versa. Oh and did I mention his laugh. It is the sweetest thing you have ever heard, such a baby belly laugh. We feel utterly blessed that this little guy chose us as his family. We love you Emmett Egan.






Happy birthday O

Painted in Waterlogue

Today is O’s birthday. It’s the sixteenth one we’ve shared together but they never get old.He continues to amaze and inspire me everyday. Not only is he the best husband and daddy I could wish for but he is genuinely the loveliest person I know, hence why I long to spend all of my free time with him. We love you O. x

PS Gifts included uniquely designed Pendelton nike trainers embroided with his and my initials (AM+ORE) and some cool new Warby Parker sunglasses for our holiday.



O goes away


Today O is going away on business for the first time since Emmett was born. He’ll be back on Friday but I have to admit I’m slightly nervous about the whole juggling two little boys and being sleep deprived as well as missing him obviously. The good news is that our wonderful doula will be here to help out so together I’m hoping the time will fly by and we won’t be too exhausted on his return. In the meantime it’s still snowy and awfully cold so I’m snuggling in with my boys and warm almond milk made in our brilliant vitamix.

Lisa’s baby shower


Lisa and Craig are expecting their first baby and as a (sort of) surprise/ treat, Craig wanted to throw her a Baby Shower. We’d been emailing back and forth a few weeks before with ideas but on the day it was all Craig and wow, he did not let her down. It was an amazing shower! I had the lucky job of keeping Lisa away from home whilst Craig decorated the apartment. As a treat he’d organised us both to get a mani/ pedi spa treatment at Salon Cocoro which was bliss. Feeling thoroughly pampered we strolled back to Lisa’s where the party awaited. There was yummy food and lovely touches such as suggest a name and guess the gender (by selecting a handful of either blue or pink M&M’s. The most exciting moment came when Craig and a few other husbands came home and he and Lisa cut the cake to reveal the gender of their baby. We were all so excited to know whether the icing inside would be blue or pink. It was pink and we’re so thrilled that they’re having a beautiful baby girl! Yay! Rory and O came a little later (Rory adores Craig and Lisa and their cat Mister) and after a catch up we headed off to Smorgasburg for a spot of supper on the grass by the river. We caught the ferry home as the sun was beginning to go down and all headed to bed feeling exhausted after such a terrific day.










The Butcher’s Daughter


Wanting to use our yummy blueberries from our CSA, this morning I prepared some bircher muesli a la Bill Granger. We had it with grated apple and raw crushed cashews as I’d run out of raw almonds. Rory and I were up early to go to the park before Uncle Henry came and did a spot of babysitting. I went into Nolita to meet O and enjoyed a yummy juice (rubies in the dust) and avocado on toast at The Butcher’s Daughter. Once again Rory and I indulged in a lovely long nap before heading out to join friends at the park. It was so good to catch up with Christine, Gracie and Mason and Lora, Oliver and Maeve, I’ve really missed my girls.

PS A very happy birthday to Grandma Penny (CBE!). We’re so pleased that we got to celebrate with you a few days ago. We love you.

Bircher muesli with pear and blueberries


Serves 4.

200g rolled oats

375ml pear juice (I used apple)

2 pears, skin left on and grated

125g plain yoghurt

4 Tbsp toasted chopped almonds

80g blueberries

Put the rolled oats in a bowl with the pear juice and leave to soak for 1 hour, or overnight, in the fridge. Add the grated pear and yoghurt and mix well. Spoon the muesli into serving bowls and top each each with toasted almonds & blueberries.




A day at the palace


Rory’s very clever Grandma has only gone and got herself awarded with a CBE! A very excited Egan family dressed up in their best and headed to Buckingham Palace. Hiding a little ‘Baby E’ bump, I wore a comfortable navy silk shift from Hatch Collection with a statement necklace and shoes. Grandma Penny looked stunning and was by far the best dresses recipient. We looked on adoringly as she received her honour from Prince Charles and couldn’t be prouder. Obviously you’re not allowed to take photos in the palace, but we have so many wonderful memories of the morning, even the good old British rain couldn’t dampen our spirits. Afterwards we joined GGJ, Uncle Nick and Auntie Tessa who were looking after Rorykins for a celebratory lunch at The Goring. Rory looked adorable in his little seersucker jacket and very spiffing arriving in Uncle Nick’s Bentley! The food and service was outstanding, and although our meals all arrived under a silver dome, Rory was most pleased with his when it revealed scrambled eggs on toast. An amazing, amazing day!






Give A Thought


Happy Mother’s Day to all my beautiful mummy friends. Thank you for always inspiring me, supporting me, listening to me, laughing with me and loving me through this wonderful roller coaster of an adventure with Rorykins. I had a wonderful day, which started off with a lie in whilst O prepared a yummy brunch (hash with poached egg). I was able to enjoy a lovely long pamper whilst O took Rory out to watch more Spiderman filming from our roof terrace (check out the burning bus scene) and then a beautiful sunny walk along the promenade with my favourite boys with one of my favourite views. I’m also feeling very proud of O and his work colleagues for all of their hard work with the brilliant Every Mother Counts. Below is their ‘Give A Thought‘ campaign for Mother’s Day.

“When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, moms always say it’s the thought that counts – and they’re right.  So this Mother’s Day, instead of giving flowers or candy, we will encourage people to give something more thoughtful – a thought.

The campaign invites people to choose from over 40 thoughts (some heartfelt, some more quirky) to share with friends and family.  Each thought is accompanied by information about maternal mortality and an invitation to make a donation.”IMG_3705


A final farewell


So the day has finally come. The Appleby’s are leaving NYC for an exciting new chapter in their lives in good old London. Spent a quiet morning with Rory at a deserted park thinking about how lucky I am to have shared this wonderful time with them in this amazing city. I feel like our little families have been through so many life experiences together – leaving loved ones in England for a New York adventure, landing in the same NY neighbourhood (twice, although the second time we followed them to DUMBO) getting pregnant and preparing for a baby, becoming parents and watching our babies grow up together all the while hanging out, chatting, laughing and growing as people. They even let us live with them for a week when we were evacuated (and it felt like a mini holiday). We call them our New York family and that’s exactly what they are. When they were leaving Mel said to me that you don’t get to meet someone like me very often and how fortuitous it was for them. This is exactly how we feel. Incredibly lucky. I obviously feel sad that this wonderful era has come to an end, and although the silver lining is that they are headed to London and we’ll see them whenever we visit, and may even, one day end up there together, I know that we’ll probably never live on the same street, our two babies will have grown and we’re unlikely to have this shared NYC adventure again. Needless to say I cried a lot. I feel so blessed that we’ve had these wonderful three and a half years together. We love you guys and wish you all the love and luck in the world for your next, exciting steps… counting the days until we’re back in the UK in a few weeks and until then let’s batter the hell out of Skype.







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