Emmett is three months old

Painted in Waterlogue

Gosh it’s hard to believe that three months ago today I was giving birth to my little guy. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Emmett we love you so much and feel so lucky that you chose to be part of our family.





Emmett at play

Painted in Waterlogue

Although still feeling terrible, mainly due to a hacking cough that seems to come on at night and keep me awake for hours, I do feel like I’m on the mend and my boys were a delight today. It snowed again and got cold again, so Rory enjoyed a warming tea with his afternoon snack of cheese and crackers. Rory was very excited to show Emmett his new play mat (a Christmas gift which I’ve been saving from GGJ) which he’ll hopefully grow into when he learns to roll over, but for now it’s pretty fun for tummy time. He insisted on showing him how each little section worked (so much for self discovery) and suggested that he might like to play with his plan city men so attached those. These boys are seriously having a bromance.












Nature baby


I’m still not well but definitely on the mend. The boys were delightful with each other and helped look after me. Rory loved helping give Emmett a wash in his new bath tonight and my day ended well when a parcel from Nature Baby containing lots of lovely organic clothing goodies for my growing Emmett arrived in the post. PS A happy birthday to my lovely Godfather – Uncle Niall. Love you.








I woke up this morning feeling no better, in fact I was worse. Luckily, O took Rory to nursery and the lovely Christine brought him home. This gave me the morning with Emmett. Gosh the house was so peaceful and quiet. It was bliss. Emmett seemed to enjoy it too, cooing and giggling away. When he napped I caught up with reading The Grace Tales, which I love, and dreamt of warmer climates. A slow afternoon and early bedtime followed.




Looking after myself


Yesterday’s sore throat has turned into a nasty cough and sore chest which kept me awake most of the night (which was doubly annoying as Emmett only woke once). This morning I woke up exhausted and aching. O kindly looked after the boys, which they loved and I tried to look after myself mainly by resting and slathering my chest with this, but also burning this fantastic oil, bathing in this warming and comforting bath oil and snuggling and reading this, rather appropriate book. Hopefully I’ll feel better by tomorrow.

A birthday tea for Uncle Henry


O and I woke up with sore throats this morning so wanted a quiet, slow day. He took Rory off to get some yummy food bits whilst I did a bit of housework and played with Emmett. In the afternoon we enjoyed an afternoon tea party to celebrate Uncle Henry’s birthday before enjoying a stroll around the neighbourhood as the weather has finally warmed up. Also check out the beautiful hat and gloves that the lovely and talented Viv knitted for Emmett, I think he looks rather dashing.








Staying home (under the kitchen table)


O has been suffering with a bad throat for a couple of days and seems to have given it to me. Thank goodness for our Vitamix which has allowed me to concoct lots of healthy smoothies and our ‘sorts you right out’ cold remedy (lemon, honey, ginger, garlic, chili and filtered water brewed), it’s truly amazing, plus Rory loves helping. It rained all day and because I wasn’t feeling too great and didn’t want to infect friends, we cancelled all plans and stayed home. Luckily, we didn’t get too lonely as we Skyped with the gorgeous Mel and Mia and my lovely little bro. Emmett stuck to his new routine from Baby Secrets without any issue and seemed all the happier because of it. He also enjoyed lots of tummy time today. Rory enjoyed staying in and playing house under our kitchen table.












A snowy snack


Hooray, the weather finally warmed up today, so we took advantage and met up with Heather and Luke and went for a long stroll and scoot. We stopped along the way for a ‘snowy snack’. Once back at home the boys played beautifully side by side, Rory building a city complete with road and rail systems and Emmett kicking happily, enjoying his gym. I’ve begun reading, enjoying and following Baby Secrets which is a very easy going routine for babies to follow, I almost wish I’d read it sooner. Emmett seems to have taken to it very naturally as it seems to agree with his own rhythms. O and I are just hoping that we get closer to the holy grail of sleeping through the night.




Happy hair day


Today Rory is getting his hair cut! This might not sound like a big deal to you, but to Rory it is monumental. You see last time he had a hair cut his friend came too, to have his done. However, his little friend got a tad upset and it scared Rory and seemed to stay with him. From then on he was terrified of getting his hair cut and refused to get it done. Since we were about to have Emmett and unleash him and all the changes he brings on an unknowing Rory, we decided not to push it, choose your battles and all that. Now that we’re all finding our rhythm again, plus it was getting harder and harder to see Rory’s face, O and I decided to pursue the hair cut. This has been a long process and we did lots of things to make him feel more comfortable. We took him to Bumble and Bumble to watch me get my hair cut, which he seemed to quite enjoy but watched with caution. We talked about how we have to trim hair to look after it, otherwise he’d have to shave it off, he was terrified of being like Baby Rory (bald) again so agreed to a haircut, albeit begrudgingly. Then yesterday we had a breakthrough. Rory asked to give me a pretend haircut which I let him do. Then he asked me to do his. I was incredibly gentle singing “trim, trim” as I pretended to cut and included a head massage telling him that this is just like a haircut at the salon. Well he liked it. He liked it so much he asked me to call Nancy (his hairdresser) straight away. Luckily she had a spot today so we celebrated by having a ‘Happy Hair day’. Just like any other celebration it was an happy occasion complete with signing and cake. The fantastic Nancy came round to our home and as soon as she stepped out of the lift Rory ran to her and shouted “Happy Hair Day” which she thought was the sweetest thing. He sat beautifully on his chair, chatting away and Nancy got to work giving him a ‘cool Brooklyn kid’s cut’  (no short back and sides here). He loved it and afterwards we lit a candle and Rory, Nancy and I sang “Happy hair day” (to the tune of happy birthday), blew out the candle and gobbled up the cake. Success and a fancy haircut to boot.










Making art

Painted in Waterlogue

This morning we endured another snow storm. It’s all getting a little tiresome but I’m getting through it by making lots of yummy, healthy smoothies with the Vitamix. This morning we made an apple, carrot and ginger one. After lunch and nap we were eager to get some fresh air so headed out to the carousel to meet friends for a stroll and a scoot. It got cold pretty quickly so we returned home just in time for O getting home for our family roast dinner. This evening O had a conference call and I caught up with some reading including this great article about RIE. Also I’m quite obsessed by this brilliant app which turns your photos into a water colour painting – so pretty.




Painted in Waterlogue


Painted in Waterlogue