Rory’s first bath

Today O and I gave Rory his first bath. Whilst he is still so young he is only allowed a sponge bath, but he thoroughly enjoyed it. As space is limited in NYC apartments, we’ve chosen a clever design by ‘Puj’ which allows the bath to be stored flat (we hang it on the back of the bathroom door) and then magnets enable it to be made into a bath that fits any sink. There was no crying until we took him out, and then it only lasted momentarily until he was wrapped snuggly in his hooded towel.

Getting comfy...

Getting clean



For the last three weeks (last week of pregnancy and since Rory has been born), I’ve practically been housebound. Going out, even for a simple stroll with a two week old baby now takes military planning. Feeding, changing nappies and getting dressed appropriately for the snow all takes time so we’ve all been spending a lot more time snuggling indoors. Thankfully we haven’t been bored as we’ve been watching all five series of the highly entertaining ‘Weeds’. It’s about a suburban mom (Nancy Botwin) who, after her husband’s unexpected death and subsequent financial woes, embraces a new profession: the neighborhood pot dealer. Lot’s of action and comedy follow. An easy, enjoyable watch.

P.S. The theme tune IS addictive


Gorgeous gifts

Although we didn’t have the Christmas we had hoped for or planned (snow put an end to the family flying out to join us) we did have a really lovely day thanks to our special little gift. O and I obviously had the same idea for our Christmas gifts as both of us commissioned an artist to make something personal for the other. Apart from gorgeous Margaret Howell sheepskin slippers and a fabulous Rag and Bone tuxedo shirt, I received a very beautiful personal tapestry. Using a play on the initials of our names spelling ‘AMORE’, O added our little ‘Rory’. A truly unique gift to be treasured forever.

I just need to work out where to hang it...

The perfect foot wear for around the apartment


Empire State of mind

After a rather successful nights sleep, we decided to go for a lovely long walk as a family. Wrapping up (it’s recently turned very cold here) and putting Rory in the baby Ergo (which he adores and drops off to sleep in straight away) we walked down the Highline, stopping off at the magnificent Jacques Torres to pick up a creamy hot chocolate to sip along the way. We stopped to show Rory his first glimpse of the Empire State building and introduce him to the amazing city where he has been born. On return we snuggled in for the night and watched ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ to get us into the Christmas Spirit, ready for tomorrow.


Support Clinic

As previously mentioned I’m finding breastfeeding very, very tough so today I went to a Breast feeding support clinic at our pediatricians (Tribeca Pediatrics). It was so lovely to meet like-minded mums who were suffering in the same way as me. There were a lot of bruised and chapped nipples. Our brilliant teacher supported us by showing how to latch on properly, different positions and answering the many questions we fired at her. After each feed each baby was weighed to see how much milk they were taking – Rory did brilliantly, which is a huge relief and is putting on weight nicely. Trying to persevere…


Our Baby Burrito


We’re very slowly adjusting to life as parents; which is such an exhilarating, tiring, amazing and scary experience. I adore our little boy and both of us can’t stop looking at him and commenting on how cute he is and how much we love him. I find myself constantly wanting to cuddle and kiss him. O is being amazing, looking after us both, and watching how he acts with Rory and all of the love he gives him (even at 5am with only two hours sleep) makes me fall in love with him even more (if that’s possible). I’m attempting to breastfeed which I find strangely more excruciatingly painful than giving birth, this together with awful stitches (you know where) and a severe lack of sleep means life is pretty tough on the physical pain front, but emotionally I feel completely blessed with my gorgeous little family and very, very happy.


Tribeca Pediatrics

Today our new little family had its first trip to the Pediatrician to see how Rory Egan was getting on. He’d been suffering with a little jaundice (as indeed I had as a baby) so it was a relief to get the knowledge of someone as to what we can do to help (you feel terribly helpless as first time parents). We joined Tribeca Pediatrics and I’m thrilled. The practice itself is very cool. There are organic wooden toys to play with in the waiting area and all of the rooms are decorated with stylish, retro floral wallpaper and little windows and mirrors at various heights to suit their little clients. The people who work there are also fantastic (friendly and knowledgeable). Rory did really well, not crying too much and is on the mend.


Little Christmas Tree

A few nights ago O and I picked out a Christmas tree from the sidewalk (grown in upstate New York) to bring home for our first NYC Christmas. We went for a cute ‘mummy sized’ one, which smelt divine and didn’t lose its needles when we hit it on the ground a few times. Once at home we put it in its stand and lovingly watered it (apparently, according to Martha Stewart, treating it like a flower arrangement makes it last longer).

The Christmas carols went on and a glass of prosecco was poured as we then put on lots of twinkling fairy lights (clear of course) and began to place our decorations. This year I decided to go for a grey and white colour scheme to match the rest of the interior. I went for a mixture of cute handmade Swedish ones in felt and Paper Mache and some unique commissioned ones from the brilliant Etsy. We  commissioned clear, glass baubles with our initials on (AMORE) from Grimes Graphics, a gorgeous personalised wicker garland with ‘Egan’ written in scrabble letters from Catnapcottage and a very special antique spoon from Hammermann with ‘Xmas 2010’ and the name of our new baby on (This has obviously taken pride of place at the top of the tree). All in all a very handsome looking tree that will help make Christmas 2010 that extra bit special.

O with our first NYC Christmas tree

A grey and white colour scheme

My personalised glass bauble

One for O

Our family decoration

Baby Egan's decoration takes pride of place

A close up