Mother’s Day

Painted in Waterlogue

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my wonderful mama friends and family out there. I enjoyed a great, relaxed day with my boys. I was treated to a lie in whilst Rory and O cooked me breakfast (purple tipped asparagus with baked egg) and was given this beautiful book and an amazing diamond stacking ring from this jeweler. Completely spoilt rotten as usual. The sun was shining so we went for a lovely long walk along the river to the park before heading home for lunch and a long nap. A chilled afternoon lazing on the grass completed a blissful day. It may all be about appreciating the mother today but I’m completely grateful to my boys for making my life so full.



Eat, drink, nap

Painted in Waterlogue

O has been a way for a couple of days so picked up this lovely coffee table book by Soho House as a little treat. It’s full of gorgeous photos and advice on how to achieve the Soho House look and lifestyle at home. I particularly love the section on Sunday roasts (it made me homesick) and the cowshed spa, I love me a girly home spa night.



Grandma Penny visits

Painted in Waterlogue

We’ve just enjoyed a wonderful long weekend with Grandma Penny. Not only was Rory thrilled to see her but was doubly pleased when she brought two personalised Thomas and friends books for him to read that I’d ordered from the UK a while ago. He can’t get over how the story is all about him and Emmett! Since the weather has been so beautiful we’ve been enjoying lots of picnics and outdoor activities. On Friday Rory and I joined our gorgeous friends for a spot of belated Easter egg decorating. Emmett is currently into reading and Rory is getting very good at tidying away his toys by making a car park in his toy box.










Painted in Waterlogue

Over the past few days I’ve noticed that Emmett has begun to grasp things, like the hanging toys on his baby gym. Today he surprised Rory, me and himself when he grabbed one of Rory’s toy trucks and held on to it. He was (rightly) very impressed with himself. Since the weather got above freezing today, we enjoyed a lovely stroll by the river. Emmett stayed snuggled in his bugaboo cocoon but Rory enjoyed finding sticks and playing with the last of the snow, climbing rock stairs and grassy hills and looking at all of the boats on the river. Once the boys were in bed resting, I indulged in a cup of tea, this yummy treat and read this new book, which arrived in the post today. I’m excited for all of the new recipes I can make in the Vitamix. It’s an early to bed evening for us as O is totally exhausted after a busy work week. Also, I think the soup cleanse, all of the hardcore green juices and acupuncture have really helped. I’m finally beginning to feel like me again!











Painted in Waterlogue

It’s been a very long week what with feeling so ill. Although feeling better, I’m still nowhere near my normal self. Why is it always at times when you don’t feel good you realise that you take your health for granted. a lot. With that in mind I’m keen to do this for the month of March (how is it March already?). I also feel so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful, supportive friends. Whether it’s looking after Rory from Christine, baking and hand delivering fresh millionaire shortbread from Lucy or sending the most beautiful flowers all the way from London from Mel, I’m one lucky girl.




I woke up this morning feeling no better, in fact I was worse. Luckily, O took Rory to nursery and the lovely Christine brought him home. This gave me the morning with Emmett. Gosh the house was so peaceful and quiet. It was bliss. Emmett seemed to enjoy it too, cooing and giggling away. When he napped I caught up with reading The Grace Tales, which I love, and dreamt of warmer climates. A slow afternoon and early bedtime followed.




Looking after myself


Yesterday’s sore throat has turned into a nasty cough and sore chest which kept me awake most of the night (which was doubly annoying as Emmett only woke once). This morning I woke up exhausted and aching. O kindly looked after the boys, which they loved and I tried to look after myself mainly by resting and slathering my chest with this, but also burning this fantastic oil, bathing in this warming and comforting bath oil and snuggling and reading this, rather appropriate book. Hopefully I’ll feel better by tomorrow.

Staying home (under the kitchen table)


O has been suffering with a bad throat for a couple of days and seems to have given it to me. Thank goodness for our Vitamix which has allowed me to concoct lots of healthy smoothies and our ‘sorts you right out’ cold remedy (lemon, honey, ginger, garlic, chili and filtered water brewed), it’s truly amazing, plus Rory loves helping. It rained all day and because I wasn’t feeling too great and didn’t want to infect friends, we cancelled all plans and stayed home. Luckily, we didn’t get too lonely as we Skyped with the gorgeous Mel and Mia and my lovely little bro. Emmett stuck to his new routine from Baby Secrets without any issue and seemed all the happier because of it. He also enjoyed lots of tummy time today. Rory enjoyed staying in and playing house under our kitchen table.












A snowy snack


Hooray, the weather finally warmed up today, so we took advantage and met up with Heather and Luke and went for a long stroll and scoot. We stopped along the way for a ‘snowy snack’. Once back at home the boys played beautifully side by side, Rory building a city complete with road and rail systems and Emmett kicking happily, enjoying his gym.¬†I’ve begun reading, enjoying and following Baby Secrets which is a very easy going routine for babies to follow, I almost wish I’d read it sooner. Emmett seems to have taken to it very naturally as it seems to agree with his own rhythms. O and I are just hoping that we get closer to the holy grail of sleeping through the night.




Making art

Painted in Waterlogue

This morning we endured another snow storm. It’s all getting a little tiresome but I’m getting through it by making lots of yummy, healthy smoothies with the Vitamix. This morning we made an apple, carrot and ginger one. After lunch and nap we were eager to get some fresh air so headed out to the carousel to meet friends for a stroll and a scoot. It got cold pretty quickly so we returned home just in time for O getting home for our family roast dinner. This evening O had a conference call and I caught up with some reading including this great article about RIE. Also I’m quite obsessed by this¬†brilliant app which turns your photos into a water colour painting – so pretty.




Painted in Waterlogue


Painted in Waterlogue