Painted in Waterlogue

Over the past few days I’ve noticed that Emmett has begun to grasp things, like the hanging toys on his baby gym. Today he surprised Rory, me and himself when he grabbed one of Rory’s toy trucks and held on to it. He was (rightly) very impressed with himself. Since the weather got above freezing today, we enjoyed a lovely stroll by the river. Emmett stayed snuggled in his bugaboo cocoon but Rory enjoyed finding sticks and playing with the last of the snow, climbing rock stairs and grassy hills and looking at all of the boats on the river. Once the boys were in bed resting, I indulged in a cup of tea, this yummy treat and read this new book, which arrived in the post today. I’m excited for all of the new recipes I can make in the Vitamix. It’s an early to bed evening for us as O is totally exhausted after a busy work week. Also, I think the soup cleanse, all of the hardcore green juices and acupuncture have really helped. I’m finally beginning to feel like me again!











Painted in Waterlogue

The boys and I enjoyed a slow day today as it was bitterly cold outside and we’re all recovering from a cold/ chest infection. It was one of those days where I really observed them, something I like to do but rarely find the time in my busy day. A few things struck me. Rory is utterly brilliant at playing independently and is incredibly creative and imaginative. He just doesn’t get bored and seems constantly busy. Today he built a town with lots of road signs and traffic. He wanted to make some bricks for his dump trucks and asked to make it from tin foil. Emmett is getting very good at tummy time and has an equally amazing concentration span (our lovely doula even commented on it). Most of all he adores watching Rory at play. He lay contentedly on his stomach, lifting his head (not an easy task) for twenty minutes today, just watching and following his older brother. I can’t tell you how much I adore my boys and how proud I am of them everyday.










A soup cleanse

Painted in Waterlogue

The antibiotics are slowly kicking in but I want to be kind and supportive to my body. I feel like doing a cleanse but it’s far too cold for juices, so I’ve decided on a soup cleanse from here. O is joining in. I’ve already tried a couple of the soup flavors last week and they’re yummy. The nice thing about this is that you can snack on fruits and veggies to your heart’s content so I won’t be going hungry. A good start to the month I think. In other news, both boys now have a cold. Nose Frida has been brilliant and the only thing stopping us all feeling miserable. Emmett even smiles when I suck the snot out!





Painted in Waterlogue

It’s been a very long week what with feeling so ill. Although feeling better, I’m still nowhere near my normal self. Why is it always at times when you don’t feel good you realise that you take your health for granted. a lot. With that in mind I’m keen to do this for the month of March (how is it March already?). I also feel so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful, supportive friends. Whether it’s looking after Rory from Christine, baking and hand delivering fresh millionaire shortbread from Lucy or sending the most beautiful flowers all the way from London from Mel, I’m one lucky girl.


Emmett at play

Painted in Waterlogue

Although still feeling terrible, mainly due to a hacking cough that seems to come on at night and keep me awake for hours, I do feel like I’m on the mend and my boys were a delight today. It snowed again and got cold again, so Rory enjoyed a warming tea with his afternoon snack of cheese and crackers.┬áRory was very excited to show Emmett his new play mat (a Christmas gift which I’ve been saving from GGJ) which he’ll hopefully grow into when he learns to roll over, but for now it’s pretty fun for tummy time. He insisted on showing him how each little section worked (so much for self discovery) and suggested that he might like to play with his plan city men so attached those. These boys are seriously having a bromance.












Nature baby


I’m still not well but definitely on the mend. The boys were delightful with each other and helped look after me. Rory loved helping give Emmett a wash in his new bath tonight and my day ended well when a parcel from Nature Baby containing lots of lovely organic clothing goodies for my growing Emmett arrived in the post. PS A happy birthday to my lovely Godfather – Uncle Niall. Love you.








I woke up this morning feeling no better, in fact I was worse. Luckily, O took Rory to nursery and the lovely Christine brought him home. This gave me the morning with Emmett. Gosh the house was so peaceful and quiet. It was bliss. Emmett seemed to enjoy it too, cooing and giggling away. When he napped I caught up with reading The Grace Tales, which I love, and dreamt of warmer climates. A slow afternoon and early bedtime followed.




Looking after myself


Yesterday’s sore throat has turned into a nasty cough and sore chest which kept me awake most of the night (which was doubly annoying as Emmett only woke once). This morning I woke up exhausted and aching. O kindly looked after the boys, which they loved and I tried to look after myself mainly by resting and slathering my chest with this, but also burning this fantastic oil, bathing in this warming and comforting bath oil and snuggling and reading this, rather appropriate book. Hopefully I’ll feel better by tomorrow.

A birthday tea for Uncle Henry


O and I woke up with sore throats this morning so wanted a quiet, slow day. He took Rory off to get some yummy food bits whilst I did a bit of housework and played with Emmett. In the afternoon we enjoyed an afternoon tea party to celebrate Uncle Henry’s birthday before enjoying a stroll around the neighbourhood as the weather has finally warmed up. Also check out the beautiful hat and gloves that the lovely and talented Viv knitted for Emmett, I think he looks rather dashing.