Emmett is five months

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I can’t believe that Baby E is five months old today. Time needs to really slow down. He’s now comfortably sleeping through the night (6:30 – 6:30) and sharing a room with his big brother. O and I love listening to their conversations at night. He is constantly smiley and is comfortably rolling back and forth from his back to his front and vice versa. Oh and did I mention his laugh. It is the sweetest thing you have ever heard, such a baby belly laugh. We feel utterly blessed that this little guy chose us as his family. We love you Emmett Egan.






Rory’s big boy bed

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Any day now Emmett will be ready to leave his beautiful bassinet and sleep in Rory’s old and very much loved crib. So Rory needed a new bed. He got this beauty. American, handcrafted, raw maple wood ¬†– it is stunning. We splurged on this fantastic mattress as he loved his crib one so much from the same company and got him this range of very cosy bedding. Needless to say he (and Bobby) loves it.


Free nappy time

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Everyday after we finish eating supper, Emmett has free nappy time. He loves it and it allows time for Rory to have a quick play before the bedtime routine of bath begins and for me to tidy the supper dishes away and get the boy’s bedroom all ready for bed (warming the beds, lavender pillow spray, clean pjs and sleep sack etc.). After these little jobs are out of the way I like to just sit and play with Emmett and Rory always joins in too. Emmett squeals in delight and rolls over and back again a lot. Have I mentioned how much I love this baby!



Eat, drink, nap

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O has been a way for a couple of days so picked up this lovely coffee table book by Soho House as a little treat. It’s full of gorgeous photos and advice on how to achieve the Soho House look and lifestyle at home. I particularly love the section on Sunday roasts (it made me homesick) and the cowshed spa, I love me a girly home spa night.



Grandma Penny visits

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We’ve just enjoyed a wonderful long weekend with Grandma Penny. Not only was Rory thrilled to see her but was doubly pleased when she brought two personalised Thomas and friends books for him to read that I’d ordered from the UK a while ago. He can’t get over how the story is all about him and Emmett! Since the weather has been so beautiful we’ve been enjoying lots of picnics and outdoor activities. On Friday Rory and I joined our gorgeous friends for a spot of belated Easter egg decorating. Emmett is currently into reading and Rory is getting very good at tidying away his toys by making a car park in his toy box.









Just chilling

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So I’ve been a tad quiet on the old blog recently mainly because¬†I’m just enjoying relishing time with my boys right now. All is well but time seems to have sped up since I’ve had Emmett. After a lovely morning with friends, we just chilled this afternoon. I can’t tell you how much I love just doing that at the moment, inhaling every moment. These boys. Emmett is completely in love with Rory and follows him around the room with his gaze at every opportunity. The feeling is pretty mutual as you can see from today’s snaps.








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Emmett loves to move around and has surprised himself a few times by rolling over. Today, however, he learnt to roll from his back to his front and back again. He was very pleased with himself and proceeded to do it again and again, giggling. Rory and I were equally proud with Rory shouting “look Mummy, look what Emmett’s just done”.


An Easter egg hunt

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This morning we all headed to Soho House to enjoy an Easter egg hunt and meet the Easter bunny (who Rory was slightly suspicious of and refused to have his photo taken with). Rory loved the colourful baskets and hunting around the club for eggs with treats waiting inside. He ate entirely too much sugar. I was strangely proud.