Granny M

Painted in Waterlogue

I’m a little blue today as Granny M aka my beautiful mummy is going home today after more than two weeks staying with us. Long story short, she extended her stay and we ended up spending the most time we’ve had together since I left home many years ago. It was absolute bliss. She quickly got into our daily rhythm and was invaluable with Rory and Emmett, who just adore her. She also helped me, not only with time to myself to help spring clean and reorganise the apartment, but getting over my various winter ailments and exhaustion by allowing me to rest and encouraging me to eat cleanly. We repaid her by nurturing and nourishing her. She’d been having a tough time and needed some mothering herself. I was happy to be there to repay a fraction of all the love and support she’s given me over the years. There was hardcore cleansing, accupuncture and reflexology sessions, saunas and mani/pedis, walks in nature with hours of chat, A LOT of raw kale, vitamix health experiments and huge, huge amounts of giggling, the type where nothing needs to be said, you just giggle. It hit me just how important mummy’s are and how much I miss mine. Thank godness for FaceTime. It’s been a truly wonderful time with many new, happy memories in place and good habits to carry forward. Thanks mum, I love you. x









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