Painted in Waterlogue

Over the past few days I’ve noticed that Emmett has begun to grasp things, like the hanging toys on his baby gym. Today he surprised Rory, me and himself when he grabbed one of Rory’s toy trucks and held on to it. He was (rightly) very impressed with himself. Since the weather got above freezing today, we enjoyed a lovely stroll by the river. Emmett stayed snuggled in his bugaboo cocoon but Rory enjoyed finding sticks and playing with the last of the snow, climbing rock stairs and grassy hills and looking at all of the boats on the river. Once the boys were in bed resting, I indulged in a cup of tea, this yummy treat and read this new book, which arrived in the post today. I’m excited for all of the new recipes I can make in the Vitamix. It’s an early to bed evening for us as O is totally exhausted after a busy work week. Also, I think the soup cleanse, all of the hardcore green juices and acupuncture have really helped. I’m finally beginning to feel like me again!











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