Painted in Waterlogue

The boys and I enjoyed a slow day today as it was bitterly cold outside and we’re all recovering from a cold/ chest infection. It was one of those days where I really observed them, something I like to do but rarely find the time in my busy day. A few things struck me. Rory is utterly brilliant at playing independently and is incredibly creative and imaginative. He just doesn’t get bored and seems constantly busy. Today he built a town with lots of road signs and traffic. He wanted to make some bricks for his dump trucks and asked to make it from tin foil. Emmett is getting very good at tummy time and has an equally amazing concentration span (our lovely doula even commented on it). Most of all he adores watching Rory at play. He lay contentedly on his stomach, lifting his head (not an easy task) for twenty minutes today, just watching and following his older brother. I can’t tell you how much I adore my boys and how proud I am of them everyday.











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