Happy Valentine’s


Rory was incredibly excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day. He awoke to a table set with hearts and gifts (a couple of presents for him and Emmett we found buried in our wardrobe from Christmas) and enjoyed a special breakfast of freshly baked pain au chocolate from Almondine. Since I’m always going on about picnics, I got O this sweet picnic set for two. Now we just need some better weather to use it. As always, O continues to be romantic with a red rose and beautiful gift – a gold Jennifer Meyer ring with a turquoise stone which just so happens to be the boys’ birth stone. Not wanting our fun morning to end we wrapped up and headed to Marji’s apartment where Rory and Gray helped her to make blueberry pancakes for a special Valentine’s brunch which Oliver, Maeve and Lora joined us for. We had a quiet afternoon and O and I put the boys to bed early and enjoyed a yummy meal from The Portable Chef and binged on Season two of House of Cards. A perfect Valentines.



Image 1

Image 2






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