Emmett goes to the doctor


This morning the Egan family all headed to Tribeca for Emmett’s two month checkup. He now weighs 16 lbs, is 24 inches long and has a 40cm head circumference – he’s growing!! Rory loved it, especially when the doctor asked all about the vegetables he’s been eating (on our request) and he told her about the carrot, beetroot, raspberry and ginger smoothie he had had for breakfast. Afterwards, O went off to the dentist and I took the boys to Whole Foods to stock up on lots of yummy foods. I was pretty proud of myself for juggling the two boys, my bag and a full shopping bag whilst avoiding black ice and hailing and getting into a cab. We enjoyed a slow afternoon at home. Rory built a road and was desperate to share it with Emmett, so spent the afternoon sharing all of the details of what he had built. He even gave him his beloved Bobby to hold – so sweet. This freed me up to prepare a yummy supper of steamed beetroot, beefsteak tomatoes, homemade basil pesto and the most amazing burrata made here in Brooklyn. A lovely day.









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