When I was pregnant I was a little apprehensive about how Rory was going to take to Emmett but I needn’t have worried as he simply adores his little brother. That’s not to say he doesn’t get frustrated when I’m with Emmett and he needs me or how bored he sometimes gets when I feed Emmett or put him down in his crib, but mainly he just loves him and loves being with him. He loves putting his face (probably too) close to Emmett’s and talking to him and smiling, showing him all of his toys and explaining how excited he is that they will play with them together once Emmett gets a little older. He loves being a nappy assistant when I change him, singing to him, sometimes too loudly and mainly the Fireman Sam theme song, putting the sleep sheep on at nap time on the setting he likes, yelling “sick” and pointing to it when Emmett spits up on his play mat, handing me a burp cloth when I start to feed as I always forget to grab it and generally making funny comments that he’s obviously heard O and I using like “Mummy, did Emmett manage to soothe himself to sleep? That’s fantastic!” or “He’s not a happy baby today” when he cries and “Emmett you need to learn to sleep properly like I do” when I explain how I’m a little tired at the moment due to Emmett waking up at night. Today we put Emmett in Rory’s old rocking chair and Rory loved rocking him gently with Emmett cooing away. Gosh my heart melted. I love my boys.


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