Finding our rhythm


This morning we awoke to the most beautiful sunrise – all of the skyscrapers were glowing pink! This week we have been working hard on finding some sort of rhythm with Emmett. Up until now we’ve done everything organically with him very much dictating times of feeding and sleeping. Now that O is back at work, Rory is back at nursery and Emmett is that little bit older, I wanted to know where I was a little more. To me, Gina Ford is the queen of schedules so I used her as a reference, even if I don’t agree with everything or follow things to the letter. The plan was to ease Emmett on to a routine starting with one geared towards a one to two week old even though he is nearly seven weeks. We weren’t so strict as to follow everything exactly, but we adapted Emmett’s timings to the routine. I needn’t have been nervous as he took to it straight away without us having to force anything. I can’t tell you how much it’s helped. He’s cried much less as we are anticipating his needs much more efficiently. Rory is happy as I can fit his rhythm of eating, sleeping and playing around Emmett’s now I know it and O and I are delighted that we’re only being woken up once at night.



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