Baby knows best


Today was the second day that Emmett and I went to school with Rory. Inspired by yesterday’s article, I was very proud of the start to our day as I managed to wake up early enough to feed Emmett, put him back to bed and shower before anyone else was awake. It felt so luxurious to be alone, in peace. I used essential oils in a steamy shower and then indulged in some self massage, bliss. I was then able to prepare a yummy, healthy breakfast of smoothies and freshly squeezed lemon tea with manuka honey to help assist O’s recovery before getting Rory up and dressed. I let O lie in as long as possible as he needs the rest. I know it doesn’t sound much but this was a big deal to me. I feel that with a newborn it’s important to take things slowly, moment by moment and congratulate yourself when it goes to plan. On a different note, I read a this great article in this month’s Vanity Fair about RIE parenting and how it’s fast becoming trendy. I did RIE class with Rory from an early age and loved it and feel so grateful to it for shaping my parenting. A new book ‘Baby Knows Best‘ has just been published and I can’t wait to read it as a refresher for Emmett who will be doing the same class when he’s old enough.


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