Rituals for the modern woman


Today was the first day that Rory went back to school and Emmett and I accompanied him. To me it was a big deal. Feeling quite exhausted after a lovely, but busy weekend and with O not feeling well with a bad chest, it was quite an ordeal just getting everyone up, dressed and fed on time. But we did. It was obviously exhausting for Emmett as well as after I put his little bunting on he passed out on the changing mat! We did well, keeping it low key. After dropping Rory off, Emmett and I did a spot of food shopping where we paid an obscene amount of money ($40, gulp) for manuka honey to help O’s chest (and keep the rest of us healthy) before retiring to the meditation room where we rocked, I drank tea and read and Emmett hung out on a sheepskin. It was so lovely to be there to greet Rory afterwards though – his little face lit up when he saw us both waiting for him. By the time we came home for lunch (which I somehow managed to juggle) we were all exhausted. Needless to say we all napped in the afternoon. O finally went to the doctors and as I thought has bronchitis, so nipped out to buy a strong green juice, some tea and healthy vegetables for supper.  This evening I read this article which struck a chord. I believe so much in rhythm and rituals for our family, especially the boys, but sometimes forget how important it is for me too. Tomorrow I’m going to get up early to try and have some morning time for myself.


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