So I think I might have over done things a little. Last night I suddenly felt very cold and couldn’t seem to warm up, I tired a hot bath, lots of layers of clothes, getting into bed, but couldn’t seem to shake the chill, even though I was hot to touch. Added to this I felt utterly exhausted, the type where you can’t lift your head off the pillow. This morning I went to my doctors to check I didn’t have an infection. She thinks I’m just exhausted as I haven’t been as strict about resting the last few days. So today I rested up. Thank goodness for my mummy who took both boys and just brought Emmett to me for feeding every couple of hours and O who cooked delicious, healthy meals, which I often couldn’t eat. I literally slept all day. It was much needed and by the evening I was feeling a little better. This baby malarky can really take it out of you.


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