Emmett is three weeks old


I can’t believe that Baby Emmett is three weeks old today. It seems such a long time ago that I was at the hospital giving birth. Things are going really well. Obviously I’m exhausted with sleep deprivation but Emmett is so beautifully sweet and the breast feeding is going brilliantly (I had a horrible time with Rory’s feeding) which makes me feel so much better. A few other things have made all the difference… My wonderful hubby who has looked after me, Rory and Emmett at every waking moment, is it possible to be more in love with him after all of these years, I think so. My brilliant friends who cleverly organised a rota of meals and dropped off the most delicious, nutritious suppers so we didn’t need to worry about cooking. Our amazing doula, Anna Ruth, who exudes calm in our home and has been brilliant for Rory especially and my lovely acupuncturist, Natasha, who has come to our home every Friday to treat me with acupuncture, reflexology and massage, I’m definitely healing faster as a result. They say it takes a village… this is mine. Love you guys.


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