AMORE (Ann-Marie + Oli + Rory + EMMETT)


Hi all, this is a guest post from O to announce the new addition to our family.

Emmett Ciaran Egan was born this morning at 9.58am at New York University Hospital on the banks of the East River in Manhattan.

I have decided to write this post firstly because AM (as you can imagine) has her hands pretty full right now. But also because she’s far to modest to tell you just how incredibly she did (and how generally remarkable she is)

Our Thursday began pretty eventfully. On visiting the OB, we learned that AM’s blood pressure was heightened and we were told to get to the hospital to be induced. We rushed home to grab our bags (big thanks to Roberto the taxi driver who waited outside the apartment while we got everything sorted) and drop Rory with his friends (big thanks to Lucy and Lora for making a nervous little boy feel so comfortable) before speeding off to NYU.

Once there, AM was induced and 20 hours of laboring commenced. Ranging from the boring (we managed to catch up on the last 4 episodes of Scandal) to the excruciating (full-on contractions hit at about 3am on Friday), AM took everything in her stride: breathing through the pain, remaining calm and focused throughout.

By the following morning, Emmett was ready to make his entrance and despite having been awake all night (and in a good deal of pain for much of it), AM gathered herself and prepared to push.

And at this point, something pretty amazing happened.

We were aware that Emmett was going to be a big boy and were expecting to be pushing for a while. But AM: her teeth gritted, her hand in mine and a look of determination in her eyes pushed him out in only 10 minutes. This of course would have been impressive for anyone after 19 hours in labor but particularly impressive given our son: a broad-shouldered, full-bellied bruiser weighing in at 10lb 6oz.

In a flurry of activity, he was out and crying, I was cutting the cord and this noisy, bloody ball of energy was in AM’s arms. Almost immediately he was quiet as he gazed into AM’s eyes and, recognizing his mummy he thought (as I often do) ‘she’s a special one’.

My thanks to our OB Dr DeSoyza and Nurses Katherine, Briana and Sasha who cared for and coached AM throughout. But most of all I want to thank my wife who I think surprised even herself with her strength, her focus and her grace – you are an inspiration to me and your sons.



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