A not so black Friday


After a lovely Thanksgiving we enjoyed a quiet morning at home doing a spot of internet shopping to take advantage of some of the black Friday deals happening before enjoying a beautiful sunny stroll along the river. When we got home we had an exciting delivery from the Appleby family who had sent us a little treat box full of gifts that said ‘open me’. Inside were treats for Baby E (which we haven’t opened yet), Rory got a fantastic doctor’s kit which he hasn’t stopped playing with (continuously giving O and I injections and tablets) and some beautiful cosy cashmere socks (from my favourite The White Company) and some of my favourite British magazines for me. Once again, feeling so thankful and lucky to have such an amazing family in our life, even if they don’t live up the road anymore. In the afternoon the gorgeous Ward family came to visit. They provided Jacques Torres cookies and we provided spiced apple cider. Some more movement today from Baby E but so far he’s listening to mummy about coming after the weekend. Just in case, the lovely Lucy has set up a sleepover bed for Rorykins, complete with transport pillow, a cosy sleep sack and some toys that Teddy has decided to lend him (although Rory is insisting that he brings Bobby). In preparation we’re reading this book and Rory seems to be getting excited. A lovely, relaxing day.



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