Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to all! This morning O and I busied ourselves with preparing a yummy feast to share with the lovely Lewin family. There was organic turkey with O’s special stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes with chive, spiced roast squash and feta, roast brussels with chestnuts and really creamy creamed corn, not to mention the gravy and cranberry sauce. Lucy also contributed yummy treats like blue cheese biscuits, roasted chestnut soup which was so delicious and homemade ‘crunchy bars’ for afterwards. Of course pride of place was the Mile High Apple (by) Pie which we served with salted caramel ice cream. Needless to say it was such a wonderful day. I’m truly thankful for so much this year. As always O continues to be the love of my life. Each year seems to be better than the last and I truly worry sometimes that even if we spent every last day together it just wouldn’t be long enough. Obviously my beautiful (and growing) family of boys are my pride and joy. Everyday they provide me with so much love and happiness I feel truly blessed.  I’m also thankful for my New York (adopted family) friends. Not only do I get to share the incredible journey of motherhood with them, but they continue to support and inspire me everyday to be a better person. My family and friends back home are missed everyday (the only downside to being here in NYC) but feel very lucky to connect with them most days via skype and also fill me with so much joy. And lastly this amazing city. Everyday I feel blessed to be here and truly believe that fate led me to the most wonderful place to start my family.













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