Hanging with friends


Yesterday’s dark and wet afternoon continued on to today. Rory and I enjoyed a leisurely start to the day at home doing a few jobs before venturing out to shelter in One Girl Cookies with Lucy and Teddy and Marji and Gray. Whilst the boys enjoyed stickers and coloring and making construction sites out of play dough and mini construction trucks, us mummy’s were able to catch up over warming tea. Christine, Gracie and Mason later joined us and it was such a great way to pass a rainy morning. Rory and I picked up a warm, freshly baked baguette from Almondine to have with soup and soon enough O was home early as it is Thanksgiving tomorrow. Although a low key Thanksgiving is just what we need, we’re upset not to be spending it with the gorgeous Appleby family where it had become such a treat and tradition. As always, the thoughtful Mel had obviously predicted this and we had a wonderful surprise when she sent us an e card saying how much they miss us and instructing us to pick up a ‘mile high apple (by) pie’ they’d organized from Foragers for us. It actually made me cry. Gosh how I miss her and her thoughtfulness.  I had a few ‘funny movements’ today but asked Baby E if it was ok with him, whether we could enjoy the holiday and long weekend before he arrived as we could all do with the time and rest…





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